25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (2024)

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (1)

Creating a list of the best restaurants in Portland is an impossible task. I’ve lived in Portland my entire life and still find the task daunting, but you have to start somewhere.

Having tried 100+ restaurants in the city, I thought it might be helpful to share my personal list of the best Portland restaurants, based on firsthand experience. This is the same list I share with visiting family and friends.

But take note, we all have different taste buds. Some locals might disagree with my list and that’s alright. Let me know if i missed anything in the comments below, but don’t do it on an empty stomach. 😉

Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

(Click here for the table of contents)

Portland Restaurants (Table of Contents)

  • Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon
    • Bar Casa Vale
    • Ken’s Artisan Pizza
    • Lil’ Shalom
    • Hat Yai
    • Olympia Provisions
    • Nong’s Khao Man Gai
    • Proud Mary Cafe
    • The Screen Door
    • Gado Gado
    • Nostrana
    • Swiss Hibiscus
    • Tusk
    • Pine State Biscuits
    • Lardo
    • Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen
    • Rose VL Deli
  • Special Occasion Portland Restaurants
    • Le Pigeon
    • Ox
    • Ava Gene’s
    • Han Oak
    • Coquine
    • Langbaan
    • Nimblefish (the best sushi in Portland)
  • Map of the Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl
25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (2)
25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (3)

Bar Casa Vale

Bar Casa Vale is helmed by Nate Tilden (of Clyde Common, Pépé le Moko, and Olympia Provisions fame), Bryon Adams-Harford, Kenton Weins, and Marty Schwartz. This popular Portland restaurant offers an exciting menu of wood-fired Spanish tapas and paella.

The menu features a handful of tantalizing appetizers like anchovy olives and bacon-wrapped dates (don’t sleep on the patatas bravas), alongside heavy-hitters like squid ink rice with calamari and flat iron steak. My go-to order is the Mixta Paella, followed by the grilled octopus.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (4)

In terms of vibes, the restaurant is tastefully decorated with large arched windows, Spanish tiles, and vintage hurricane lights. The open kitchen features a large fireplace fueled by white oak and the cozy outdoor patio oozes Mediterranean vibes. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Portland to visit with out-of-town guests, highly recommend.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (5)

Ken’s Artisan Pizza

Ken’s Artisan Pizza hails from Portland’s best baker, Ken Forkish, the two-time James Beard Award wining mastermind behind Ken’s Bakery in NW Portland.

Forkish recently relocated to Hawaii after twenty years in the baking business, but not before perfecting the restaurant’s long-fermented sourdough, which exceeded expectations to begin with.

Topped with locally-sourced ingredients and hand-stretched cheese, the pies are expertly charred in a trusty wood-fired oven, served table-side steaming hot.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but I’m partial to the Fennel Sausage and Brooklyn (Mike’s Hot Honey steals the show). The Caesar Salad is non-negotiable and the co*cktails are equally delicious.

Address: 304 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

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25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (6)

Lil’ Shalom

Lil’ Shalom is the sister restaurant to Shalom Y’all, one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Portland. Unlike Shalom Y’all, Lil’ Shalom is a casual counter service restaurant geared towards quick bites and take-out friendly meals (like pita sandwiches).

The biggest draw at this restaurant are the hummus and crudités (I’d eat the hummus by the spoonful if it were socially acceptable). If you’d like a proper sample, order the Shalom Y’all (falafel, hummus, labneh, Moroccan carrot, pita).

If you’re in a drinking mood, I can vouch for the exciting co*cktails on offer. But if you’re visiting for lunch, I can’t recommend the Moroccan mint tea enough, it’s such a great.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (7)

Hat Yai

Lauded as one of the best Thai restaurants in Portland, Hat Yai is inspired by the vibrant street food vendors of Southern Thailand serving piping hot friend chicken, curry and roti.

A casual counter-service restaurant, the menu brims with intoxicating bites. From coconut milk-marinated skewers and rich Malayu-style curry to expertly-fried chicken coated with rice flour infused with fried shallots, white pepper and toasted coriander.

The authentic dishes on offer make this one of the best restaurants in Portland. I mean, the fried chicken alone is worth a detour. Blindingly beautiful, the dish could launch a thousand ships (and if those ships were Thailand-bound, I’d be first aboard).

Website | Address: 1605 NE Killingsworth St. & 605 SE Belmont St.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (8)

Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions is known nationwide for having some of the best cured meats in the country. The chance is high you’ve seen their sopressatas, chorizos, and saucissons at specialty grocery stores nationwide, but nothing beats a visit to their flagship restaurant in Portland.

On constant rotation in my arsenal of favorite local brunch spots, Olympia Provisions shines all hours of the day. Whether your catching up over mimosas or martinis, the charcuterie boards are a must-order for any serious foodie, day or night.

Featuring a stunning display of mouth-watering meats, locally-sourced delicacies and exciting cheeses, the presentation alone makes this one of the most romantic restaurants in Portland for date night (my husband and I visit often).

Website | Address: 107 SE Washington St, Portland, OR 97214

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (9)
25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (10)

Nong’s Khao Man Gai

To the untrained eye, mentioning a place that serves chicken and rice exclusively on a list of the best restaurants in Portland seems like a stretch. But, if you’ve ever indulged in traditional Khao Man Gai at Nong’s Khao Man Gai, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s just chicken, right? Well actually, no. Turns out not all chicken is created equal, far from it.

This popular Portland restaurant is the the brainchild of Nong Poonsukwattana, a Bangkok-born chef who moved to America in 2003 with $70 to her name. While working at Pok Pok, Poonsukwattana saved up to open her own food cart in 2009.

Rather than offering a mile-long menu of options, she kept things simple with a single dish: chicken and rice (which managed to sell out daily). Word got around and within a few years Poonsukwattana ended opened her first brick-and-mortar shop.

I’ve never been particularly excited about chicken, but this is the exception. The only way to understand the hype is to try it for yourself. You’ll see in no time why locals consider this one of the best restaurants in Portland (myself included).

Website | Two Locations:

  • 609 SE Ankeny Street, Suite C Portland, OR 97214
  • 417 SW 13th Ave. Portland, OR 97205
25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (11)

Proud Mary Cafe

The owners of Proud Mary hail from Melbourne, Australia where the husband-and-wife duo cultivated a cult-like following before expanding to the US market by opening a small restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

The result? Overnight success. Proud Mary Cafe fills to the brim with locals and tourists alike every weekend morning, everyone eager to get their hands on the brunch menu and exceptional coffee.

The food is delicious and equally photogenic, they clearly know their target audience (ahem, millennials) and have the rave reviews to prove it. My personal favorite items on the menu include the avocado toast, potato hash and the ricotta pancakes (which are unlike any pancakes I’ve had before, highly recommend).

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25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (12)

The Screen Door

While we’re on the topic of brunch, it would be inexcusable not to mention Screen Door. The secret has been out for a while now: Screen Door is one of the best restaurants in Portland for brunch fare and has the long lines to prove it.

Offering incredible southern-inspired dishes, Screen Door has perfectly executed fried chicken and waffles. Don’t just take my word for it, weekend wait times exceed an hour (completely worthwhile, in my opinion).

Don’t skip the biscuits and grits, especially if you’re splitting the meal with a group of friends, both dishes stand out. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, the french toast is out of this world.

Gado Gado

Gado Gado was recommended by a coworker. My in-laws were visiting and I was eager to get my coworker’s opinions on the best restaurants in Portland, hoping to glean new gems. I had no idea what I was missing.

Nominated for Best New Restaurant and Best Chef in the James Beard Awards, the menu at Gado Gado is inspired by the chef’s Indonesian heritage and the couple’s extensive travels through Southeast Asia.

The well-curated menu is perfectly manageable for first-timers dipping their toes into the exciting world of authentic Indonesian cuisine. Shout out to the show-stopping siu-mai (Chinese dumpling), roti canai (Indian flatbread), Coca-Cola clams (yes, really) and the non-negotiable tuna belly salad.

Needless to say, my in-laws still talk about the meal years later.

Website | Address: 1801 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97212

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (13)


Ask any local about their favorite Italian restaurants in Portland and the honest ones will mention Nostrana. Helmed by James Beard finalist Kathy Whims, the restaurant focuses on seasonally-influenced Italian dishes using local ingredients.

From delectable pizzas to toothsome pastas (shout out to the ragù bolognese), this Portland restaurant is the complete package. The extensive wine menu and knowledgeable sommelier (when paired with the menu of traditional Italian dishes), is the perfect recipe for a blissful evening.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (14)

Eem (Thai BBQ & co*cktails)

A round of applause for Eem, the Portland restaurant we didn’t know we needed but can’t imagine living without. Not surprising, considering the restaurant is the brainchild of two talented Portland chefs, Earl Ninsom (Langbaan, which has a 6-month wait list) and Matt Vicedomin (Matt’s BBQ) and master mixologist Eric Nelson.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (15)

Together, the three named the restaurants after the first letters of their names, which coincides with the Thai word for satiated (coincidence?). The fried chicken renders me speechless. I helplessly point at the menu through weeping eyes while bracing myself for the closest heavenly pleasure earth-side, it’s a beautiful thing.

Website | 3808 North Williams Avenue st, 127, Portland, OR 97227

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (16)

Swiss Hibiscus

As you may have guessed, Swiss Hibiscus specializes in Swiss cuisine. Locals are drawn to this casual bistro for delicious schnitzel and authentic European fare. The inside is very cozy but there’s limited seating so reservations are recommended.

The staff is always accommodating and happy to help get you in whenever possible. The atmosphere is casual but you can tell the owners put a lot of effort into making the restaurant feel homey. The meals are served beautifully and the flavors will stay with you a very long time.


Named restaurant of the year by Food & Wine magazine in 2017, what can I say about Tusk that hasn’t been said before? This place is easily one of the most popular farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, but not without reason.

The creative Middle Eastern-inspired menu is described as “locally sourced, aggressively seasonal” and the proof is in the proverbial pudding. A plethora of vegetable-forward dishes await, with seasonal produce taking center stage.

The dishes are sensational, the drinks are strong and the bright and cheery decor can lift the spirit of any winter-weary Portland native (*raises hand). What’s not to love?

Website | Address: 2448 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (17)

Pine State Biscuits

We can’t talk about the best restaurants in Portland without mentioning Pine State Biscuits, the granddaddy of all biscuits. So much so, that most foodies know to make a pilgrimage to Pine State Biscuits while visiting Portland.

Pine State Biscuit is a perfect example of mastering one thing rather than focusing on a plethora of dishes. The best-selling brunch options are obviously biscuit-centered (although pancakes and hash browns are offered). My go-to? The breakfast sandwiches, especially the Reggie Deluxe, my favorite breakfast sandwich in the city.

There’s a few locations in town, my favorite being the one in the Alberta Arts District. You might enjoy reading: Alberta Arts District Neighborhood Guide (10 Best Things to Do).

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (18)


Fried food isn’t revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but Lardo is different. Folks come here for meaty pork-centric sandwiches and juicy burgers, which pair perfectly with the loaded fries. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland for a night out with friends.

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen

Two blocks from the office, Luc Lac is my go-to Portland restaurant when I’m in the mood for delicious Vietnamese street food. The unfussy restaurant has an awesome ambiance and exudes an easy-going vibe, no easy feat considering the kitchen is always so busy.

The food is borderline addictive, making it hard to stay away for longer than a week. I’m partial to the signature Luc Lac dish but my husband swears by the pho.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (19)

Rose VL Deli

Rose VL Deli is the only place to go when you get a hankering for comforting Vietnamese soups. This is the type of soup most of us wish our mother’s made so we could understand people who say stuff like “nobody makes soup like my mom.” Turns out they mean it as a compliment.

The passion-project of Christina Luu (three-time James Beard semfinalist) and her husband, William Vuong, this Portland restaurant is known for two rotating daily soup specials, hard to go wrong with either. I crave these soups and seldom let weeks pass between visits.

Address: 6424 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97206

Special Occasion Portland Restaurants

Going to a restaurant is one of my keenest pleasures. Meeting someplace with old and new friends, ordering wine, eating food, surrounded by strangers, I think is the core of what it means to live a civilized life.

Adam Gopnik
25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (20)

Le Pigeon

Le Pigeon has graced the top of many “best restaurants in Portland” lists since opening in 2006. The restaurant is credited with single-handedly putting Portland on the culinary map. I’m not exaggerating.

Since opening, Chef Rucker (who was 25 when he opened the restaurant) pocketed two prestigious James Beard awards. To this day, serious foodies make pilgrimages to experience Portland’s best restaurant firsthand.

Le Pigeon focuses on French cuisine using ingredients sourced from the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Offering two exceptional 5-course tasting menus (one for vegetarians) in a relaxed setting, I recommend opting for the brilliant wine pairing to cap the experience.

Brace yourself for five unforgettable dishes that look deceptively small but punch above their weight — you can’t leave hungry. No detail overlooked, nothing on the plate vies for attention at the expense of something else. Harmony is the name of the game at Le Pigeon.

The attentive waitstaff are professional but casual, this isn’t a stuffy place by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, this is one of the few tasting menus I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying that feels inviting and approachable, largely thanks to the pretension-free service. Le Pigeon is my go-to for special occasions, highly recommend.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (21)


Opened in 2012, Ox is an Argentinean American Steakhouse specializing in meaty wood-fired dishes made with local ingredients from the Northwest.

The restaurant is helmed by two James Beard Award Winning Chefs, Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton. The cozy interior is an ideal place for date nights and special occasions. Start with the clam chowder and smoked marrow bone before perusing the entrees.

You’ll be spoiled for choice. Opt for the grass fed filet mignon if you don’t like to mess with perfection. Otherwise, split a rib eye and spinach ricotta dumplings. Whatever you choose, do your best to save room for dessert because the warm hazelnut torte is divine.

25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (22)

Website | 2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212

Ava Gene’s

When Ava Gene’s opened in 2012, the restaurant made headlines for unforgettable Roman dishes made using seasonal Pacific Northwest produce. For years, it was regarded as one of the best Italian restaurants in Portland before unexpectedly closing for three years following COVID.

The restaurant finally re-opened in 2023, much to the delight of locals. Originally opened by acclaimed Portland chef, Joshua McFadden, who has since stepped away from day-to-day operations, the restaurant is going through a rebirth of sorts.

I last visited in 2024 with my husband and mom and had a great experience! We split the bucatini (guanciale, pecorino, greengarlic, eggyolk), tagliatelle (duck ragù, red wine, thyme) and branzino (cherrytomato, garlic, oliveoil, marjoram). Everything was top-notch!

Han Oak

What first attracted me to Han Oak was an episode of the Netflix show Ugly Delicious. While watching the chef’s 4-year old son dart past dangling legs of happy diners, I was intrigued by the chef’s work/life balance and immediately added Han Oak to my list of Portland restaurants to try.

Well, turns out this popular Korean restaurant is (literally) next door to Chef Peter Cho’s home. If you’re lucky enough to get reservations for the tasting menu at Han Oak, the first thing you’ll notice upon arrival is how homey the restaurant feels.

The half-outdoor, half-indoor restaurant consists of long communal tables and makes you feel like an invited guest, which you technically are.

Eager to leave New York City, Peter Cho and his partner Sun Young Park, opened Han Oak in 2016 in Portland, a city known for easy-going locals and a speedometer forever stuck in the cruise position. The result? One of the best restaurants in Portland.

Focusing predominantly on Korean cuisine, Chef Cho likes to change things up with the seasons. But fret not, quality is never compromised. You can see the current lineup here.


Jacqueline is one of the best seafood restaurants in Portland (and a personal favorite). Between the quirky decor (shout-out to the Bill Murray portrait) and the knowledgeable staff, you’ll feel right at home.

The easy-going vibe is not to be misunderstood, the folks that run this joint take seafood very seriously. Every dish is thoughtfully prepared with ingredients scored the morning of, ensuring the meal is as fresh as possible.

If you’re unsure what to order, the 8-course tasting menu can’t be beat. The portions are generous without overwhelming the palate. Perfectly spaced, you can indulge in the intricate flavors of each respective dish at your own pace.

One dish worth calling out is the decadent lobster bun. The thing could launch a thousand ships and might (might) turn the most platonic relationship into something more, but no promises.


Coquine is one of my favorite special occasion restaurants in Portland. Every detail of this restaurant oozes with celebratory vibes, from the charming ambiance to the unforgettable food, the only thing missing is a dash of pomp (kidding, of course).

This award-winning Portland restaurant is best known for their toothsome farm-to-table French-inspired tasting menus. In fact, many seasoned Portland chefs turn to this very restaurant when they’re in need of a good meal and some inspiration.

Helmed by Katy Millard, a well-regarded chef that trained in multiple Michelin-starred French kitchens, Coquine was welcomed with open arms when it opened in 2015. The restaurant was named Restaurant of the Year by Eater Portland that same year.

It’s not hard to see why Coquine is laden with praise. The seasonal dishes are thoughtfully cooked to perfection using masterful techniques. Effectively resulting in one of the most delightful tasting menus in Portland. Complete your meal with the optional wine pairing (considered one of the best in Portland) or opulent supplements like oysters and caviar.


Aptly named Langbaan comes from the Thai word for “back of the house,” a reference to the area in a Thai home where meals are shared.

True to its name, the dining experience at this tiny restaurant seats 24 people and feels like being warmly welcomed into someone’s home. Focusing on authentic Thai dishes, don’t expect the meal to pull any punches, you’ll be rewarded by the intoxicating smells churning out of the kitchen.

Opened by Earl Ninsom, a renowned Portland chef with several award-winning Thai restaurants under his belt, Langbann is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Portland.

The reason? The restaurant’s waitlist is up to 6 months long at times. If you’re lucky enough to score a table, brace for one of the most memorable meals of your life.

Nimblefish (the best sushi in Portland)

Nimblefish is, hands down, the best restaurant in Portland for sushi. Everything from the fish (flown in directly from Japan) to rice is expertly prepared by seasoned chefs. Merging ingredients from Japan and the PNW, the magic is in the details.

The restaurant only seats 12 so reservations are required. I really enjoy the omakase tasting menu, at $95 per person, the price-to-quality ratio feels like a steal of a deal. If you’d like to splurge, opt for the premium omakase for $125 (larger nigiri set and additional otsumami throughout the meal).

Website | Address: 1524 SE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Best Restaurants Portland, Oregon (Post Summary)

In sum, here are the best restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

  1. Bar Casa Vale
  2. Ken’s Artisan Pizza
  3. Lil’ Shalom
  4. Eem
  5. Han Oak
  6. Nong’s Khao Man Gai
  7. Proud Mary Cafe
  8. The Screen Door
  9. Luc Lac
  10. Swiss Hibiscus
  11. Lardo
  12. Gado Gado
  13. Pine State Biscuits
  14. Rose VL Deli
  15. Hat Yai
  16. Olympia Provisions
  17. Tusk
  18. Han Oak
  19. Jacqueline
  20. Canard
  21. Coquine
  22. Nostrana
  23. Ava Genes
  24. Le Pigeon
  25. Ox
  26. Langbaan
  27. Nimblefish

Map of the Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

I truly hope you enjoyed this list of the best restaurants in Portland, Oregon as much as I enjoyed writing it!



25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love (2024)


25+ Local Portland Restaurants You Can't Help But Love? ›

Langbaan. Langbaan serves historic regional Thai dishes — some from ancient royalty's cookbooks — and is perhaps the hardest Portland restaurant to get into.

What is the hardest restaurant to get into in Portland Oregon? ›

Langbaan. Langbaan serves historic regional Thai dishes — some from ancient royalty's cookbooks — and is perhaps the hardest Portland restaurant to get into.

Does Portland have any Michelin star restaurants? ›

No, Michelin hasn't expanded its restaurant guides to the Pacific Northwest (yet). Instead, Michelin, in its recently leaked guide to the UK, awarded one star to Portland, a deceptively casual British restaurant in London.

Why is Portland, Oregon so famous? ›

What is Portland Oregon Most Famous For? Portland, Oregon, is a vibrant and scenic city in the USA's Pacific Northwest. The largest city in the state, it's famed for its huge expanses of green space, from parks and forests to breathtaking mountaintops.

What food is Portland known for? ›

Portland may be known for its ice cream, doughnuts, cured meats and fish sauce chicken wings, but it's also a heavenly spot for healthy eats.

Who has better coffee Seattle or Portland? ›

No other city in America has mastered the craft of coffee better than Portland, Oregon. According to WalletHub, Portland tied for first place when ranking the “Best Coffee Cities in America,” alongside San Francisco and Seattle.

Where does Portland rank in food? ›

Time Out ranks Portland as the 10th-best city for food across the globe. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland was the only American destination highlighted in a London-founded company's roundup of the world's best cities for food.

Is Portland a foodie city? ›

Mixing fresh, local ingredients with a colorful community of inventive chefs, Portland's food and drink scene is a recipe that can't be recreated anyplace else — the City of Roses has been called the “foodie (and drinkie) capital of America” by The Telegraph, the “Best Food City” in America by The Washington Post and ...

What restaurants are in the Zipper Portland? ›

The Zipper

The indoor-outdoor dining space hosts a number of popular eateries, including Basilisk (crafting one of the city's best fried chicken sandwiches), Tight Tacos (serving a wide-ranging menu of Mexican favorites) and Boxcar Pizza (which dishes vegan-friendly Detroit-style pizza).

Why is Portland losing its residents? ›

Portland's population totaled 630,498 on July 1, 2023, down 0.66% from 634,668 a year earlier. Critics of tax policies undertaken by the city of Portland and by Multnomah County say high levies are prompting people to leave, especially given the rise in open-air drug use, graffiti, car theft and other forms of blight.

What is the nickname for Portland Oregon? ›

The official, and also most common, nickname for Portland is The City of Roses or Rose City. The first known reference to Portland as "The City of Roses" was made by visitors to an 1888 Episcopal Church convention.

Who is the most famous person from Portland OR? ›

Below are the 8 most famous people from Portland, Oregon.
  • Matt Groening. Matt is famous for making the hugely popular TV show, “The Simpsons”. ...
  • Carrie Brownstein. Carrie is a multi-talented writer, musician and actress who calls Portland home. ...
  • Courtney Love. ...
  • Gus Van Sant. ...
  • Ndamukong Suh. ...
  • Sarah Mensah. ...
  • Gene Sandoval. ...
  • Bill Wyatt.

Which meal do you eat in Portland? ›

15 Best Portland Foods
  • Doughnuts and Chai From Pip's Original Doughnuts & Chai. ...
  • Fried Chicken From Hat Yai. ...
  • Insalata Nostrana From Nostrana. ...
  • Nachos From Expatriate. ...
  • Steamed Bao Burger From Toki. ...
  • Bone Marrow Clam Chowder From Ox. ...
  • Pizza From Lovely's Fifty Fifty. ...
  • Oregon Croissant From Ken's Artisan Bakery.
Apr 18, 2024

What is unique to Portland? ›

Interesting Portland Facts (Post Summary)
  • Portland is the most bike-friendly city in America.
  • The creator of the Simpsons is from Portland.
  • Portland is home to the smallest park in the world.
  • And one of the urban forests in the country.
  • The Portland International Rose Garden is the oldest rose garden in America.
May 14, 2024

How many floors is Big Pink in Portland? ›

The U.S. Bancorp Tower (also known as Big Pink) is a 42-story, 163.38 m (536.0 ft) skyscraper in Portland, Oregon.


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