40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (2024)

The top stops along the way from Mulhouse to Prague (with short detours) are Mercedes-Benz Museum, Heidelberg Palace, and Imperial Castle of Nuremberg. Other popular stops include Würzburg Residence, Porsche Museum, and ibis Bamberg Altstadt.


Zoological Gardens Karlsruhe

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Zoos & Aquariums


The Zoological Gardens Karlsruhe boasts a variety of wild animals, including polar bears and seals. The park features boating lakes and a petting area for visitors to enjoy. The animal shows are entertaining, with the sea lion show being a crowd favorite as the largest sea lion jumps out of the water to catch fish from a zoo keeper. All of the animals have spacious enclosures and are well taken care of.

It's a pearl in an already amazing city! The animals look fantastic (photos not on my mobile at the moment), but the gardens are also wonderful. It's so nice watching all the locals and the tourists enjoy the sun, shade or just the calmness and beauty around them! I loved it, the entrance fee (13 euros, I believe) is also very reasonable and you can easily spend a whole day here. There are also lots of places where you can grab something to drink or to eat, like an ice-cream, and plenty of WC, which were very clean.Highly recommended!

Andr? M — Google review

Park is not too big but very beautiful.Boat ride is a highlight of this park. It's not expensive. You can enjoy seeing or probably touching hundreds of fishes during your boat ride. There are small playgrounds in between so while you relax kids can play. There are some other activities (car ride for kids, kids mini ferry - obviously you have to pay). There were waffle, popcorn stalls and some restaurants(Though we were disappointed with the food) where you can enjoy your lunch. Overall good experience.

Kavita T — Google review

Fantastic location with plenty of enjoyable activities, especially geared towards children. The abundance of animals is apparent, and their well-being is clearly a priority. Whether you prefer leisurely walks to observe the animals, gentle interactions with them, or a stroll around the park soaking up sunlight, there's a variety of options. Additionally, amenities like gondola boat rides and delicious waffles contribute to the overall delightful experience. The reasonable pricing for the diverse activities makes it a worthwhile visit!

Zeyneb D — Google review

We loved our visit to the Zoological Gardens Karlsruhe. The animal shows were a lot of fun. During the sea lion show the largest sea lion jumps almost all of the way out of the water to grab a fish from the zoo keeper. All of the animals looked well kept and had spacious enclosures. We especially liked watching the Red Panda. The Zoo also has a nice sized pond that you can ride a boat on and several beautiful gardens. We parked at the Congress-Zentrum park house which is only a couple minutes away from the zoo entrance.

Justin O — Google review

The experience was great. Lots of different animals, there are some goats in the beginning who you can stroke, beautiful green park. There's also a possibility to take a boat ride (the boats have roofs, so you won't be exposed to the sun). Some playgrounds for kids at different spots of the park also some other activities like train rides etc. Took us around 2 hours to walk through everything. Overall a great experience, my kid (almost 3 y.o.) loved it :)

Anastasia H — Google review

Nice combination of park and zoo. Nice to wander or even make a 20/40 min boat tour in the Gondoletta. Entrancefee is just 13 euro. Boat tour and minicars cost extra. The lay out of the park is lovely and well maintained.

Olaf H — Google review

Family , friends , partner or even alone you Must visit this zoo! Great environment! Great service! The zoo is constantly improving it's place and it's incredible what we saw in a day and yet we didn't see every animal how much of them were there, I'm sure I will comeback one day

KL0VAN — Google review

Really enjoyed going to this zoo. So much to see and the animals all seemed very happy. Great day out and the animals were very active. Only issue was it seemed like no stalls to get any water were open which was disappointing had to walk to the other side of the park to find a drink.

Melissa A — Google review

Superbly organized and maintained zoo. Recommended times to visit during summer or spring time. As the lakes are not filled with water, which fulfills the view with greenery and birds all around, summer is best time. Went there during december though. Some of my best picks are here. Will add some more pictures when i edit.

THE S — Google review

Let's get wild with this review of the Karlsruhe Zoo!We ventured out to the zoo on a chilly Saturday morning and boy, was it a wild experience! The good news was that we had the zoo almost all to ourselves, as the cold weather seemed to have driven away most of the other visitors. With free street parking and a short walk to the entrance, we were ready to embark on our animal adventure.Despite being on the smaller side compared to other zoos in the area, the Karlsruhe Zoo certainly packs a punch. It boasts heavy hitters like majestic elephants and mighty polar bears, which were definitely a sight to behold. We were impressed with how well the animals were taken care of, and the relatively clean condition of the zoo.Now, let's talk food. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on site, and while it was typical quality for a zoo restaurant, it did the job of satisfying our growling stomachs. However, the real gem was the crepe stand near the petting zoo area - their crepes were the perfect sweet treat to indulge in during our animal adventure.It's worth mentioning that the zoo is on the older side, but don't let that deter you. We saw construction underway, which is a clear sign that the zoo is making improvements and aiming to keep up with the times.Overall, we recommend checking out the Karlsruhe Zoo if you happen to be in the area. However, we wouldn't recommend making a long journey just to visit the zoo. While it's definitely a fun experience, we feel it's more of a half-day adventure rather than a full-day excursion. So, hop on over and get ready to go wild!

Ryan B — Google review

The zoo is very good for the kids and the one can enjoy very well and spend a day easily.I find the boating very attractive with reasonable price.

Smitha P — Google review

While some areas of the zoo provide insightful glimpses into animal habitats, others feel cramped and uncomfortable, with too many animals confined into small spaces. Witnessing a deceased newborn meerkat among its companions was pretty distressing. Despite this, the zoo has beautiful gardens.The prices on the website do not match those at the box office.

Rin — Google review

Small cozy zoo.We can say that this is not only a zoo, but also an ordinary public park for walking and relaxing on the lawns and among Japanese bushes. Lots of play areas for children.

Pavel L — Google review

What a magnificent place. The most impressive animals for me were the bats. You can stand in the middle of them and they fly around you without touching you. That was epic.There was a lovely red headed co*ckatoo who flew straight at us and chatted to us for a long time so charming.

Kerstin S — Google review

Not a fan of zoo as the animals are caged for no fault of theirs. But the garden is brilliant to explore. The autumn 🍁 added colours. Can easily spend 4-5 hours exploring the garden itself

Harsha K — Google review

Beautiful and clean park, filled with lots of adorable and interesting animals. Located directly across the street from the main Train Station making it very easily reachable with public transportation. The atmosphere is very inviting and the park is beautifully decorated. Bathrooms are kept clean and tidy. Pricing is reasonable for this place and I can highly recommend a visit.

Audrea B — Google review

A very relaxing and interesting place to visit or just walk around. It might not be the biggest zoo but it is quite modern and most of the animals can be seen. There are restaurants and stalls that sell snacks. They have a kids playground and some boats to ride on the lake with. Lots of green spaces for families to play on.

Heinz G — Google review


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Ettlinger Str. 6, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany

+49 721 1336815


Speyer Cathedral

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Sights & Landmarks

Speyer Cathedral, also known as the Imperial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and St Stephen, is a significant Romanesque cathedral in Europe. It has been a burial site for emperors for centuries and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cathedral's construction began in the 11th century and it boasts impressive architectural design with soaring ceilings, intricate stonework, and stunning stained glass windows.

This Cathedral is absolutely amazing. Wanna experience some middle age atmosphere especially to the Romanesque and Gothic, then you should visit this Cathedral and the Speyer old town.

Benson ( — Google review

Nice huge cathedral. Loved the surrounding area too. Shopping, church, restaurants, parks etc. One can easily spend 3-4 hrs in this area.

Purvang K — Google review

This is a huge Cathedral which is accessible easily from Heidelberg by car. Rich history originally built in 1030 and rebuilt after fires a number of times. This is the resting place of Emperors and is a Romanesque cathedral example. Not ornate in the Italian or Spanish tradition but vaulting arches and ceilings of huge spans.

Kenneth D — Google review

Sehr schöner romanischer Dom. Empfehlenswert ist der Aufstieg zum Turm. Nach 305 Stufen hat man sein Ziel erreicht. Tipp: eine Führung zahlt sich wirklich aus.(Translated by Google)Very beautiful Romanesque cathedral. Climbing to the tower is recommended. After 305 steps you have reached your goal. Tip: a guided tour really pays off.

Michael H — Google review

Really impressive cathedral with beautiful artwork inside and in its surroundings.A German friend brought me here while touring southern Germany.Very well preserved and with good parking available nearby.Some places to eat in the gardens around, as well as ice cream options.Nice place to visit if you’re in the area and appreciate culture, art, history, architecture and/or religion.

R — Google review

Comes to life at Christmas—the Christmas Market in the medieval city of Speyer. Speyer was established in 10 BCE, making it one of Germany's oldest cities. An ice rink is near the Altportel, or Old Gate, and the market is near Dom Speyer, or Speyer Cathedral.

Wendi W — Google review

Well worth visit to cathedral. Astronomical clock a bonus. Also walked up stairs for tower view. Nice and interesting town with nice selection of places to eat.

David M — Google review

One of the most beautiful churches in Germany. Fantastic design as well underground with multiple coloured stones. No entry fee to the church, but to the basem*nt.

Lukas L — Google review

Dieses Gotteshaus hat schon allein wegen seines Alters, seiner hochinteressanten Geschichte und seines augenscheinlich hervorragenden baulichen Zustandes ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal in Deutschland.Die Klarheit der Architektur ist unschlagbar!In jedem Falle ist die Teilnahme an der samstags um 11 Uhr beginnenden, öffentlichen Führung sehr zu empfehlen!Die 1,5 Stunden vergingen wie im Fluge. Ganz großes Kompliment an die Guidin! 👍(Translated by Google)This church has a unique selling point in Germany simply because of its age, its extremely interesting history and its apparently excellent structural condition.The clarity of the architecture is unbeatable!In any case, taking part in the public tour, which begins at 11 a.m. on Saturdays, is highly recommended!The 1.5 hours flew by. Big compliments to the guide! 👍

Franz W — Google review

It was amazing to see all of the details that have gone into the creation of this church. It was also nice to see many artifacts belonging to church out for display. There was a fee to go into the catacombs which I decided to opt out of but the rest of the building was very entertaining. The grounds outside of the church were also very beautiful.

Nicole C — Google review

Speyer Cathedral, officially the Imperial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and St Stephen, in Latin: Domus sanctae Mariae Spirae in Speyer, Germany, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Speyer and is suffragan to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg.

Thorben K — Google review

Very nice place have to be visited if you come to speyer👌

Juraj S — Google review

Nice Cathedral, if you happen to be in the city you definitely should go in there.

Pete_ A — Google review

Sehr schöne Sehenswürdigkeiten in Speyerer, ich war leider nur ein Tag in Speyerer , ich habe nicht geschafft wie ich wollte in Dom oder die andere Sehenswürdigkeiten oder in die Stadt zu schauen ,jede Ort braucht mehr Zeit zum Genießen .(Translated by Google)Very nice sights in Speyer, unfortunately I was only in Speyer for one day, I didn't manage to look at the cathedral or the other sights or in the city as I wanted, every place needs more time to enjoy.

L J — Google review

This cathedral is huge, but not very ornate. It is free to go inside, but I think they charge if you want to see the crypt. Don't miss the murals of the life of Christ ab out midway up the inside walls.

John P — Google review

This is my favorite basillica in Germany! The Romanesque architecture and brickwork demonstrate the technical skills of the Middle Ages artisans. Be sure to visit the tomb.Just as a reminder, this is an active Catholic Cathederal. Please be respectful during church services and those who are praying.

Jœ — Google review

Magnificent church ⛪️ with a lot of history and a nice walk in the green park behind

Sarah E — Google review

Als ältester romanischer Kirchenbau und kaiserliche Grablege ein wirklich beeindruckendes Bauwerk 1000jähriger deutscher Geschichte. Absolut sehenswert und in einer grünen Parkanlage gelegen. Wir waren hier am 1. Mai 2024 und trotz Feiertag und herrlichem Wettee, verteilten sich die Menschenmengen. Der Platz davor, die Restaurants und die Parkanlagen drum herum sind perfekt für den Tourismus gedacht. Die Besichtung des Doms selber ist kostenfrei, Krypta oder Domaufstieg kosten wenige Euros extra, aber es lohnt sich.(Translated by Google)As the oldest Romanesque church building and imperial burial place, it is a truly impressive building spanning 1,000 years of German history. Absolutely worth seeing and located in a green park. We were here on May 1, 2024 and despite it being a holiday and a wonderful bet, the crowds were spread out. The square in front of it, the restaurants and the parks around it are perfect for tourism. The visit to the cathedral itself is free of charge, the crypt or the ascent to the cathedral costs a few euros extra, but it's worth it.

Jule B — Google review

Three dates (c. 1020–1030 beginning of construction, 1061 completed in first form, 1106 completed second final phase of construction after reconstruction began in 1080), three emperors (Conrad II - beginning, Henry III - first phase, Henry IV -final), three fires (1159 the first big fire, 1450 the cathedral was completely burned out, a big fire and the almost complete destruction of the building in 1689), one of the largest buildings of its time, one of the largest Romanesque churches of our time. All this is united by one name, one cathedral on the banks of the Rhine. Planned and fully built before the first crusade, it must have captured the imagination of contemporaries and still captures our imagination. Serves as a tomb for four kings and four emperors, serves as a place for the coronation of kings and emperors.It's all you, Speyer Cathedral!There are not many places in the world that have influenced the development of all mankind. And this place is definitely one of them.

Io L — Google review

Ein Bauwerk welches man gesehen haben muss, um die Dimensionen zu verstehen. Die weltgrößte romanische Kirche mit 33 Meter Deckenhöhe. Sehr schlicht aber das war der trend dieser Zeit.(Translated by Google)A building that you have to see to understand the dimensions. The world's largest Romanesque church with a ceiling height of 33 meters. Very simple but that was the trend of that time.

Uli K — Google review

Speyer Cathedral is lovely and worth a visit. It is a UNESCO world Heritage site. A basilica with four towers and two domes, was founded by Conrad II in 1030 and remodeled at the end of the 11th century.

Pam B — Google review

Die größte romanische Kirche der Welt. Auf Grund der fehlenden Innenausstattung kommt der romanische Baustil besonders zur Geltung.(Translated by Google)The largest Romanesque church in the world. Due to the lack of interior furnishings, the Romanesque architectural style comes into its own.

Wolfi H — Google review

Simply stunning and majestic. Great way of ending or beginning your visit in Speyer - right after or before going to Sea Life or Technik Museum (which I highly recommend!)

Piotr D — Google review

Der größte romanische Dom der Welt, den muss man einfach gesehen haben.4€ Eintrittspreis für die Krypta und die (weniger spektakulären) Kaisergräber.(Translated by Google)The largest Romanesque cathedral in the world, you simply have to see it.€4 entry fee for the crypt and the (less spectacular) imperial tombs.

Harald H — Google review


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Domplatz, 67346 Speyer, Germany

+49 6232 102131

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Rooms, guests


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Technik Museum Speyer

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Technology museum


Specialty Museums

Technik Museum Speyer, situated in Speyer, Germany, is a renowned destination for enthusiasts of transportation and technology. The museum showcases an extensive array of exhibits including vintage cars, aircraft, spacecraft like the Space Shuttle Buran, submarines, fire engines, motorcycles and bicycles. Visitors can also explore a Jumbo Jet and an IMAX dome cinema. The museum offers interactive experiences allowing visitors to climb inside various machines such as airplanes, space shuttles, boats and trains.

Awesome place for a day out (or in). Very well curated technical museum with tons of machinery to see and best of all interact with. The biggest machines are also accessible and you can climb inside and have a look: airplanes, a space shuttle, boat, submarine, trains. It's an endless list and definitely worth a full day visit. Great for kids too as they're allowed to touch and even have a giant slide from a top a Lufthansa airplane. Absolutely recommended!

Kamelia S — Google review

A must visit place! Great collection of vehicles, planes, ships... even a submarine. The kids loves it as well. Nice restaurants. Easily can spend whole day there. Totally recommended.

Georgi C — Google review

Very interesting and great value for money. The exhibits are amazing and well laid out and maintained. We could only manage half a day but could have done with more time. Great for children as well!

Lui R — Google review

Great place for kids but also technically interested people in general. Not that cheap for entry fee, but totally worth it. Can easily spend up to 5 hours in there and you can come back multiple times, as there is plenty of information to read.

Lukas L — Google review

Fabulous place for a family trip. Fun and learning at the same time. The museum has got a huge collection of aircrafts, Automobiles. The space section is also great with lots of models and historical details about various space and moon missions.For me personally, the highlight was the robot at the gift shop that picks and delivers you the stuff you choose to buy.We also enjoyed the simulation vehicle at the entrance of the museum.There are washrooms in both the sections, that's a big plus being with kids.The cafeteria inside the premises is also very good. Pizza, coffee etc. are delicious and not too pricey.Must visit 👍

Vivek R — Google review

Wow! What a great museum. My son loved checking out the planes, trains, boats and more! This place is huge and well organized. Employees are friendly. Most signage was bilingual (German/English) which was helpful. We also had lunch in the restaurant and found the food to be decent. The only downside is the cost. I found the entry fee to be a bit steep. Could be an expensive day trip.

Jeremy M — Google review

Fabulous museum. Scary trip up to 747 perched up in the air on top of a building. A bit too high up for me so I went to Viscount plane instead. Still weird to be walking through a plane perched at an angle. Rest of museum very impressive. Unfortunately I couldn't appreciate it fully as was only in Speyer for a couple of hours - needs a full day to get round all the exhibits..

Ajsw S — Google review

An amazing day out, so much to look at and it was fascinating. You could go inside loads of planes, including the 747 where you could even walk out onto the wing. Planes, helicopters, trains, submarines, cars, fire engines, motorbikes. Could spend days there. Highly recommended, and we chose to visit it over the other nearby Technik museum as this one is more focused on aviation.

Daniel M — Google review

I also visited their sister museum in Sinsheim. Speyer had a great space exhibit and really good aircraft, submarines etch. You name it, it's probably here. I'll definitely visit again.

Trevor H — Google review

Not as good as in Sinsheim, but still perfect and worth visit. Unfortunately.... some exhibits were closed for no apparent reason. Some of them were closed only in the morning, not after lunch 🤔. It looks more like a mistake than a covid regulation. Pity..it would otherwise be 5 stars.

Dominik D — Google review

Loved visiting this museum! The vehicle displays are incredible, there is a vast amount of history here. It’s a great museum for anyone interested in transportation of all kinds, especially kids. ***TIP: Be sure to bring some change to make some of the displays work.One of the interactive displays involves climbing up a bunch of stairs in order to slide down a long slide….it’s a bunch of fun!

The D — Google review

Amazing museum, they have everything.Entrance tickets costs 21 euro and parking is 5 euro.But it's totally worth the price because this place is big and has a lot to offer. Definitely go there if you can!

Kevin V — Google review

Travel back in time and enjoy the details of every little piece of art.The museum is a piece of heaven for enthusiasts and soon-to-be enthusiast. Great variety of different exhibits. It takes on around 3-4 hours to see all the exhibits. Make sure to take a slide carpet before you walk upstairs to see the 747 ;)

Ma D — Google review

The museum is amazing. Kinds under 4yo are don't pay entrance. There's parking lot but it costs 5€. To see some attractions working you must pay for it. The IMAX is amazing although the scanners don't work properly. Gift shop has not so much to choose. Exposed pieces are scarced although amazing. Restaurant is ok although more food might be required.

leokaiser1024 — Google review

Awesome museum with numerous displays outside, as well as in multiple hangers and buildings. We spent about 2-3 hours enjoying the museum and then purchased several neat items in their Giftshop!

Julie P — Google review

Great museum that showcases something from every aspect of transportation from trains to bikes to cars and planes. Hard to see it all in one visit so will have to go back another time!

Dan M — Google review


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Am Technik Museum 1, 67346 Speyer, Germany

+49 6232 67080


Old Bridge Heidelberg

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Sights & Landmarks

Historic Sites

The Alte Brucke, constructed in 1788, is a historic pedestrian bridge that offers scenic views of city landmarks. The bridge was rebuilt in 1872 and again in 1988. Despite being more than 200 years old, the structure is still operational and remains one of the oldest bridges in Heidelberg.

So, not entirely about the bridge itself, but a small tip if you are visiting Heidelberg. This is an awesome place! For starters the beautiful view and park next to the river, we went for a walk through the "Philosophers weg" (perfect to get better view of the center, castle, bridge etc.) then we descended through the "schlange weg" and headed to the Old Bridge of Heidelberg into the town ( that if you didn't know has the longest street of stores in Germany!) Now I get when people say that they have lost their Heart in Heidelberg. I loved it!

Camila G — Google review

Amazing famous bridge with beyond beautiful sights 😍. Pictures & videos don't do it justice. Everywhere you look here is a scenic view 📸. Was a worthy & breathtaking experience, also a great place for a date. Also, the famous Heidelberg castle is not too far away walking distance from the old bridge. Highly recommend checking them both out! 💯

Bob J — Google review

Peaceful but windy river band. Many gooses and swans play around in this area. Perfect place for flying kits or drone.

* B — Google review

Words cannot define the beauty of Heidelberg, simply impressive! The altebrucke gives a beautiful view of the city, best to visit around autumn to enjoy different colors around

Awani R — Google review

Nice place close to the bridge. Alex at reception was very helpful. Early morning or late night strolls in the bridge and the town are easy. Rooms were spacious. Beds very comfortable and bathroom nice and clean. All over a nice place to stay.

Omer A — Google review

An interesting historical monument. Cool view of the castle and river. A great place for your selfies and photos with friends. You can also meditate on water. I like it.

Veronika H — Google review

Very pretty bridge over Neckar River built in late 1700s. It presents a lovely landscape of Heidelberg by two sides.

G?kay Y — Google review

A place of immense beauty. The long and wide streets that need to be visited, the houses and buildings made of historical architecture, together with the artifacts from Heidelberg's past, are the people who come to visit many places in the world; making it into history.You feel yourself in Ortacag. Romantic, beautiful and fascinating. Heidelberg is worth seeing in general. Wonderful...

Gottfried F — Google review

We visited this place on a really hot summer day so I was quite fuzzy and confused while being there, but you can't mistake that view, can you? The sky had a lovely color and we were able to enjoy our short trip to that bridge. Maybe we should come back on a milder day to enjoy it a bit more LOL

A. B — Google review

Heidelberg is beautiful! Located just one hour away from Frankfurt am Main, is an absolute must-see destination, renowned for its breathtaking beauty, I highly recommend spending a day wandering around this enchanting German town.

Grazia C — Google review

The old bridge spans the river Neckar in a beautiful picturesque part of Germany. Clear blue water surrounded by lush greens in this beautiful valley. Head up the footpaths on the North side of the river bank for a stunning panoramic view over the town. Amazing!

Richard W — Google review

The Bridge doesn't have any ticket. It will be crowded. Walk over the other side where you can see the bridge as well as castle. That's the best view.

Shanavaz P — Google review

Visited the place on the new year's eve. The fireworks were amazing.One of the best places to celebrate new years.Lots of pubs and clubs are open nearby to spend the night after the new year.

Adithya H — Google review

Visiting the Old Bridge of Heidelberg is a must-do when in the city. Whether you're interested in history, architecture, or simply want to enjoy the stunning views, this bridge offers it all. It's a place that will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of Heidelberg.

Susanna T — Google review

Excellent view. Good attractions for visitors. Really amazing.

Mubasher S — Google review

Is older than you thank you think. Very Well preserved so look modern. Info Tables with details about bridge are only in German language. But you can use wikipedia or buy a tourist guide -book about Heidelberg in tourist information center near main railway station. Bridge is without obvious tourist traps. I didn’t met any pickpocketers, scammers or beggars. Sometimes is there guitar musicians etc. During evening Saturday 9.3.2024 isn’t crowded! Just about 30 persons around.

Ask M — Google review

A marvellous piece of architecture dating 18th century. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, it is absolutely wonderful to stand on this bridge. You can see the lush green mountains all around and the beautiful old town. The arches through which the river flows down are a treat to watch. Right next to the city center, this bridge is mostly filled with the people.

Animesh K — Google review

Back to the fairytales times , take a stroll on the magical bridge on the Neckar river right about five minutes walk from Altstadt Heidelberg , it’s just indescribable scene.

Ahmed F — Google review

Both the sides of the bridge are beautiful. If you are lucky you can witness a beautiful sunset on this bridge. They don’t allow vehicles so it’s very much friendly for walk

Shubham Z — Google review

Very nice and historical bridge. Sight seeing at sunset is unbelievable

Olgu D — Google review

The Old Heidelberg Bridge is a captivating piece of history that transports you to another time. Located in Heidelberg, Germany, this iconic bridge exudes charm and elegance. As you traverse its cobblestone pathway, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the Neckar River and the cityscape. The bridge's rich architecture, adorned with statues and arches, tells tales of bygone eras. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of scenic beauty, or simply seeking a romantic spot, the Old Heidelberg Bridge will leave an indelible mark on your memory. Take a leisurely stroll, soak in the atmosphere, and let the bridge's timeless allure enchant you.

Darshan K — Google review

The whole area is full of amorous feelings of European towns - Beautiful river, green mountains, heritage buildings and peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy the stunning and amazing scenery. Almost all the visitors are busy with taking photos. Besides, the bridge is also closed to old town with much convenience. Highly recommended!

Fat C — Google review


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Alte Brücke, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

+49 6221 5844444


Hostel '68 Heidelberg (Old Town)

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Boarding house

Sights & Landmarks

Hostel '68 Heidelberg (Old Town) is located near the picturesque ruins of Heidelberg Castle, which sits on a terraced hillside above the Old Town. The castle, built in the 16th century and made of red Neckar sandstone, is a prime example of German Renaissance architecture. The Old Town itself is well-preserved, with medieval buildings and cobblestone streets. It's also home to Germany's oldest university, adding a lively student population to the area.

Great old town you could walk around for hours

Steven F — Google review

All the things were used there. Shampoo, toilet paper etc

Real-facts — Google review

(Translated by Google) The room is ideal for one or two people. There is a small kitchen, bathroom with shower, a sofa, a dining table and a double bed. The location is ideal and quiet. The host was very friendly. All clean. Would come back any time!(Original)Das Zimmer ist ideal für eine oder zwei Personen. Es gibt eine kleine Küche, Bad mit Dusche, ein Sofa, einen Esstisch und ein Doppelbett. Die Lage ist ideal und ruhig. Der Gastgeber war sehr freundlich. Alles sauber. Würde jederzeit wiederkommen!

Denise — Google review

(Translated by Google) Cozy hostel designed with great attention to detail.It is located in the middle of Heidelberg's old town and everything is very easy to reach on foot or by bike. There are many nice places to eat, drink or go out in the immediate vicinity.Hard to beat for price!(Original)Gemütliches Hostel mit viel Liebe zum Detail gestaltet.Es liegt in mitten der Heidelberger Altstadt und alles ist sehr gut zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad zu erreichen. In unmittelbarer Nähe gibt es viele nette Plätze zum Essen und Trinken oder um auszugehen.Preislich kaum zu schlagen!

Stephan H — Google review

(Translated by Google) Great central location in a beautiful, quiet old building. Simple but sufficient facilities.(Original)Super zentrale Lage in einem schönen ruhigen Altbau. Einfache aber ausreichende Ausstattung.

Jonny F — Google review

(Translated by Google) Located in the center of the city. Its location is privileged.(Original)Situado en el centro de la ciudad. Su enclave es privilegiado.

Miguel T — Google review

(Translated by Google) So adorable and the price is simply great given the location!(Original)So liebenswert und preislich bei der Lage einfach super!

Lea W — Google review


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(3235)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (25)

Ingrimstraße 36, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

+49 1514 0723647

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Heidelberg Palace

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (33)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (34)

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Sights & Landmarks


Heidelberg Palace is a ruined red sandstone castle that sits on a hillside in the heart of Heidelberg, Germany. It is one of the most beautiful ruins in the world and is popular with tourists for its incredible views across the Neckar River. The only way to see the interior of Heidelberg Palace is by tour - after 6pm it is open to the public for free.

Beautiful, highly recommend for a lazy stroll. The views of the palace and the city from the terrace is breathtaking. We went on a rainy day and still managed to have a great time. There’s a short hike, moderately steep but absolutely doable. Wear comfy shoes. I saw some cars up there too, so I guess it’s possible.

Michele S — Google review

Really cool castle! The views of the city are incredible. The walk up is pretty steep so be prepared if you are going that way. Don’t miss the pharmacy museum and the giant wine barrel. The inner part of the castle costs 9 euros but it’s worth it. Also check out the garden in the back for even more great views.

deependablereviews — Google review

If you like explore castles, this will be educational and fun.Starting with a hike up the castle is highly recommended! It made me appreciate so much modern amenities - there is a cable car you can purchase to go up and down as well (€9 will get a person up and down the hill for the castle). The grounds outside the castle is fun to walk around simply for the view it offers of the town. Once up at the castle level, get ticket to the courtyard. It can be included in the cable car. It will take maybe an hour or hour and half but seeing the massive wine barrel - it will be the biggest ever! and learning about the start of medicine/ pharmacy in Germany will be a fun experience in the museum inside. Wander around to the front of the castle the view is great not just the old town below but also the castle structure itself.Happy travels

Ling W — Google review

The views and history of the castle is so amazing! Definitely a must visit! So many things to see and take in! There’s a great lawn to just sit out and relax in and enjoy the day.Tickets are needed for entry.

Corey — Google review

I can't find words to explain this place. Perhaps the most impressive castle in Europe! I wish all the interior parts were open to the public. The world's largest wine barrel is also located here.

Emre K — Google review

Beautiful castle with a rich history. The views from the top of this castle were magnificent. We also took a stroll around the surrounding open areas. We took an Uber there since it was a big climb.

Tek O — Google review

American hereVisited the palace during the weekendBusy time but not crowded.Took the train car up to the castle.The views from the castle grounds are extracurricular! Definitely a must see when you're visiting Germany.While in the palace, you have the opportunity to see some historic artifacts and museums that are unlike no other. The palace gardens are also a true wonder.

Andrew C — Google review

Some really great views of the city and the area below. A lot of good walking. There's plenty to see. However, I was disappointed that I was displaced from the ticket shop for not having the right mask on. Apparently the n95 mask that I had on did not suffice. I'm sure this will change in time.

Captain S — Google review

Great attraction. There is a train to the top, I learned this after walking up the dang hill. Wonderful views of the city. The architecture and decor are awesome.. The statues have amazing details carved into them. The garden is huge. The pharmacy museum was very interesting and offers signage in multiple languages to include English. Definitely worth taking family when they visit. Bonus, it's open on Sundays.

Scott G — Google review

Beautiful palace situated up above the town with gorgeous scenery from its balconies and garden terrace.Impressive facades throughout the palace.Must do the guided tour to see its real beauty and learn about its historical misfortunes, the chapel at the end tour is exquisite.

Hector F — Google review

Such a nice place!Both the castle and the gardens are worth a visit. You can access the gardens for free but will have to pay to enter the courtyard.Adult ticket is 9€ (August 23), which also includes access to the funicular going up and down.You'll need to pay an extra 6€ if you want to actually enter the castle which is only available through guided tours.

Mia — Google review

This place is magical in its beauty and rich history. Highly recommend going up for the incredible views. Most signs are in German but it appears they have information centers and tours if you want a better understanding of its story.

Mary W — Google review

Great place to check out, it was wet and windy but we still enjoyed the site and your. Highly recommended the guided tour, they take you through the castle you can’t go through with a normal ticket. The garden was really cool with great city views and we could see the hustle bustle of Christmas markets from there too. The tour showed us some cool stuff in the castle and told us pretty detailed history about it. The tour group wasn’t huge either so could see/hear pretty much everything. Only 8-10 min walk up a hill or stairs to it also on old cobble stone walkways. Hope to see again some day.

Benjamin B — Google review

A gorgeous site! The grounds are beautiful. Not much interior access. You can rent small lockers for a 1 euro deposit. Little cafe has nice & affordable snack options. Really enjoyed the apothecary museum. Take the funicular!

venessa — Google review

What a beautiful place. Rich with history. The palace is well worth taking a tour. I went with some friends and we really enjoyed taking photos and admiring at the grand and plentiful works of art. The view is incredible. The tour (i took in English) allows you to walk inside the hallways. The tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the palace.

Jason F — Google review

One of the best “ruins castles” in Germany. We really enjoyed the tour through the castle. The views of Heidelberg from the castle are fantastic as well. It is a bit of a hike to get up to the castle. I would recommend taking the tram if you have issues with climbing stairs and hills or have strollers or older folks with you. The climb is pretty significant. I have now been to this castle several times and I’d go back again and again. Such a great place with such an interesting history.

Kris A — Google review

It’s an amazing castle, I will tell any one about my visit there, the view from castle above the city is beautiful. If you would visit it, try to go before 5:30 pm, because the bus from down to castle through the mountain will close and last trip to enter it will on 5:30. It costs 14€ or 9€ for adults to buy a ticket. Garden around the castle is also nice. Enjoy 😊 (The stairs are long if you want to walk up, you can go up walking but maybe will be difficult for some people)

Samer F — Google review

Amazing place, I could expend days just wandering inside and outside the castle, is simply amazing. The views that has to offer are also out of this world! I bought the ticket for €14 that allowed me the funicular and museums and then at the castle bought the audio guide which is totally worth it tbh. They had it in different languages. There’s also a Michelin 2020 restaurant inside the castle.

Cesar H — Google review

Very nice old palace, you should definitely walk around and visit the garden. All the surrounding are accessible for free. But the entrance to the courtyard costs 9 euros. It’s unreasonably expensive, on my opinion. The size of the yard and what you can see inside is not worth the money. The yard is really small and partially closed for restoration, some cars are parked in places, there are too many people... In addition, to get inside the castle you need to pay even more and book a tour. So I was very disappointed.But again, the castle itself is spectacular and worth to visit, just consider thoroughly whether you need to go in.As an advantage, free toilet next to the cash register😉

Oleksandra S — Google review

This castle is located atop a hill with beautiful views of Heidelberg. There are several displays inside showing what early pharmaceutical equipment was like. You can walk to the top of the biggest wine barrel you will ever see. There is a large open area where you can sit in the shade and enjoy the views. Food is available at a couple of different places on the castle grounds. The castle is accessible by foot (a little bit of a climb) or by train (tickets are available for purchase). You could easily spend a couple hours here.

Chris H — Google review

A beautiful, amazing site that has tremendous views! Over looking the entire old town, this castle is a must stop if In Heidelberg! I highly recommend going there during sunset because it’s magical to watch the city and castle grounds light up at night!

MrKingluke663 — Google review

I find this castle ruins romantic, specially when going there before sunset. Start by exploring the old bridge which offers lovely views to the city and the castle. Then walk around the old part of Heidelberg city. There are many restaurants offering different cuisines and amazing architecture. Then walk or drive to near the castle and spend the late afternoon there. There are benches to sit on.

Emy E — Google review

Definitely worth the trip. I took the funicular railway from station Kornmarkt, they offer different tickets, 1 to the castle, single or return, another 1 to the top. I bought the whole trip to the top, cost 14 euro. Price include entry to Heidelberg Palace. U can go all the way to the top then to the palace or stop at palace then continue to the top. I went to the top first, it was very foggy due to rain, fully covered with fog, mist. I just walk around a bit to enjoy the nature n cold.Then I went to the castle, was raining... but it has a much better view at the castle. It is so beautiful, although ruined but still majestic. There are 2 museums, pharmacy and the brewery..is free, just go in to get some shelter...but the wine barrel is so huge and the wood used to construct the barrel is so solid. I would highly recommend a trip to Heidelberg Palace/ castle

Eunice A — Google review

The majestic castle ruins in Heidelberg look down on the city is one of the most impressive sites to see. It is an absolute recommendation for a day trip, with great views on the city and beautiful architecture that you can enjoy even though most of it is ruins. There is a unique pharmacy history-museum, a nice cafe in the cellar, and there was a huge Playmobil exhibition last time.we visitied.

A. S — Google review

A wonderful landmark, overlooking the beautiful town and running river.Castle itself is mostly in ruins, though they converted the main ground into some simple and small museums.

X Z — Google review

Very nice castle, you need to see the medical museum. The gardens are not interesting, but there is great view of the castle from the gardens. Enjoy!

Cristian P — Google review

lovely views, interesting history. the ticket to enter the castle was only 9€ and was absolutely worth it. we spent around 3 hours just walking around and taking in the surroundings. i recommend bringing good and comfortable shoes 👍

Smoking C — Google review

A very relaxing walk around the outside castle grounds. Perfect place for a picnic on the grass, for couples or families. Entry was €10 but decided not to go in. Surrounding area is quiet, very pretty, but as expected full of stores with overinflated prices.

Ollie G — Google review

If you are anywhere, I mean anywhere near Heidelberg... You need to go. And you need to visit the palace.I highly recommend a guided tour because you'll get more history and you'll get access to parts of the palace that you otherwise can't walk through.Our guide, Pamela, was absolutely wonderful!! She provided excellent insights with a certain warmth and kindness that made the whole tour fantastic.Also, don't forget to dance on top of the wine barrel.

Jonathan E — Google review

Heidelberg Castle is a true gem nestled in the heart of this historic city, and my recent visit left me utterly spellbound! The absolutely breathtaking view of Heidelberg city.The architecture, the history, and the sheer grandeur of Heidelberg Castle make it a must-visit destination.But the real magic happened when I reached one of the viewpoints overlooking the city. The panoramic view of Heidelberg spread out beneath me was nothing short of spectacular. I definitely recommend also taking a tour of the topmost part of the castle.

Greeshma J — Google review

Visually appealing historical monument that tells the story of opulence and power. Every ornament has creative details of history and artisans with skills beyond ordinary. The texture, color and breadth of the different parts of the castle are worth seeing in a lifetime.

Arnaud G — Google review

A truly amazing infrastructure with a breathtaking view of the city of Heidelberg. It was well worth it coming here. I took the stairs going up which I wouldn’t advise if you’re not doing much cardio like me. Better to use the other path or the cable car.

Francis P — Google review

A must see.We visited on a Sunday in late Feb 24. Weather was cold but dry. Wear comfortable shoes/trainers.This is a great place to go and visit. Park in the underground carpark in the centre of town. Allow at least 3 hours for a visit. Entrnace was €9 per adult (includes a return ride in the funicular and entrance to the castle). We also booked an English speaking tour (lasted about 90 minutes and you get to see places the public are not allowed in (€6 per person - you can purchase it when at the castle, but check times first. Highly recommended).Most information boards in English and German. A couple of souvenir shops.

Paul B — Google review

Big looming castle ruins... about 10 min of walking uphill, kind of steep. We didn't pay to go inside the castle and we found plenty to see and do around the walls and views of the valley below, had a picnic in the courtyard... all free.

Jean E — Google review


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(7627)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (38)

Schlosshof 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

+49 6221 658880



40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (39)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (40)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (41)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (42)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Points of Interest & Landmarks

Marktplatz, also known as the market square, is a picturesque and historic square located in Tubingen. At its center stands the 15th century Town Hall, featuring an intricately painted facade and a functioning astronomical clock. The square is surrounded by antique buildings and is home to small cafes and restaurants where visitors can enjoy good food, co*cktails, and coffee.

Amazing plaza with local good and outstanding architecture!

Jorge C — Google review

Tübingen ist eine Reise wert🤗Heute war der Tübinger Schokoladenmarkt, super lecker und sehr interessant 😁Leider standen die Stände zu eng, daher war das durchkommen im Zentrum nicht so einfach. In den Gassen war es um einiges angenehmer, da standen die Stände weiter auseinander.Wenn man Schokolade liebt, dann lohnt es sich auf jedenfall dort hin zu gehen👍(Translated by Google)Tübingen is worth a trip🤗Today was the Tübingen chocolate market, super tasty and very interesting 😁Unfortunately, the stands were too crowded, so getting through the center wasn't so easy. It was a lot more pleasant in the alleys because the stalls were further apart.If you love chocolate, then it's definitely worth going there👍

Anne — Google review

A charming historical old town and a heart of community gatherings, as expected overcrowded and noisy, but still worth to have a walk here.

Saba B — Google review

Such a beautiful quaint town, we came for the Chocolate festival, lots of delicious chocolate.

LeAnn L — Google review

Sehr schöne Altstadt deswegen aber auch sehr gut besucht, Parkplätze sind kostenpflichtig, Auswahl an verschiedenen Essen ist groß, preislich ok(Translated by Google)Very nice old town but therefore also very busy, parking spaces are chargeable, there is a large selection of different foods, and the prices are ok

Ballin M — Google review

Just beautiful here. Many different shops, restaurants and market stools.

David Q — Google review

Very nice place!

Alona A — Google review

Schokomarkt Tübingen - muss man mal gesehen haben!Eine Augenweide an Schokokreationen.Allerdings ist er auch immer sehr stark besucht, ob Tag oder Abend.Ab der Dämmerung aber auf jeden Fall nochmals schöner.(Translated by Google)Chocolate market Tübingen - you have to see it!A feast for the eyes of chocolate creations.However, it is always very busy, whether day or evening.But it's definitely even more beautiful after dusk.

Chrissi — Google review

Amazing place to visit. We arrived during an old town festival with traditional french and Italian products. Many live singers, many small Events great restaurants and lots of crowds. The place to be in every weekend!

Skr D — Google review

Die komplette Altstadt von Tübingen ist genau nach meinem Geschmack! So wunderschön alt und passend zu denPflastersteinen undalten Gebäuden, darf überall in den Ecken und Kanten Grünzeug wuchsen.Wunderschön!Allerdings sind viele der schönen Gebäude mit Graffiti besprüht, was ich sehr, sehr schade finde!!!...Tübingen ist jedenfalls immer wieder einen Besuch wert !(Translated by Google)The entire old town of Tübingen is exactly to my taste! So beautifully old and matching the cobblestones and old buildings, greenery grew everywhere in the corners and edges.Beautiful!However, many of the beautiful buildings are sprayed with graffiti, which I find very, very sad!!!...Tübingen is definitely worth a visit again and again!

Ch. R — Google review

Fantastic square with the city hall at its center. The building was started in 1435 and extended over the years. Today you can find a fully preserved medieval square without any damages from WWII. It is a bustling square with many cafés and restaurants.

Marc R — Google review

Sehenswertes Stadtzentrum von Tübingen. Bei gutem Wetter sind meist alle Stühle der Aussengastronomie auf dem Platz belegt.Schade ist, dass im weithin bekannten Weinhaus Beck bei schlechterem Wetter offensichtlich nur noch wenige Stammgäste im Lokal bewirtet werden.(Translated by Google)Tübingen city center worth seeing. When the weather is good, all of the outdoor dining chairs on the square are usually occupied.It's a shame that the well-known Weinhaus Beck obviously only welcomes a few regular guests in the restaurant when the weather turns bad.

Helmut F — Google review

If you want to slow down a little. Great place to see. Nice and laid back. But plenty to see. The people are very friendly here. Even if you only speak English.

Teresa A — Google review

This is one of the most beatiful historical cities in this area. The University students are around and brings the youth and history together, a must visit

Helena K — Google review

Schöner Platz vor dem historischen Rathaus. War zum Schokoladenmarkt in der Adventszeit toll beleuchtet(Translated by Google)Nice square in front of the historic town hall. It was beautifully illuminated for the chocolate market during Advent

Roland M — Google review

Historical and very impressive buildings around. Lots of shops and eatery joints. It's a cultural hotspot and street looks very vibrant and colourful

Shankar B — Google review

It's a beautiful square surrounded by antique buildings. On and off, there are events such as the Christmas market or currently the "Chocolart", a chocolate themed market.

Barbara B — Google review

Tübingen Marktplatz is a historic market square with small cafés and restaurants surrounding it. One can enjoy good food, co*cktails, and nice coffee there, but not all the places are open yet. If you stay until late though, it can get pretty rowdy sometimes with drunken frat boys staggering around, yelling and trying to impress each other. Not far from the market place is the house where the famous psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer lived as a student, with a plaque affixed to the wall proclaiming the fact. The car park at Nonnenhaus is the best place to park when going there.

Chandana S — Google review

Toller älterer Platz mit Kopfsteinpflaster und vielen Fachwerkhäusern. Vor dem alten Rathaus steht der Neptunbrunnen, neben dem Rathaus gibt's eine Cafe- und Weinstube mit vielen Plätzen im Freien. Dort kann man bei einem Gläschen Wein das wunderschöne Panorama genießen. An Markttagen gibt es nebenan auch frisches Obst und Gemüse aus regionalem Anbau.(Translated by Google)Great older place with cobblestones and many half-timbered houses. The Neptune Fountain stands in front of the old town hall, and next to the town hall there is a cafe and wine bar with lots of outdoor seating. There you can enjoy the beautiful panorama with a glass of wine. On market days there is also fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables next door.

Klaus S — Google review


(1078)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (43)


(459)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (44)

72070 Tübingen, Germany


Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (45)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (46)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (47)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (48)

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Thermal baths

Spas & Wellness

Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim offers a variety of pools catering to different preferences, from sports pools for swimmers to relaxation zones with massage loungers. The facility is well-maintained and clean, with friendly staff providing efficient service. Visitors can enjoy themed saunas and cold showers, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. The on-site restaurant serves tasty meals at reasonable prices.

Excellent spot to relax and sweat out all the toxins. Had an amazing salt scrub and a wonderful mud mask to go along with several themed saunas, a saltwater pool and a warm there outside. Don't miss the Sauna Boat.

Jackie L — Google review

It is my first visit to this beautiful and modern sauna and wellness paradise. It is located next to the exit of autobahn and has a large parking lot. We bought a one day ticket to enjoy sauna and Palmen paradise. I do not believe it is necessary to Reserve a resting chair if you do not mind to change seats after sauna. defintely check out the sauna programmes on big screen for special events and experiences. If you are on budget go for food in restaurant of Palmen Paradise and not in sauna restaurant as it costs a few euros more. try freshly made crepes in the palmen paradise for dessert. the showers are made of white marble and clean will definitely visit again. Definitely reserve weeks in advance if you are visiting on weekends

Rony W — Google review

This place is GORGEOUS and very well maintained. The staff were all friendly, even to an *Ausländer* like me. The cold shower/waterfall is a delight after any of the different themed saunas. You can rent a towel to sit on in the saunas for 2 or 3 euro, or bring your own towel/robe. About half the areas inside the complex are with swimming suit; the saunas, unsurprisingly, are nude. The restaurant was had very quick service and I had a pretty tasty Schnitzel. You can eat inside or outside. Pro tip- Eat outside and enjoy the view of rolling countryside hills with a castle tower looming in the distance. Parking is plentiful and also very well maintained. —I’m including an English translation of the COVID-related rules posted outside the front door for all my English homies, if you’re reading this while that’s still relevant.—

Jory M — Google review

Wonderful location! But, the customer care services is a big mistake! (no one answers the phone, email sent with delay and then, with heavy language). I lost my time and my voucher’s value trying to change the date of a reservation . Customer care services are the Achilles heel of this wonderful complex.

Nicu H — Google review

Very nice place to spend a relaxing day. The staff is super friendly and everything is clean. The layout makes sense and offers a lot of room to relax and have fun in the water. Especially the opening roof is great to allow for some fresh air in the summer.Saunas are great, with good variety, amazing themes, enough space, and a nice outdoor area. It's worth visiting for the Sauna alone.I highly recommend also booking the "lounge area" if you want a really special day. They are relatively expensive but a perfect place to retreat and unwind between activities. I especially appreciate the staff putting a fan in there to help cool down on a very hot day.We had an old voucher from 2021 where we couldn't attend due to covid, and it worked nicely. They have fair policies for canceling or moving reservations (that's also important these days)Overall, it was a great place to be, a bit expensive but totally worth it.

Lars S — Google review

Staff is super friendly and helpful. simply 5 stars service. Food is very delicious and not expensive. they have very nice and different Sauna places all day long shows and very nice area outside to sit by the sun! I am looking forward to go there again

Mariana B — Google review

Love it! Love it! Love it!It was a fantastic experience. Beautiful surroundings. One side is like a beech. Live music. co*cktails. Food. Good water temperature. Enjoy!

Klaudia P — Google review

Simply amazing. That outdoor pool, indoor pool , relaxing beds should be prebooked though . Manual massage can be done better...but do try machine massage., its worthy. Very impressed by the neatness they maintained and food is decent enough.

Shiva G — Google review

Wonderful place for relaxation. It is extremely clean! You can find a free lounger because the employees keep kindly removing the towels of the guests who are not occupying the chairs at the moment - you can always find a free spot when you come back because of that, but it would be best if you would remove your things before leaving for the water.The restaurant is great, and so is the general atmosphere of the place!

Miljana V — Google review

Highly recommend.Please, if you have a spare day whilst visiting this part of Germany I ask you to come here.This is a once in a lifetime experience and not much else like this place exists in Europe.I strongly recommend you get the whole package with the saunas and the pools as they're a lot of fun and relaxing. Make sure you bring a towel!!

C N — Google review

Children from 5 till 15 are NOT allowed during weekdays, so basically even if you have a calm 1x child you cant enter.... ridicules and outdated. Make a limit per day for kids than, but allow them please to enter!

ceta — Google review

This is an amazing place! Parking is free and plenty. The entry was organised, the armband you get tells you the locker number to store your things and then you have direct access to the area. The air and water temperature was perfect, it was never cold and the whole ambiance was very comfortable. The sauna area is absolutely stunning and the saunas are big enough to enjoy them several times during the day. I would recommend to get a full day ticket with sauna included. Otherwise is half a day pretty short to visit the pools, saunas and have lunch. Price for beverages was reasonable, food was a bit pricey but the quality was very good. If you visit the sauna area and pool area, be aware that there is one restaurant per area, both with different dishes and prices.

Juan M — Google review

We spent literally the entire day! It was a Friday and it was amazing, not many kids, super relaxing!! Food is affordable and really tasty! I will be back! I wanted a massage but you have to book it with a lot of time because they’re always booked!!

Valeska L — Google review

We visit a lot of spa places in Germany and Austria, and we can definitely say that this is a very wonderful place. Sauna ceremony is actually a wonderful experience. Water in the pool is warm and pleasant to stay there for a long time. Sauna is textile free. My wife and I were there for almost six hours. Next time we will definitely go for the whole day. Highly recommend to visit Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim.

Ruslan S — Google review

Positives:The water is heated up, you can order drinks, environment is very nice.Negatives:Its overcrowded, staff at the entrance were not friendly

Reza R — Google review

It was a nice place to visit in winter if you don't mind the European sauna. Just not a lot to do outside of the sauna. They have a nice-looking outdoor space for warmer weather so we will possibly go back when it gets warm.

Mario D — Google review

Pros: Quite crowded however very nice ambiance. Water is pleasant, plenty of services available. Overall a great experience.Cons: it's a bit expensive

Didar O — Google review

Definitely suggesting to my friends when they visit from out of country!Customer service was great. There were a couple people in front of us in line that had to return to their cars to get something they forgot but overall, very efficient line.The entire facility was very clean.I’m most surprised by how affordable it was. I got the daily special today for lunch. €10 worth of Turkey curry. The macaroni and cheese was also very good. The typical co*cktail was around €8 and my radler was less than €5.My two year old daughter was with us and absolutely loved the water. It stays warm enough for extended trips to the pools and the outdoor pool still felt great with high winds at 12*C.Will return again in the future.

Eric C — Google review


(18925)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (49)


(1129)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (50)

Badewelt 1, 74889 Sinsheim, Germany

+49 7261 40280


Technik Museum Sinsheim

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (51)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (52)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (53)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (54)

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Technology museum


Specialty Museums

The Technik Museum Sinsheim is a family-friendly destination showcasing an impressive collection of vehicles, aircraft, and locomotives from various eras. Visitors can also enjoy the IMAX 3D cinema for a fascinating film experience. The museum offers interactive displays and attention to detail, making it engaging for all ages. The outdoor area features iconic attractions such as the Concorde and Soviet space shuttle. It provides a captivating journey through history, leaving visitors with a deep appreciation for innovation and engineering.

Great experience. U have to take your time. Especially with kids. I highly recommend to visit this museum. Go there with friends and family, u will have a great time there. Specifically the history part…the airplanes…omg u have to walk up the get in there to c it with your own eyes.

Johnny R — Google review

Superb place to visit with your young ones... Great collection of history.. lots of fun rides for the kids.. must visit place.. good connectivity by public transport and ample space of parking.. good restaurant to have quick bites.. great 3D shows.. overall good option to spend a fun filled day with kids...

Sanjay A — Google review

Well this museum is HUGE! Main focus is car related, but they have a big amount of planes and trains too. Hoped it would be less cars and more mixed technical stuff. Restaurant only has pastry of big meals. Would be good if they served sandwiches too.

Olaf H — Google review

The museum is a very complex experience, I would say it is worth visiting with all the openness and patience available.Minimum 2-3 hours visit. Tickets can be bought on the spot.Of course the main attractions are Concorde and Tupolov, absolutely fantastic.

Ioana T — Google review

It's a great museum!It's now one of my favorites. There are so many things to see.It's interesting for people of all ages. I'm not really into technical stuff, I'm more of a regular person, but I found the technology fascinating.I saw things I'd only seen in old movies before.I really liked the kids' area, especially being able to pay for rides without using cash. Having a parking lot and a restaurant is a big plus.I suggest going to the museum when it's not raining so you can go up to the planes and have a cup of coffee outside.I'm sure this museum will impress everyone. It's a place where you can see both old and new technology and see progress firsthand.It's worth traveling far to visit this museum. If you live nearby and haven't been there, you're missing out!

Lesia H — Google review

Well laid out with plenty of room to walk around.Stunning displays of the olden cars and the airplanes.3D movie was amazing such clarity and depth.There is a parking lot attached to the museum, restaurant on the premises has a variety of food for those looking for a quick meal.

Claire A — Google review

This is one of the largest collections I have ever seen, and it has a little bit of everything, entry is quite cheap, and a great price for the amazing vehicles and artifacts you will see, with the addition bonus of a 10,000 step workout. You start with a tour of Halle 1, though a primarily American collection of sports cars, which include a Ford GT, a C5 Corvette, and a 1965 Mustang, just to name a few, then heading up the stairs, there is an elaborate history display of World War II, with fascinating exhibits which include a crashed WWII plane that was scavenged from the ocean floor, a panther tank with moving tracks, and a moving turret. Continuing on to the outdoor exhibit where various tanks are on display, as well as a helicopter. Heading to Halle 2, you are greeted with a crashed Porsche, followed up with a great demonstration of trains, and sports cars from all different eras, which include the like of the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Countach, and many F1 cars. Continuing on, there is a 24H of Le Mans display with cars like a GT40 (Replica), legendary Porsche cars, and new Toyota Hybrid hyper-cars. Going to the roof, the main attraction is the legendary Concorde, which you can go inside, and view the awesome exhibit of this historic masterpiece. There are many other planes that have tours, one of them has a slide that brings you back to Halle 2. The food tastes great, but beware, there are no free refills on drinks. The gift shop contains a number of cool memorabilia, and shirts, a great selection to choose from. Overall a fantastic experience, and a great showcase of all these legendary vehicles.Tried to post the pictures in order, but the videos come first.

Chris G — Google review

What an absolutely amazing museum, English translation on 95% of the information displays.An outstanding collection of automobiles, aeroplanes, helicopters and motorcycles as well as military equipment.The place is huge, with 3 hangers to walk around and the sky deck full of aircraft.I would highly recommend a visit to this museum for anyone not just those interested in technical and automotive.There are two restaurants on site and a children’s play area which looked great fun for the little ones.

Jay K — Google review

Worth visiting for all the family. You can drive a plane. You can go inside different kinds of planes. There are different kinds of vehicles.There is an amazing small version of trains tracks. Children can go inside a plane and slide inside a long slide.

Asmaa T — Google review

Excellent museum. Great setup. The exhibition changes over time. It takes a couple of hours to go around. Explanations of the exhibits are in German and English. Good for kids. It is good to have 1 euro coins for additional facilities (carting, slide, etc.)

Dejan J — Google review

Wonderful technical museum. Whatever you like planes, cars, motorcycles, locomotives, music boxes, sewing machines or anything between with any kind of engine, this is the place to visit. Will definitely return for a revisit, there always will be something to discover.

Milan P — Google review

A must visit if you are in the area and a fan of classic vehicles. There are several large halls and outdoor exhibitions that feature everything from military vehicles to race cars. It is easily possibly to spend half a day or more touring all of the touring all of the exhibits. If you don't mind stairs you can also go inside a Concord they have on display.

B. S — Google review

Interesting exhibitions of any kindoftechniques, enough parking spaces & easy access from the highway, restaurants, gift shop.. Great opportunity how to spend your day - alone, with family or collective. 5hrs passed quickly!

Martin N — Google review

Amazing museum, full of history, details and attentions to all genres and ages.We visited with children ages 6-10 and they were fascinated and excited.A MUST place for any car lover, flight enthusiast or even women 🤪Plenty of special activities for the kids, though require separate fee. Sliding in a bag from an airplane is a must experience!

Maria H — Google review

Very nice exhibitions and it's awesome that you can view some of the planes from the inside. Very pricey (21€ per person) but it's somewhat justified. Takes a good 3-4 hours to see everything in peace. When the submarine arrives, it'll be another reason to revisit the museum. 8/10

JaZoX — Google review

An incredible collection of machinery. The highlight for me was the Concord and the Tu-144 that you can walk through. But the size of the automobile, train, and military collection are the best I’ve ever seen. Do not miss it.

Robert F — Google review

Must Visit.Fair ticket for what it has to offer.3 Halls full of history…Highlight of this unique museum the Concorde, in which you get in!!! Yes you get in!Fantastic collection of really rare cars…

Georgios F — Google review

Really cool museum! Very fun for kids or for adults.There’s a bit American card collections and if you like cars or aviation this is super entertaining.A bit of a line to get in the concord but that is expected and it went fast.A bit pricey but worth it.

Gabriella B — Google review

we spent nearly 5 hours here. great exhibits, loved the cars and tanks the most. well worth the money. if you wanna explore the planes get ready for a slight workout

Smoking C — Google review

Concorde and Tupolev supersonic planes are main highlights of the museum but there are more surprises. Other than 6 - 7 airplanes which accessible into the interior, the collection of cars within 3 gigantic halls are wonderful.

Timothy C — Google review

The trip to the museum was present for my husband’s birthday, who is an aviation nerd, but I actually enjoyed it as much as him. Great exhibition, including a lot of vintage cars, motorcycles, planes and many more, with a lot of entertainment for all ages. The one in Spyer is also amazing, so definitely go and visit them both.

Калояна Д — Google review

From vintage cars and aircraft to impressive technological exhibits, it offers a fascinating journey through history. The attention to detail and interactive displays make it a captivating experience for all ages. The outdoor area with its iconic Concorde and Soviet space shuttle adds a unique touch. The museum’s commitment to preserving and showcasing technological marvels makes it a must-visit, leaving visitors with a profound appreciation for innovation and engineering

Eslem T — Google review

The museum is gigantic! Its exhibits show various locomotive machines, cars, bicycles and even airplanes from different periods in human history.The best thing is that all the machines were used at some point, which is quite impressive for very old devices.Personally, I could consider the Concord the most attractive objectI don't consider the entrance expensive because they allow you to enter some exhibitions (get on trains or planes), spend all day in the museum and even take thousands of photographs.

Janik T — Google review

This museum is easily one of the best places I’ve been to in my life. It is absolutely great, especially for aviation and car enthusiasts like me. I would really recommend going there as it is definitely one of the best museums out there. My favorite part was definitely the Concorde, which happens to be my favorite plane. Visiting it was definitely something special for me.

viko — Google review

Amazing experience to see the technology museum Sinsheim from most favorite supersonic Concorde and Tupolev and Various vehicles ranging from top brands around the world. Awesome experience with family to visit there.kids gets lot of technology innovation possibilities to visually experience it and learn about technology evolution. Thanks to the museum.In addition you have electric vehicle charging stations available .

Digamber K — Google review

Absolutely brilliant museum with something for all tastes. Due to time constraints and my desire to do their sister museum in Speyer I was limited to just under 4 hours. Managed to cram all I wanted to see while there though albeit a bit rushed

William W — Google review


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Eberhard-Layher-Straße 1, 74889 Sinsheim, Germany

+49 7261 92990


Porsche Museum

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$$$$very expensive

Technology museum

The Porsche Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of the Porsche brand of automobiles. The museum features some beautiful vehicles from the early 20th century to the present. It also has a variety of multimedia installations that are perfect for children.

Excellent collection of classic and modern Porsche cars. Interactive displays and audio guides in English intrigued our sons, who were happy to spend a few hours learning about the history of the Porsche company (including its involvement in WWII). Definitely worth visiting if you are a car lover.

Jim S — Google review

The building is impressive to see. Selection of the cars is comprehensive and well laid out. Good coverage of Porsche's engineering era and innovations. The descriptions in the audio guide were useful and intriguing. Interactive spots like revving different engines were fun! You should take time to get the most out of it.

Lauri P — Google review

This is the best experience I ever had in my business trips.From the moment you are inside of the build you start to feel all the good atmosphere created by all the personal working there.The system used to guide you through all the museum is available in many languages making really enjoyable being there.Car you only saw in book or in movies, you have now the opportunity to see them face to face, Amazon experience.I really loved been there, thank you so much!

Victor F — Google review

If you like cars at all, you will enjoy this place. My only issue was with the headsets - they only worked sporadically. The cars are cool as is the museum itself. They also have a place to grab some food and drinks and a gift shop.

Susan M — Google review

One of the best museums ever. Forget the fact that I'm a Porsche enthusiast. The museum does a wonderful job of telling the story of the company as well as displaying some stunning cars. The location is convenient and the restaurants in the building are wonderful. The real selling point is how the cars are displayed. The cars are not behind glass or roped off, which really ruins pictures. They are accessible to be walked around and appreciated. For a Porsche person, this is a bucket list item.

Henry B — Google review

AMAZING! €24 for a family ticket which included parking, an audio guide and a take home souvenir lanyard. The museum itself was brilliantly laid out with so much incredible information and awesome cars. Highly highly recommended.

Alexandra S — Google review

Was a little underwhelmed by the experience of the museum. It’s well-laid out and easy to follow, yet lacks a real depth of cars and history.Paid €12 for entry, and took about 1 hour to walk through the whole place, despite being quoted longer on google.

Ollie G — Google review

This is an OK museum, a good range of cars - but not particularly big, lacks depth of content and other than a handful of exhibits not very hands on. I've done Mercedes, BMW and Audi - all much better than this. Travelled quite a way to see this and honestly felt let down given how good the Mercedes museum was the day before.

John W — Google review

Das Wichtigste zuerst: das Porsche Museum ist absolut einen Besuch wert. In meinem Fall war es perfekt mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zu erreichen, was mir bei Vorlage des Tickets eine Reduzierung des Eintrittspreis es um 50 % gebracht hat. Gratulation Porsche, als Mobilitätsanbieter finde ich das einen genialen Schritt.Der Service war sensationell und es wird sich des Aufenthalts immer fürsorglich um einen gekümmert. Das fand ich sehr schön, aber für eine Premium-Automarke vermutlich nicht ungewöhnlich.Das Museum an sich und die Ausstellungsstücke sind grandios. Als mehr oder weniger leidenschaftliche Autofan fand ich viele Legenden aus der Geschichte von Porsche. Man kann sich an die Fahrzeugen wirklich gut nähern und sie perfekt besichtigen.Einen Punkt möchte ich noch erwähnen. Mit dem abgelaufenen Ticket bekommt man auch noch 25 % auf den Eintritt des Mercedes-Benz Museums. Somit kommen Autofans in Stuttgart perfekt auf ihre Kosten. Ich bin begeistert!(Translated by Google)First things first: the Porsche Museum is absolutely worth a visit. In my case it was perfectly accessible by public transport, which gave me a 50% reduction in the entry price when I presented the ticket. Congratulations Porsche, as a mobility provider I think this is a brilliant step.The service was sensational and you are always looked after with care throughout your stay. I thought that was very nice, but probably not unusual for a premium car brand.The museum itself and the exhibits are magnificent. As a more or less passionate car fan, I found many legends from the history of Porsche. You can really get close to the vehicles and inspect them perfectly.I would like to mention one more point. With the expired ticket you also get 25% off admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. So car fans get their money's worth in Stuttgart. I'm excited!

Stephan — Google review

Fascinating! Took my three young children here. Ages 4,5,8. With your admission ticket you receive a handheld smart device to punch in the numbers at each exhibit. This give you an audio description of the exhibit and other options to interact with the exhibit. Even for my three little ones this was captivating. A solid 2-3 hours worth of entertainment. There’s also food onsite with a kids menu that is reasonably priced.

Daniel W — Google review

A small but a very good museum! First of all there is no option to purchase tickets online, you have to buy them at the front desk. As for the museum, the food is very impressive for a cafeteria inside of a museum. Second, it’s a small museum compared to some others but it’s packed with interesting cars and stories. Definitely worth the visit. Car park is 4 euro for 4 hours, not bad!

Probox P — Google review

Excellent history of Porsche and lots of cool cars. Our whole family including boys (13, 19, and 20) loved it! Well laid out. A great mix of interactive vs historical. Really cool building design. Exceeded expectations!

Shannon S — Google review

Porsche Museum is one of the must-go attractions in Stuttgart. Apart from the high popularity and prestige status of this famous brand, you can also learn German's high quality in art, design, manufacturing and technology. You can find both the old and new models inside this museum. Besides, you can also visit their cafe and purchase souvenirs in the gift shop. The transportation is very convenient as it is just next to the train station. Highly recommended!

Fat C — Google review

Very slick and polished just like the car itself.Polite service all around and the cars were amazing too.The audio guide works by you keying in the exhibit number and then deciding if you wanted to listen to the general history, technical information or even if you wanted a kiddy version.The escalator takes you to the museum level and you work your office at the round and up (ramps not stairs) and at the top, once you are done there's another escalator to take you all the way back down (gift shop and cafe/restaurant)We loved the cars and all the history.There's an area where you can sit in an actual Porsche car and have your picture taken and printed out for free.Definitely worth a visit!If you go to the Mercedes museum after, show them the Porsche tickets to get a discount on tickets.

Terence Y — Google review

First time here and i really enjoyed the history and evolution of the cars design. Very nice and reachable place. Overall nice experience and i would recommend to every car passionate

za_zsc — Google review

Well organized, starting from Parking to reception desk, and whole museum tour. Nice gestures offering free of charge photo inside one of icons, also You can make own photos in other car. Race driving simulator also is one of well thought things which makes Your tour unforgettable.

Igor L — Google review

I visited the Porsche Museum and had a great time. The parking garage under the museum made the visit extremely easy. The staff spoke very good English and the displays were well thought out. So many historic cars and it was really cool to see them all in person.

Justin O — Google review

Very cool museum. Allow at least 2 hours to cover the museum. Very informative with descriptions of each display. Very friendly staff who spoke English and were very welcoming. Definitely recommend. Awesome piece of art out front - three Porsche's on sticks!!

EveryDayGlory ! — Google review

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and I must say it was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was immersed in a world of automotive excellence and rich history.The museum itself is a stunning architectural masterpiece, blending modern design with elements of the brand's iconic identity. I felt an immediate sense of awe as I gazed upon the impressive collection of meticulously restored classic cars, prototypes, and racing legends on display. Each car was presented in a way that allowed me to truly appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry behind these remarkable machines. The knowledgeable staff members were also readily available to provide fascinating insights and answer any questions I had, further enhancing my understanding and appreciation of the brand's legacy.The museum also provided glimpses into the future of Porsche, showcasing cutting-edge concept cars and giving me a glimpse into the brand's commitment to innovation and sustainability. It was inspiring to see how Porsche continues to push boundaries and redefine what is possible in the automotive industry.In conclusion, my visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart was an unforgettable journey through the rich history and exciting future of one of the world's most renowned automotive brands. Whether you're a Porsche enthusiast or simply appreciate engineering excellence, I highly recommend a visit to this museum. It is a true celebration of automotive artistry and a testament to the remarkable legacy of Porsche

Harrison O — Google review

One of the best place for automobile enthusiast who want to learn about the evolution of Porsche.If we travelled by train to reach this place we will get discount on the entry ticket. Actual price is 10 euro and we paid only 5euro after showing the train ticket.The exhibits are fascinating and we can see most of the Porsche cars in this museum.Audio kit is very useful to know abt the exhibits in detail.I love cars and I will visit soon with my son who is also fond of cars.If you are an car enthusiast you must visit this museum.

Spark L — Google review

Great place to visit. There are so many Porsche old and new ones.It took 30 minutes to enter. Long line to get ticket, may be because it was Saturday? There may be restriction for number of people that can enter exhibition hall at once.Heritage cars and modern Porsche, they all look beautiful in any angles. Each car is one piece of art.

T D — Google review

Wow! What a museum. Sufficient car parking, amazing cars, wonderful history, being able to sit inside a few of there new pieces! It’s overall a great experience. If in Stuttgart I really recommend

Berke K — Google review

Fabulous museum. Really cool hands on exhibits and some amazing cars all barrier free. Two main floors and probably the worlds best small gift shop. Small cafe onsite too. Easily done in 1-2 hours and plenty of seating for those family members who need to sit down while you look. Parking directly underneath and get it validated for free. Highly recommended.

David B — Google review

Dream place for race car lovers and old Porsche heritage fanatics. For everyone else it's a little underwhelming and a bit average. The scale of the museum is also quite small and can be easily covered in an hour.

Arani D — Google review

Quite accessible by public transport right next to the train station.Overall quite underwhelming compared to to the Mercedes Benz Museum I visited earlier but this may be because of the smaller range of Porsche products and singular design.Can be covered in an hour but unless you are a Porsche enthusiast and if you have limited time you can skip this.

Tim K — Google review

Nice museum to visit especially if you’re into cars obviously. The building is very interesting architecturally as well.The collection exhibited is pretty complete.The museum itself as an infrastructure doesn’t seem prepared to receive so many people. There are only 2 toilets which really made a huge line of wait, the cafe was full, there were no seats, no one checked our tickets to go in the museum, felt like a lot of chaos and lack of organization for this flux of people !

Jessica K — Google review

I had a wonderful time! I think the museum has amazing cars and I love that the make sure to display the racing cars as well. It’s a good mix of history and modern cars. The staff was nice too.

Neha L — Google review

Great museum! It is really well planned so you get a good Porsche experience. If you have Deutschland ticket you get discount. They lend you a smart device to hear explanation throughout the museum (I recommend it, nice surprise at the end).Very easy to get there in Ubahn.You can have your picture in a Porsche taken and printed for free.There are some things for kids, for adults also a simulator and an augmented reality experience.A must when you visit Stuttgart!

Rebeca D — Google review

This museum was awesome!I loved every bit of it! ;DThe exhibition is spread over 3 open plan floors and explains the beginnings and complete history of the company, which is very interesting!I took the audio guide and had a listen to some of the narrated parts of the Porsche story.But my favourite part was taking pictures of the cool racing cars...there were so many I didn't know where to put my camera! :DThe interactive parts are fun also and keep the younger crowds happy, too. :)This place is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy motor racing and just cars in general! Easy 5 stars. ;)

Matthew A — Google review

Incredible museum. Highly recommended if you are in the area and into cars at all. Very interesting to see some of the history behind the brand.

Jason L — Google review

Attention Porschephiles! You MUST SEE this museum and the car/art they have within the walls. There are 1 of 1 examples, there are some of the finest race cars to see, there are examples from nearly EVERY model line (focus on the 911, of course) and there are some superb examples of the models that are known to makes us almost cringe to look upon. ALL of this done in a most efficient, guided semi-spiral walk-through exhibit that leads to and from both the cafe and gift shop at the entrance. I KNEW I was in for treat, but this surpassed my expectations when we got to sit and take photos in a brand new Shark Blue 911 Targa! Stunning piece of art, seriously. The hand-held audio device for exhibit interpretation is complimentary for day of use and you get to keep the Porsche lanyard as a free gift. Very well done, nods to the man himself, Ferry Porsche, and hats off to the crew who put this museum together. 10/10 Recommend! --J

James J — Google review

A fantastic afternoon at the Porsche museum! Lots of history to learn as well as seeing some beautiful cars! If you travel by train it’s half price entrance fee of 6€! Allow yourself 2-3 hours, so that you can hear the audio guide and read the information. You also get to sit on the green Porsche, if you haven’t been in one before!!

Elisa W — Google review

Great place for all automotive no matter the brand. Porsche is classic, technology, sport. A must visit in Stuttgart together with the Mercedes Museum. The ticket is 12€ already for an adult. There are discounts for groups. Available cafe, restaurant, souvenir shop, toilet, cloakroom. With a prior reservation, you can drive a Porsche model chosen by you. The price is according to the model, a driver's license is required, a credit card deposit of 2500€ and a reservation of at least a week in advance is required. Enjoy.

Plamen P — Google review

It is a place where you can get deep insides of the history about Porsche and more. The Museum is not as big as you might think from the outside, so in common you only spend like 2 hours in it, which can be, for some people that even come from other countries than Germany, quiet poor

Henri S — Google review

Discovered an amazing place recently! It's the Porsche Museum located in Stuttgart, just a 5-minute drive from me. 🏎️🚌🚍🚪Entrance fee is only 12 euros, but you'll get maximum enjoyment out of your visit. 💶Learn about the history of Porsche, see everything from the earliest models to the latest, and even browse the shop and grab a bite at the café. ☕️🍩🍸Plus, it's conveniently located near public transportation. 🚎🚎🚎#Porsche #Museum #Stuttgart

Sergiy M — Google review

I have visited 2 auto museums in Italy. But the best thing about the Porsche Museum is that it is worth the ticket price. I got a student ticket. For which they provided free lockers for bags, free audio guide, free photo while sitting in Porsche and at the end free keychain.Above that all the staff was very pleasant and helpful.The only thing I would want to change is the way most of the cars are kept in one straight lines. So technically you are looking at only one side of the car mostly and can't see from all sides or look inside.But the car collection is really good and the way stories about every car is available on the audio guide makes it desirable to look from all the sides. The architecture of the building and the statue outside of the building is superb.

Aditya M — Google review

It's a very interesting, gut organized museum vor the fast cars lovers. Very interesting information about the history of the Porsche business and the iconic Porsche models . You can even make a moment - picture with one if the cars, which is free. The stuff was friendly and helpful.

Linda S — Google review

War heute mit meinem Sohn im Porsche Museum. Die Ausstellung zeigt nicht zu viel, aber auch nicht zu wenig. Für uns war es die optimale Mischung.Besonders herauszuheben ist die sehr freundliche und sympathische Dame am Empfang bzw Ticketverkauf. Sogar als wir gegangen sind hatten wir mit ihr noch ein nettes Gespräch, leider habe ich mir den Namen nicht gemerkt, aber wir kommen auf jeden Fall wieder.(Translated by Google)Went to the Porsche Museum with my son today. The exhibition doesn't show too much, but not too little either. For us it was the optimal mix.Particularly noteworthy is the very friendly and personable lady at reception and ticket sales. Even after we left we had a nice conversation with her, unfortunately I didn't remember her name, but we'll definitely be back.

316 T — Google review


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Porscheplatz 1, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany

+49 711 91120911

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Zoos & Aquariums

Wilhelma is a large and expansive zoo that showcases over 1,200 animal species in botanical and zoological gardens. The lavish gardens are housed within the grounds of an historic castle in the Bad Cannstatt district of Stuttgart, Germany. The attraction is popular for its diverse collection of animals, as well as its tranquil atmosphere.

The zoo is great, it is zoo and botanical garden. There are lot of magnolia trees. There are a wide variety of animals, aquarium, terrarium. A lot of small playground areas for children, a lot of places to rest, also a good restaurant. The parking house is very big. Great for a whole day with the whole family.

Emilia K — Google review

A great place for families to educate children about animals. Plenty of open areas for people to walk around and enjoy the beautiful gardens. Some of the enclosures for the animals are much smaller than you will find in zoos around the world. While there is a great array of animals, the enclosures need to be bigger.

Trent D — Google review

A nice zoo and garden! A great day with the kids. Lots of walking but well worth the effort. The map was super helpful! The penguin feeding is at 1430 and sea lion approx 1515-1530

Dev P — Google review

Should be zoned and guided probably a major split I to 2 zones would be great - one for plants and one for animalsWhy not adding electric golf cars with drivers for those who wish to lease one - this will give plenty of awesomeness to visitors , and plenty of jobs as well for driversHowever the visit is enjoyable but spare a good walking shoes ; lot of water ; and a good three to four hours to benefit from this visit

GSN R — Google review

We went at 12 pm entry time still couldn’t cover amazon and insect house so its better to go early and to carry your food.I felt low as i couldn’t see water lilies but they have wide variety of animals its worth going

Theju H — Google review

A very well organized place where you can find all kinds of animals, plants, trees, birds, Amazon forest(replica 😉), varieties of flowers, gardens, penguins, a very huge aquarium and lot many.Prefer to go in the morning having a heavy breakfast so that your energy levels will be high, fresh and not too sunny.Ideal for any age group.

Gudiseva M — Google review

That's awesome! They have a wide variety of animal species, and we were able to see them up close. The area is spacious and not overcrowded. Moreover, they have really fun playgrounds for the kids. However, the food and drinks are priced like a restaurant.

Ana C — Google review

Enjoyed time observing a beautiful Gorilla whom was very curious.Their grounds are amazingly groomed and there is something to look at in every corner. The park is clean and the prices are so reasonable. Make the trip and don't forget to checkout all of the green houses and gardens

Laura M — Google review

The exhibits allow you to be very close to the animals. The insect and butterfly exhibit even allows you to sit in their environment. Very clean and well maintained facility. We bought tickets at the gate on a weekday. Easy access by local train.

P A — Google review

Unexpectedly this is a really good zoo. It has lot of species and has a great funfilled sea lion show.We spent a full day here and enjoyed very much. Although one must be prepared to do lot of uphill-downhill which makes you tired.We attended few feeding sessions and except for Penguin and Sea lion, rest were average.

Mayank C — Google review

One of the greatest Zoos in Germany! Wilhelma is quite big and therefore, you have a lot of walk and animals to see. 3+ hours would be sufficient for a normal person to finish the Zoo but this time would be longer for a family to discover whole zoo. There are cafes or small restaurants inside where you can stop by food or refreshments. One small tip: please avoid visiting in public holiday times as it gets seriously crowded and this might decrease your enjoyment level.

Engin G — Google review

Great for families and alone. From flowers and plants till insects...fishes and elephant's. A lot to see from our great planet in very special and traditional facilities in the mid of Stuttgarts center...very good price performance ratio especially discounted child prices.

BUMBLE B — Google review

A wonderful place to spend an entire day with family and friends. A lot of animals, very well taken care of, great gardens and numerous plants and trees. Highly recommend to be visited while in Stuttgart.

Andreea-Georgiana M — Google review

Great place for family visit. You can enjoy in amazing Botanical Garden, huge zoo within animals or having picnic in the beautiful garden. The entrance fee is 19 eur and you will need at least 4 to 5 hours to visit the whole place.

Milos J — Google review

Huge and fun zoo… they have lots of animals and different kinds of plants too… beautifully arranged and cute themed playground on every section…

Tantri M — Google review

Beautiful park and well organized zoo. I loved the atmosphere there. I hope some of the animals had a bigger area to roam around though, especially the fishes and the reptiles.

Bishwash P — Google review

Very nice and intensive place to go at. It is a huuuuge Zoo where you can spent easily three hours plus at (and even more with kids). Sometimes you may have waiting lines for certain areas, but this is rather seldom within the week. You have to opportunity to buy snacks, ice and drinks and (if you want) on the other end of the zoo is a restaurant. There are many places to sit and I would recommend to take a blanket with you to sit on the grass. I really liked it to be there, but to go without water or something to eat in between I wouldn't recommend. Nice zoo, good prices (two persons, kid and adult for roundabout 25 euros) and lots of stuff to see. Go for it! 😉

Danny R — Google review

A wonderful place! A great zoo with beautiful gardens. What my family loved most were the many aquariums (fresh and marine) which have a huge diversity of species. It's the best place on Stuttgart to spend a sunny day.

Alfredo F — Google review

Beautiful and definitely worth visiting! A wide range of exotic animals and plants. For the botanicals, March was definitely the best time to visit. Unfortunately, a small part was under renovation. We spent about four hours, which was plenty of time to see everything.

David W — Google review

I visited the end of January, so I didn't get to see it in full bloom, but it was still beautiful.I loved the botanical gardens and aquarium. There was a lot to see.It was easy to get to on the U-ban.

Trena K — Google review

We love coming to the Wilhelma Zoo! My kids love all the animals! We love the variety of the different restaurants that the zoo offers! We loved their Christmas light display! We always have a nice time when we come to the zoo!

Kujbus Z — Google review

The place is nice overal. Some of those animals had to little space. That part was sad. This was my last time to ever visit any Zoo. Plants were beautifull.

Dino L — Google review

It's a great zoo with a lot of animals and beautiful gardens. It was pleasure to visit it and recommend it.

Linda S — Google review

One of the best maintained zoo and botanical gardens with good facilities. Construction to increase animals is in progress.Penguin and sea lion feeding are a must visit event and filled with a lot of energy. A well planned and designed path makes it more accessible.A little more English, especially in the entrance and during feeding, would attract more international visitors.Overall, if you're in Stuttgart, it's the best place to spend some quality time.

Subramanya I — Google review

Very nice Zoo with plenty animals too see. For people with kids you need one entire day to see everything. 42€ is the price for the Family Ticket (2 Adults + Kids). After 16:00 29,50€ which is more than fair considering all the animals and places to see. There should be more places to buy food and drinks inside the Zoo Garden. Also, the staff selling the products is quite rude and there is only Water and Pepsi Cola available ... No Coca Cola, Fanta or something else... The price for the water is 3€ and the pepsi 3.50€. Additionally, it would be nice if there is some kind of a program where you can see the feeding or have some tour guide... Other than that it was really good. Hopefully there will be more sharks in the future like it is written on the brochure.

Nelis K — Google review

Nice place to visit wirh your children. Even we do not have we got so much fun. Botanic garden and zoo both of them are quite beautiful to visit. Food court is 3/5.

Bora S — Google review


(33326)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (78)


(2325)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (79)

13, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany

+49 711 54020


Mercedes-Benz Museum

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (80)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (81)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (82)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (83)

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Sights & Landmarks

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is a world-renowned museum dedicated to the history of Mercedes-Benz and the car industry. Inside, visitors can see some of the brand's most iconic vehicles from the past century, as well as models from more recent times. The museum is located in a sleek metallic building with a double helix design that allows for two parallel audio-guided tours.

What a great museum! We really enjoyed all the interactive parts of the museum and getting a walk through history viewed through the lens of the inventions and innovations with motorized vehicles. It was really fascinating and we spent more time than we planned. Plus the museum design was really neat! So glad we went!!

Spring C — Google review

Fantastic museum!! I was impressed and it was cheaper than I expected. There were expositions from each decade since 1900. They were really really beautiful most of the car designs. The building itself was also pretty and quite impressive. Even the loft was cool.

Claudia F — Google review

Absolutely stunning museum designed to hugely enhance the amazing displays of historic and current Mercedes-Benz cars. We spent over two hours there and, had it not been closing time, would have stayed a lot longer.We thought the price of €12 per adult was excellent value for money and, as well as truly appreciating the sublime architecture, we were massively impressed by the world history displayed in the panels down each of the curving walkways on each floor.And to the cars! An awesome display of high quality vehicles of all types with individual plaques to explain their significance. No-one could fail to be impressed by the range, quality and descriptions for each vehicle on display. From the first historic cars to the most current Formula 1 cars, the range is quite unbelievable.The toilet, accessibility and food facilities are all top class, as is the range of items to purchase in the shop. In all, a highly recommended experience which is too good to miss if you're in Stuttgart. Thank you!

Jackie G — Google review

One of the best automobile museums that I have been to (as an automotive enthusiast)! The museum was filled with not only detailed history about the car as a mode of transportation, but also world history so that one could understand the context of which the inventions or innovations were made in. Such a diverse collection of cars, iconic and legendary. 4 stars because I would have loved to see the latest cars from Mercedes-Benz. The newest ones in the museum were only concept cars from the past decade. Bit disappointed in this respect but all in all, worth the visit!

Azfar Z — Google review

Brilliant museum! I loved the mix of past and present. It truly was a journey through time. Sad I didn't get to see a mention of Bruno Sacco but still everything else was amazing!

Laert I — Google review

This place was awesome!Especially if you love cars and other transport vehicles.Each level starting at the top takes you through the history of the company and its transformation throughout the decades.It was very interesting and informative!I loved looking at all the vehicles on display and taking pictures of them...especially the racing cars at the end! :)It's easily a 2 hour plus visit, and worth doing if the weather is bad.Easy 5 stars.

Matthew A — Google review

The MERCEDES-BENZ MUSEUM was amazing! When you first arrive, you take the elevator to the top floor and walk down the spiralling path. It starts with the earliest vehicles and the vehicles get progressively newer the further down you go. The museum was well laid out with plenty of lighting. The parking garage on the backside of the museum made the visit painless and easy.

Justin O — Google review

Impressive museum! Sadly I got an audio guide with a low battery and it died in the middle of my visit. You get to keep the strap of the audio guide as a souvenir by the way.It takes around 2-3h to see everything depending on your speed. It starts with a chronological order since 1900. There is a lot of information for car enthusiasts and also for people who just want to learn more about the history of car making and the different inventions/technologies throughout the history.The design of the building itself is amazing. There are lockers and coat storage places. Toilets, which were remarkably clean, are available not only during the start/end of the museum but there is one in each level as far as I remember.At the end of the tour, some fun interactive activities are available which can also be suitable for kids, I think it was called science center or something similar. The gift shop had a very limited selection and was quite overpriced.

Ouissal B — Google review

This was my first visit to the Mercedes Museum and I have to admit that I was really positively surprised.The architecture is amazing and totally fitting to the themes that are shown.Each of the eight levels tells unique stories throughout the history of Mercedes Benz.It’s easy to navigate through the museum and just beautifully made.Worth a visit! Or another one.

Christian S — Google review

Great place to learn about the history of Daimler and Mercedes, and a bit of Mr. Porsche. You can see many of the original classic cars to rare prototypes. It’s nice to see big companies are helping to reduce environmental impacts.

Forte A — Google review

The MERCEDES-BENZ MUSEUM is amazing place with plenty of vehicles. When you first arrive, you take the elevator to the top floor and walk down the spiraling path. A well-presented and arranged museum that not only encompasses the history of Mercedes Benz but also the history of the automotive world of cars.There are many of beautiful cars, trucks,F1 cars, buses. Everything is explained really well and plenty of information about every vehicle. Few euros for a ticket is really worth. The tickets were well priced and included a free audio guide.Good restaurant to dine in after your walkabouts. ne can easily spend 4-5 hours and if you are a car enthusiast even more.The museum was well laid out with plenty of lighting. The parking garage on the backside of the museum made the visit painless and easy.

Vinod M — Google review

We've been there on Saturday afternoon, didn't felt crowded. Museum is HUGE! Amazing experience, would recommend it to everyone. The entry is low in comparison what you see. You can even enter in some vehicles. Employees were mostly all very friendly. We can recommend also restaurant in museum, very cosy environment, friendly staff and food was delicious. 🙌🏻

Daniela G — Google review

What an amazing museum by Mercedes Benz. It not only showcases their vast car collection but also displays world events that were taking place throughout the company’s history as well as the mechanical evolution and inventions. Beautiful architecture in a spiral display with several shops and restaurants. Definitely worth visiting.

J. O — Google review

The Museum is very nice. Starting at the top floor you work your way from the invention of the first engine, to the first motorized carridge to the first car and get a good historical view of transportation as we know it today. We enjoyed the exhibits that were much more than just looking at cars. The museum shows connections between world events and the car industry avoiding controversial issues.

Helena K — Google review

Not all museums are boring! ;)This is such a great place to visit if you are fond of cars, technology or history. It would take 3 to 4 hours to cover all the sections. The audio guide works seamlessly. The cars on display are maintained with utmost care and are very well organized.Overall it's a must visit place for any automotive enthusiast!

Hari B — Google review

Great to see the evolution of cars. Impressive collection of cars from the original to the latest high tech. It's also fun to learn MB makes all kinda of vehicles besides cars.Family tickets cost 24€ compare to Porsche musume gives you discount when you take public transportation (10€ for 2+2 family).

Ray — Google review

Superb experience! They have 8 floors in total, every floor has its own story (and year). bring back to the old history of cars until the future or up to now.👍Suggestion: heard they give discounted ticket if you enter in the afternoon, about 50% disc if im not mistaken.

Alvania S — Google review

My time at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart left me with mixed feelings. 🏎️💔 While there were positives, some aspects fell short of my expectations.The museum layout and historical insights into Mercedes-Benz vehicles were well done, and the reasonable entrance fee was a plus. However, the lack of significant changes over the past 5 and a half years was a bit disappointing. 🕰️🤔 I hoped for fresh additions to keep the experience captivating for returning visitors.A downside was the presence of unrelated political propaganda along the walking route between floors. 🚫🗳️ This seemed out of place and distracted from the museum's automotive focus.The souvenir shop at the end didn't live up to expectations due to high prices. 💰😕 It dampened the overall value after paying the entrance fee.I recommend avoiding the museum during summer holidays due to large crowds. 🌞🚶‍♂️ This can detract from the enjoyment of the visit.In conclusion, the Mercedes-Benz Museum has highlights, especially for car enthusiasts, but updates, pricing, and overall visitor experience could be enhanced. 🏁🚗

Mahdiyar N — Google review

A great place to visit when in Stuttgart. I have been there twice now and I am mesmerized each time. Their organized manner, way of storytelling is just amazing. We started at the very beginning of human civilization of using horses as a mode of transportation. From there, the discovery and use of motor vehicles, steam engines and fuel engines was just marvelous.A huge collection of collectibles and historical facts made the entire experience worthwhile. This was really a great experience for us.They also had a nice cafeteria and souvenir store along with a simulation centre.Tickets are subsidized for students, kids and senior citizens.

Piuli C — Google review

Very affordable entry. (Paid 3€ each for students.) The super welcoming staff speak multiple languages are very friendly and smiling at you when they see you. Museum was great with many exhibitions and cars as well as a unique layout different to other museums which made it more enjoyable to walk around as it gave you views of the cars you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Liam M — Google review

Absolutely loved it here. Organisation is excellent. Range of exhibits is vast - including cars, buses, racecars, etc. Wide range of German and works history also covered. Audio guide is super helpful. Took us about 3 hours to explore the entire museum. Cafe is expensive for what it is (€8 for two coca cola bottles). Public transport is good to here. We cycled from central Stuttgart no problem. But trains also available.One of the best places I've ever visited. Thank you.

John W — Google review

It is an awesome museum about the history and development of not just the company but also about the automobile industry. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Stuttgart even for a couple of days.Make sure to have around 2 hours to explore the detailed information provided in the exhibits.

Reetwik D — Google review

One of the best museum to see not only the development of cars but also the most significant events from around the world. The building is designed amazingly brilliant. Each floor is equipped with vehicles from decades and is connected to the next with a ramp that tells the story of important characters.

Behrooz M — Google review

Absolutely amazing day visiting the museum! There’s 7 floors full of amazing information and history on how the company started! There’s plenty of cars to peruse and links to the decades of development/design/performance. We are also motorsports fans, so seeing Lewis Hamilton’s car was brilliant!! Plenty of hands on activities for children too. Would recommend booking in advance, so you can go straight to collect your audio guide! There’s also lockers, so you don’t need to carry anything around?There’s a car showroom at the end which may inspire you to buy one for yourself!!

Elisa W — Google review

This is a very interesting museum.I highly recommend visiting it. First, audio guide is included in the ticket price, interesting story about Mercedes cars. Toilets are located on each floor, water fountain as well.And what I specifically appreciated - Very friendly and helpful staff 👌

Алина К — Google review

Definitely a must visit place if you love everything cars or even history. Took the guided tour, and was given a very in depth rich history of Mercedes-Benz. The models on display were simply stunning. It was amazing to know how the company started very humbly and progress into what it is today.

Tek O — Google review

One of the most captivating places I’ve visited in Germany! Breathtaking architecture and beautiful views from inside and outside is something that you will never forget. As an architect I had a dreamy experience in the building. Visiting this museum is a MUST even if you’re in Stuttgart for just a half day.

Kimia R — Google review

Worth visiting, not only for the amazing collection of Mercedes cars but also for the stunning architectural features of the building. Entry costs 16€, guided tour an extra 8. Lots of parking space available.

Ludo R — Google review

I was in Europe and this was one of the places to visit on my list. I visited all 3 famous car museums. The experience was nice. Would recommend this place to anyone

Tee W — Google review

A sanctuary of car history.Remember that Messrs Benz and Daimler were the first to design cars, and both obtained patents for different working designs in 1886. The Mercedes brand came later (around 1900) through a car enthusiast and racing driver who loved his daughter named Mercedes so much that he called everything he loved by her name, including his vehicle.This museum is a stroll through history. Half a day is barely enough. Plan ahead and Enjoy !

Andre B — Google review

Absolutely amazing museum. Spectacular building, The array of incredible cars and information was just brilliant. Learnt a lot about the history of Mercedes and gained lots of knowledge.Highly recommended.

Jason P — Google review

Very cool and bigger than expected museum. The interactive audio was spotty but very cool to hear some of the history. Lots of history in this museum of the vehicle, transport, and inventions that changed the world. Definitely a must see in Stuttgart.

Manolo D — Google review

Worth a visit, building itself have high impression, well oriented displays and walk way, can get audio guide in English or German, can taste the history of Mercedes-Benz and part of automotive history. Have clean rest room, lockers, coat hangers. Take time and ease in.

Myin C — Google review

I very much enjoyed my tour of the Mercedes-Benz museum. You take an elevator ride up to the top floor and begin with looking at some of the oldest cars and engines and walk your way down to today’s modern automobiles.As you journey through over 100 years of car history, you get to enjoy looking at all the cool cars, trucks, and other various automobiles Mercedes-Benz have manufactured.I recommend getting lunch in the cafe/trying out their restaurant in the basem*nt as well and making a day trip. It took me about 3 hours to get through everything and eat both breakfast and lunch here and I came by myself, so I’d say prepare at least 5 hours if you’re visiting with a group/your family.

Hoosieronthemove — Google review

Even for non car lovers, this place is still good to visit. What more for car enthusiasts.Having gone to 2 famous car museums in Stuttgart, here’s my take for Mercedes Benz, the exhibits are informative and I like how the museum flows with time and also with other world events. You will see why the entire Mercedes Benz or (Daimler) group is so important to the history of GermanyThe gift shops are well equipped with pretty nice souvenirs to get from.There are cafes and a restaurant.There are also locker rooms and coat rooms if you are bringing bigger bags you can store them and go for your tour.Went alone and spent about 2.5 hours or so in there. Staff are helpful and friendly.This museum is more family oriented and there are 7 levels of exhibits.I enjoyed myself especially knowing the history of Germany and the company. Ever wondered the names of Daimler, Benz, Mercedes and how are they related and why is it being used interchangeably? What does the logo stands for? You will get your answer here.

Quak S — Google review


(42770)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (86)


(8395)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (87)

Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

+49 711 1730000


Wertheim Village

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (88)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (89)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (90)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (91)

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Shopping mall


Wertheim Village is an outdoor shopping mall designed like a village, offering over 100 outlet stores from well-known brands. Conveniently located on the A3 motorway, it's just a 50-minute drive from Frankfurt and 60 minutes from Nuremberg, with ample free parking available. The area is easily accessible by train and bus as well. The village features various wheelchair-accessible boutiques, clean restrooms with facilities for parents, and open restaurants.

Great location and easy to reach through the Autobahn.Different brands are represented in Wertheim Village. And if you go for the special sales events, you’ll get great offers for your money.All boutiques are wheelchair accessible.The rest rooms are clean and well maintained.Including a place for the parents to change their little ones outfit.Wheelchair friendly.Restaurants are currently open.But due to the pandemic the “Shopping Express” shuttle isn’t available.Credit cards are welcomed.Unfortunately some boutiques don’t accept AMEX.The parking space is huge and they offer underground parking too.Unfortunately, no charging spots for electric vehicles.Tourist Information is open.As long your dog is on a leash they are generally welcomed.You can also borrow dog trolley’s at the Tourist Information.Overall highly recommended for a day trip with your family and your friends.I wish you all a happy day!

Salty S — Google review

Good designer outlet village, wide selection of shops and brands, space is clean and neatly arranged, well maintained.Unfortunatelly, there is lack of facilities for kids, small playground would be an advantage for bored kids, some toy shop will make kids a bit more willing to suffer endless walking with parents back and forth among those clothes shops.

Sergii P — Google review

Great outlet shopping experience. This outlet is a bit far away from the Frankfurt CBD area if you take a train and bus to get there. Luckily, I found and booked their shuttle bus to get there; it was so convincing. The only comment for their shuttle bus is that the return time is a bit early, at 3:25 PM. This is a beautiful countryside outlet, with a nice view, and many famous shops with great discounts. Their Italian restaurant is quite good. But their waffle shop at the corner is a nightmare; it is cold and not good. And during the trip with the shuttle bus, you can also see a fantastic view.

Eason L — Google review

Nice, tidy, safe. Nice place for shopping. Just enter a shop, show your corona proof of vaccination + id and you'll get a bracelet that will open you the doors of 90% of the shops. The other 10 will still ask to check the proof and Id. Easy access, free parking (outside and underground).

Charles M — Google review

I recently visited the Wertheim Village outlet mall and was disappointed with my shopping experience. While the mall offers a decent selection of brands, I found that the prices were not as much of a bargain as I had expected. In comparison to other outlet malls, such as Metzingen, the discounts were not as significant, and I felt like I wasn't getting the best value for my money.Another issue that I encountered was the limited range of brands available at the mall. While there were some well-known brands, I was disappointed to find that there were fewer options than I had expected. This made it difficult to find what I was looking for, and I left feeling like the selection was somewhat underwhelming.Overall, while the Wertheim Village outlet mall has its merits, I would not recommend it as strongly as other outlet malls in the area. While there are some good deals to be found, the prices are not as low as other outlets, and the range of brands available is somewhat limited. If you're looking for a true outlet bargain, you may want to consider visiting other outlet malls in the area instead.

Rizwan S — Google review

Nice shops.Driving one hour from Frankfurt.You can enjoy the views while driving.Many restaurants around this beautiful area

Ali A — Google review

Big variety of shops and many Bargain dealsGo thirst to information and get the coupons book it will save you lot of moneyYou can promise your husband that he will found lot of coffee shop to spend his time

אביאל A — Google review

Nice shopping. Most of the outlet accept our Vaccination cert from Singapore. The staff from UnderArmor even provide us with a hand tag after verifying our Vac Status. However we got bad bad experience from Karl Lagerfeld (Female outlet) the staff Shoo us away even with the vac cert, passport and hand tag. How the hell do we end in Germany if we are not vaccinated!! Even all outlet we went we do not being treated in such manner. Visited 15 Dec 2021 @ 1840hrs

Imran A — Google review

I simply like 👍Cozy open space and good pricesCheaper than market 30-50%Highly RecommendedGot all the high end brands

Amer A — Google review

Excellent shopping place, all top brands available in Wertheim Village. As its brands factory outlets, didnt found really wow prices. But miner difference in comparison with actual outlet prices.

Umair J — Google review

The most beautiful place to must visit near by Frankfurt😍You can get ultimate offers and products in a heavenly environment. They have arranged every shop very evenly. The lighting is amazing. But I think it's better to go with our own vehicle. You really get good deals and good food. You will enjoy the time 😇

Pruthvi K — Google review

Really great shopping with deep discounts. The discount plus tax return equivalent to almost 40% less than normal retail price. Definitely worth checking out.

P L — Google review

Good outlet, good brands , beautiful at Christmas time but... no shoes here . To buy shoes better to go to other place

I M — Google review

Whimsical themed outlet with a nice variety of shops for most bargain hunters. Our personal favorite was the fun and colorful Lindt chocolate shop! We also found deep discounts at the Zwilling JA Henckels shop. Most discounts ranged from 30-60%.Nearby is a wonderful Italian restaurant, L’Osteria.Plenty of convenient parking, short drive from Frankfurt and the discounts make the visit worthwhile.

Pauline B — Google review

Excellent place for shopping..very well maintained ! One can find almost all good brands with really good deals (Blackfriday week is must visit) !Limited access to public transport..Limited Snacking options !

Omkar L — Google review

Great place for shopping with nice discounts, especially if you catch “happy hour” at the store.

Predrag R — Google review

Place lots of magazines, like a shopping mall. Perfect to go Black Friday, good offers. You can eat and drink. Beautiful in Christmas.

Diego O — Google review

Today, Bavaria Travel Group guests from Taiwan were pleased to visit this outlet Wertheim Village. And as always - a huge selection, world brands and stunningly low prices. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I just don't want to leave here! But we need to take guests .... Next time - back to you!Best regards from Bavaria Travel Group!

Bavaria G — Google review

Very big shopping outlet. Lots of parking space, and pretty much every shop. Good food options around the place. Nice fairytale theme

Noah P — Google review


(17265)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (92)


(559)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (93)

Almosenberg, 97877 Wertheim, Germany

+49 9342 9199100


Old Main Bridge

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (94)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (95)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (96)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (97)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks


The city's oldest stone bridge, known as the Alte Mainbrucke or Old Main Bridge, is reserved for pedestrians and showcases statues of saints and other notable icons. Constructed between 1473 and 1543 to replace a Romanesque bridge from 1133, this historic structure was embellished with twelve statues measuring 4.5 meters in two phases starting in 1730.

Scenic, old architecture, beautiful and relaxing. Don’t forget to buy a glass of wine from the shops at the end of the bridge. This is the heart of Würzburg. Always bustling with lots of people around, standing with a glass of wine and admiring the beauty of the city with fortress and riverfront on one side and the beautiful vineyards on the other side. A historical cobblestone bridge which looks a lot like the replica of the famous Charles bridge in Prague, with the statutes dating from 18th century standing on both the sides. It is a recommended place to watch the sunsets as you can observe the sky changing the shades across the vineyards.

Animesh K — Google review

A very busy, touristy bridge. If you've been around Europe a little, you've probably seen this before with fewer crowds. It's in the city center and the nicest way across the river, but I wouldn't view it as an urgent attraction by itself.

Damon F — Google review

Naja, was soll man sagen. Die Brücke ist bei gutem Wetter total überfüllt, und jeder zweite hat einen Lautsprecher dabei, aus dem volle Pulle irgendeine Musik dröhnt. Wenn man sich einen Schoppen Wein kaufen möchte, muss man vorher mindestens 20 Minuten anstehen. Ist also nur semi toll.(Translated by Google)Well, what can you say. When the weather is good, the bridge is completely overcrowded, and every second person has a loudspeaker blasting some kind of music at full blast. If you want to buy a glass of wine, you have to wait in line for at least 20 minutes beforehand. So it's only semi-great.

Michael B — Google review

Beautiful Alte Mainbrücke :) with statues of saints and historical figures reminds me of good old days💯💫 Absolutely must see for those who want to experience a Baroque city spirit and an amazing landskape of Würzburg city💚

Katerina V — Google review

i recommend to go there as early as possible! if you go there a bit late is pack of so much people. side of the bridge theres a wine restaurant. You can bus some glass of wine and stay at the side of the bridge while drinking. Bridge was beautiful and the view to the Fortress castle you can see through.

Maita K — Google review

Old small town but great bridge with nice viewThis place is where people should go and relax. Restaurants nearby offer the visitors to drink a glass of wine or beer in the bridge itself.Ice place to take plenty of photos and spend your time especially weekend.

Sleman S — Google review

Old city old small but stunning bridge. This place is where people should go and relax. Restaurants nearby offer the visitors to drink a glass of wine or beer in the bridge itself. I’ve never seen this before! Such a great day😌

Mercy M — Google review

Amazing views off the Old Main Bridge that allow you to see both sides of the river, but also a straight view down Alte Mainbrucke (both the town hall and church). Highly recommend coming here both during the day and evening, as you can simply stroll and enjoy with some wine.

Mat B — Google review

Würzburg is natuurlijk een heerlijke stad om in te dwalen. Prachtige oude panden, een schitterende oude brug waar je een wijntje kan drinken en natuurlijk de prachtige oevers langs de rivier de Main.----DWürzburg ist natürlich eine wunderbare Stadt zum Bummeln. Wunderschöne alte Gebäude, eine wunderschöne alte Brücke, auf der man ein Glas Wein trinken kann und natürlich die schönen Ufer entlang des Mains.----Eng.Würzburg is of course a wonderful city to stroll around. Beautiful old buildings, a beautiful old bridge where you can drink a glass of wine and of course the beautiful banks along the Main.(Translated by Google)Würzburg is naturally a military town in the world. Magnificent oude panden, a shimmering oude bridge was ever a great place to drink in the natural surroundings of the splendid oevers along the Main River.----DWürzburg is of course a wonderful city to stroll around. Beautiful old buildings, a beautiful old bridge where you can drink a glass of wine and of course the beautiful banks along the Main.----Closely.Würzburg is of course a wonderful city to stroll around. Beautiful old buildings, a beautiful old bridge where you can drink a glass of wine and of course the beautiful banks along the Main.

Prullebak M — Google review

It's an old historical bridge. I found some similarities with Prague Charles Bridge. I have spent some nice evenings there.

Meshu N — Google review

The most favorite place to sip a glass of wine, watching cruise ships going through the lock on the Main river and having a beautiful view onto the castle and old town. This the best place to relax in Würzburg.

Torsten F — Google review

There is plenty to interest and divert in Würzburg. Museums, bars, restaurants and beautiful streets bound.What makes the Main Bridge worth your time? Well, there is the draw of drinking a glass of fine wine with a view of the vineyards that produced it. There is the chance to see just how impressive the River Main is. Wide, fast flowing, wild and exciting. There is a romantic aspect, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable even if you just want to walk and enjoy the views. Oh, and it is free.We didn't drink, but we did stop to enjoy the view. It is busy but if you are in the city you must stop by.

Simon E — Google review

Leaving Wurzburg today but got to walk for couple of hours from the Fortress through some residential, cute hillside walk paths, and across the "Old Stone Bridge" into city centre.The iconic stone bridge is home to many statues and the famous "wine house", standing room only, able to enjoy some wine while watching the Danube River rush by ...

Dan G — Google review

One of Würzburg ’s most iconic landmarks. Best time to be here, from my experience, its crack of dawn or dusk to catch the sunset. Early Sundays AM are also a good bet for great photo ops minus the crowds. Late afternoon, it gets super festive and busy when the bars are open and enjoy the “Brückenschoppen”🍷🍷

Angelina C — Google review

Die älteste Brücke in Würzburg. Zum Glück auch nicht mehr für den Autoverkehr freigegeben. An den Wochenenden ist es hier besonders gut besucht. Berühmt ist hier das Weintrinken " Brückenshoppen" genannt. Keine Sitzmöglichkeiten und auch keine Toiletten.(Translated by Google)The oldest bridge in Würzburg. Fortunately, it is no longer open to car traffic. It is particularly busy here on the weekends. Drinking wine here is known as “bridge shopping”. No seating and no toilets either.

Marcus D — Google review

Main Bridge at Wurzburg is a lively place, particularly during evenings. It almost feels like entire Wurzburg reaches there to spend some good time 😊 With the pleasant surroundings, clean air and nice food/drinks, people can be seen having a great time. The architecture of castle in the backdrop, adds to the beauty and charm of the place. If you like ice cream, there is a wonderful place nearby. 😊Awesome!!!!

Aamir N — Google review

Von der Alten Mainbrücke ist die wohl älteste Brücke in Würzburg. Der Bau der Brücke begann 1476 und dauerte sage und schreibe bis 1703. Zwölf Statuen stehen entlang der Brückenbrüstung. Bis 1886 war sie der einzige Flussübergang in Würzburg. über den Main führt. Hier haten wir ein tolle Aussicht auf due Festung Marienberg. Jetzt ist es ein Intreff mit Weinverkauf. Am Samstag, bei schönem Wetter, war die Brücke voll von "Genießern".(Translated by Google)The Old Main Bridge is probably the oldest bridge in Würzburg. Construction of the bridge began in 1476 and lasted until 1703. Twelve statues stand along the bridge parapet. Until 1886 it was the only river crossing in Würzburg. leads over the Main. Here we had a great view of the Marienberg Fortress. Now it is an Intreff with wine sales. On Saturday, when the weather was nice, the bridge was full of “connoisseurs”.

Olaf P — Google review

The beautiful old bridge over the Main river in Wurzburg. The views on the castle hill and the historical old town are incredible.

E K — Google review

beautiful bridge. Everyone is seen drinking a glass of wine. and you can see through binoculars for a €2 coin. nothing else to do. There is a place to walk down from the bridge. a little noisy.

Enkhl E — Google review

The Mainbrücke in Würzburg offers great views of the Main River, as well as on the old town and the palace. The bridge's iconic statues and its old stones, as well as the fact that it is a completely pedestrian axis, make it a must-see attraction for visitors exploring this picturesque german city.

A G — Google review

Sehr schöne Brücke mit einem wundervollen Blick über Würzburg.Ich empfehle einen Brückenschoppen zu trinken. Habe ich so bisher noch nirgends finden können.(Translated by Google)Very beautiful bridge with a wonderful view over Würzburg.I recommend drinking a bridge beer. I haven't been able to find it anywhere yet.

Oliver P — Google review

One of the main touristic highlights in the city, particularly popular because of the astonishing view on the river and the fortress on the hill. Very atmospheric tradition is to take a glass of local rose wine or aperol and drink it on the bridge directly over the river. But be ready to meet a 100m queue before the wine shop on holidays. My recommendation is to visit this place in the late Spring or early Summer.

Dmytro P — Google review

Pflichtprogramm in Würzburg "einmal Wein trinken auf der alten Mainbrücke". Von hier hat man eine tolle Aussicht auf die Marienburg und die Weinberge.Am Wochenende und bei schönem Wetter muss man auf jeden Fall mit VIELEN Menschen rechnen und auch mit Junggesell*inn*enabschieden und feiernden Gruppen etc. Obwohl es letztes Wochenende SEHR voll war, bekam man gut ein Plätzchen zum stehen an der Brückenmauer und die Stimmung war super.(Translated by Google)Mandatory program in Würzburg “drink wine on the old Main bridge”. From here you have a great view of Marienburg and the vineyards.On the weekend and when the weather is nice, you definitely have to expect a LOT of people and also stag parties and partying groups etc. Although it was VERY full last weekend, you got a good spot to stand on the bridge wall and the atmosphere was good Excellent.

Melanie B — Google review

Fantastic place in the evening, everyone comes onto the bridge to wine and dine, often on the weekends musicians play. An experience not to be missed on a hot sunny evening.There was no rowdiness or drunken behavior, went there on a Tuesday evening in July, the bridge and riverside was bustling with people having a fun peaceful evening.

Mark — Google review

Sehr schöner Platz um einen Wein zu trinken. Das Ambiente ist sehr schön und an den zwei Buden gibt es eine sehr gute Wein Auswahl. Wenn man Wein mag sehr zu empfehlen. Natürlich am besten bei gutem Wetter. Es wird aber schnell voll.(Translated by Google)Very nice place to drink a wine. The ambience is very nice and there is a very good selection of wine at the two stalls. Highly recommended if you like wine. Of course, best when the weather is good. But it gets full quickly.

Holger H — Google review


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Alte Mainbrücke, 97070 Würzburg, Germany

+49 931 370


Würzburg Residence

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Sights & Landmarks

Located in the heart of the vineyards in Wurzburg, Germany, is a grand 18th-century palace known as Würzburg Residence. This lavish castle offers guided tours showcasing its exquisite frescos and paintings. It also boasts formal gardens that add to its charm and beauty. The Residenz palace is a significant architectural landmark, representing various European styles brought together under one roof.

I've visited the Residenz many times over the years and it's always an amazing experience. I love walking in the gardens, climbing the terraces and enjoying the view of the palace. This time I went inside again after several years and it was a very pleasant surprise to see how the presentation has changed. The large prints of black and white photos showing the destruction after 16 March 1945 add an impressive layer to the historic rooms.

Kerstin B — Google review

One of my favorite castle in Germany. It’s a really beautiful place and there’s so much to see. The rooms are very beautiful and some impressive. However, the staff was quite unfriendly and even a bit rude. They also do not allowed photos inside but I saw a lot of people doing it and the staff ignored them so I did the same. I also want to mention that they have beautiful blossom in their garden during spring. It was magical!

Melanie M — Google review

It is very beautiful residence in Würzburg. We can not take a picture for inside of residence. However there are many amazing displays. Especially I would like to recommend to see a painting on the ceiling. It is most beautiful around the Germany.The garden is also beautiful and you can visit freely and take a picture.

Akira R — Google review

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside - you definitely don't want to miss it!The incredulous wall and ceiling paintings, the breath taking mirror room and the amounts of silver and gold throughout are just one part of it, there's lots more.Saying that, I usually don't like castles too much, but this one.... Boy-oh-boy

Sandra R — Google review

Beautiful place inside and out. Visit the gardens. Been many times as a child and it’s still the same. Worth a visit. You can park and walk around the town but you do have to pay for parking.

Jackie D — Google review

What a beautiful place! Well done tour and reconstruction after it was destroyed in March 1945. We found the exhibit about the bombing and Monument Men helpful and well done. The room is all of the painted mirrors was my favorite.It was great to be able to park in front of the museum. Würsburg was one of our favorite stops on our ten day visit.

Teresa B — Google review

Nice Residence, internal visit is also interesting. It costs €9,00 per person. I recommend it. But unfortunately you cannot take photos of the interior. All the signs and boards with the history of every part of the place are in German and also English.

Leandro C — Google review

Strongly recommended if you are in Würzburg. A beautiful piece of architecture with an amazing interior and an absolutely beautiful garden. The only drawback is that you cannot take the pictures of the palace from the inside. A very well maintained garden area with many varieties of flowers and a fountain in the backyard. The entry to the garden is free and you can see the palace from inside with an entry fee of 9€ per person. Garden has several vantage points of clicking nice pictures.

Animesh K — Google review

Beautiful place to visit if you stop by in Würzburg. With the entrance ticket you will get a free tour within the residence. It start every 20min and will take round about 20minutes. The offering the tour in German and English Language. Backpacks are not allowed in the building but you have plenty of lockers there were you can put you luggage. You need a 1 € coin.

Jan P — Google review

What an amazing palace! We enjoyed seeing the lavishly decorated rooms, each one so different. The gardens were also beautiful. Don't miss seeing the chapel. There are some stairs involved to see all the rooms.

Lezlie B — Google review

Best viewed with a guide...Stunning Frescos on the ceilings, amazing Baroque design. Do not miss the 'oh my god' room (such is it's stunning decor) lastly you must visit the Chapel which is so beautiful. Look for the all seeing eye!

Paul H — Google review

On the 10th day of our Viking Grand European Tour, we stopped at this grand location. This is part of tour package so we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee. The Residence is grand on the outside as well as on the inside. It’s just a little bit disappointing not to be able to take pictures inside but to see it with my own eyes is great. Upon completing the inside tour, you can also visit the courtyard garden and enjoy the flowers, shrubs and trees that complement the grandeur of this tourist attraction. By the way, the place is also wheelchair accessible via an elevator if you want to go to the main attraction inside the building.

Roger V — Google review

Beautiful residence/castle, gigantic, with impressive architecture. I recommend the English too which costs only 9€.

George C — Google review

Actually it’s really beautiful place. Highly recommend to buy a ticket and visit inside the residence.

Anuradha S — Google review

Wow wow wow! We went to a lot of palaces and castles in Germany and Austria and I think this one is the most spectacular. It should be more well known! Dedicate a solid hour or two to the palace plus gardens.

Darcy G — Google review

Definitely worth doing the tour in English as the guide was both informative and amusing. The entire palace is quite extraordinary, particularly since it was reconstructed following the British Obliteration in the Second World War (May will be forgiven please).The attention to detail in the restoration is worthy of particular comment, no one would know that these are not the original plaster, stucco or frescoes.

Bob C — Google review

Really amazing experience to walk through all the rooms. Everything is so grand and ornate. Very interesting. Surrounding grounds and garden is also pretty amazing.

Johnny G — Google review

one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. You will never regret paying only 9 euros for it. It is one of the must-see places if you are in Würzburg. It took me 3 hours just to soak up the interior. Very amazing sculpture, building, color meaning, everything is amazing. And the park next to it was also clean and comfortable, of course you can enter it for free. And don't forget one thing. You have to leave your bag and put 1€ in the locker to keep it and get it back when you're done. I had a 50 cent coin and it wouldn't work. A perfect place to take a perfect picture, just like a painting.

Enkhl E — Google review

Pleasantly surprised 😲 by the visit to this palace, baroque art in all its splendor.Entrance at €9 euros per adult, it's worth it. We spend a good hour there admiring all the rooms.It's not cold there 🥶, the rooms are heated. On the ground floor you will find toilets 🚽 located next to the storage room, after the checkout room.A lift is available for 🦽 disabled people.Selfie stick 🤳 are prohibited!

B.D — Google review

An absolutely amazing space from the moment you pull up to the front. Inside and out it is an almost overwhelming feast for the eyes. Thorough tour and then time to wander inside and out. Well worth the time.

Justin S — Google review

The decor is amazing with all the details in the ceilings, wall paints & furniture. There are different decoration styles and colours which makes the rooms more interesting.I didn’t take a guided tour and was not sure if the option was available but I guess so.

Carla S — Google review

I took a train from Frankfurt to Wurzburg, just to visit here. The palace has breathtaking views from every room. I felt goosebump and feel some unknown energy every I go. I feel I am not the only one person in the room.

Suppasa A — Google review

magnificent baroque imperial building dated to the 18th century. many sculptures and paintings on the ceiling with over 40 rooms to visit. divided between a garden hall on the ground floor and two round visits in the first floor. what is impressive the detailed reconstructed works after the war damage. even Napoleon spend a night here in 1812. the most beautiful room is the mirror room. entrance 9€ with a gift shop and locker rooms, language is english/german.

David A — Google review

Beautiful palace with self guided tour. Seeing the Allegory of the Continents shouldn't missed. Take time to fully walk the gardens for great views of the Residence and city scapes.

Michael J — Google review

Absolutely amazing building. The stairway, the white room, the imperial hall, the mirror cabinet - all extraordinary examples of the skills of the craftspeople. We didn't get to see the gardens other than through the windows but they also looked beautiful. Allow plenty of time to take it all in. Our circ*mstances didn't allow us to do that unfortunately.

Anna K — Google review

We did a day trip from Munich to Würzburg and the palace is breathtaking. The work on the walls and the lighting and decor was mesmerizing. The fact that Napoleon spent a night at this very palace is special.You can get a tour of the palace in English and the entry ticket costs €9/ per person and if you are w astudent you pay one euro less. The palace gardens are stunning.Must visit if you are in Munich for a while

Radha R — Google review

Well worth a visit. Garden is free and you can park in the square outside

Stephen R — Google review


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Residenzpl. 2, 97070 Würzburg, Germany

+49 931 355170

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Historic Sites

The Spitalturm, also known as the Hospital Tower, is the newest and tallest structure among the city fortifications of Rothenburg. Built between 1360 and 1380, it bears the inscription "Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus" which means "Peace to those who enter, greet those who leave.

Perfect spot to get some of the initial views of Rothenburg; there's some stairs near the tower to get on top of the platform, and provide a lookout of the city from the southern end.

Mat B — Google review

(Translated by Google) A beautiful tower above the entrance to the city. The youngest of the twenty few surrounding the city.(Original)Piękna wieża ,nad wjazdem do miasta.Najmłodsza z dwudziestu kilku otaczających miasto.

Wladyslaw G — Google review

It was a very beautiful experienceRothenburg ob der tauber is a city from the Middle Ages with protective walls around the city and tall and beautiful ramparts that have remained intact for hundreds of yearsI recommend you to visit this beautiful city, don't miss that

Golabatoun T — Google review

(Translated by Google) If you want to know more, continue reading: "Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus" - "Peace to those who enter, I greet those who leave", with this inscription its visitors are welcomed. It is the newest and tallest structure of the Rothenburg city fortifications, the Spitaltor. The hospital tower is part of the southern fortification and was built until 1360 and 1380. The old Hospital of the Holy Spirit was included in the fortification at the request of the population. The city wall had to be expanded and thus the gate and the name arose. Next to the door is the original sentry box.If you liked it, please give it a like, thanks.(Original)Si quieres conocer algo más, continua con la lectura:"Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus" - "Paz a los que entran, saludo a los que salen", con esta inscripción se da la bienvenida a sus visitantes. Es la estructura más nueva y alta de las fortificaciones de la ciudad de Rothenburg, el Spitaltor, La torre del hospital forma parte de la fortificación sur y fue construida hasta 1360 y1380. El antiguo Hospital del Espíritu Santo se incluyó en la fortificación a petición de la población. Hubo que ampliar la muralla de la ciudad y así surgió la puerta y el nombre. Junto a la puerta se encuentra la garita original.Si te gustado, Por favor, Dale un Like, Gracias.

Cl?sico — Google review

The walk around the town walls is great to do around sunset, it wasn't very busy whilst we walked the walls and gave great views of the Rothenberg rooftops. Whilst walking the walls look out for names on stones that are set into the walls, these are the names of people from around the world that have brought a section of the wall to help fund the restoration and upkeep of the town. Walking the walls is free to do so well worth a visit!

Matthew F — Google review

Continue along this wall to see the blacksmith's house. One of the more interesting houses along the walls.

Jeremy L — Google review

Top Location

Rico B — Google review

Beautiful Place

粒粒玲子Lovelovelings — Google review

(Translated by Google) These towers are an eye-catcher for the city fortifications and unfortunately they are not accessible (it doesn't matter, the entire city wall is and an experience!!!). When the infirmary was incorporated into the city wall in 1370, a gate was to be built here to serve as the new southern entrance to Rothenburg. The defense of the gate was greatly improved in 1586 when this tall gate tower and eight-shaped bastion were added (the tower is visible from afar and is one of the reasons for the city's uniqueness). The bastion has 2 courtyards, has 7 gates, an upper passage and is surrounded by a dry moat into which you can walk. We could spend a good hour wandering the figure eight just admiring the exposed beams and covered bridge. The Latin inscription above the gate says: “Peace to those who enter; Farewell to those who leave.”(Original)Diese Türme sind ein Hingucker für die Stadtbefestigungen und dieser leider nicht zugänglich (macht nix, die gesamte Stadtmauer ist es und ein Erlebnis!!!). Als die Krankenstation 1370 durch die Stadtmauer eingegliedert wurde, sollte hier ein Tor gebaut werden, das als neuer südlicher Eingang nach Rothenburg dienen sollte. Die Verteidigung des Tores wurde 1586 stark verbessert, als dieser hohe Torturm und die Bastei in Form einer Acht angebaut wurden (der Turm ist von Weit sichtbar und einer der Gründe für die Einzigartigkeit der Stadt). Die Bastion hat 2 Innenhöfe, hat 7 Tore, einen oberen Gang und ist von einem trockenen Graben umgeben, in den man gehen kann. Wir könnten eine gute Stunde damit verbringen, durch die Acht zu wandern und nur die freiliegenden Balken und die überdachte Brücke zu bewundern. Die lateinische Inschrift über dem Tor sagt: „Friede denen, die eintreten; Lebe wohl von denen, die gehen.“

Jens-Christopher V — Google review

(Translated by Google) Freely accessible. You can walk all the way around. Also about the old city walls.(Original)Vrij toegankelijk. Je kan helemaal rond lopen. Ook over de oude stadsmuren.

Mark G — Google review


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91541, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


Old Town Devils Dinkelsbühl e.V.

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Dance club

Sights & Landmarks

Historic Walking Areas

Old Town Devils Dinkelsbühl e.V. is located in the charming town of Dinkelsbuhl, which is part of the Romantic Road in Germany. This historic old town offers a picturesque setting that aligns perfectly with the overall ambiance of the Romantic Road. Renowned for its stunning architecture and well-preserved historic sites, Dinkelsbuhl has been recognized by Focus magazine as having one of the most beautiful old towns in Germany.

Alessandro C — Google review

(Translated by Google) In general, an interesting place that needs a few more exhibits and to be cleaner!(Original)Σε γενικές γραμμές ένας ενδιαφέρον χώρος που όμως χρειάζεται λίγα περισσότερα εκθέματα και να είναι πιο καθαρό!

Sotiroula T — Google review

Ingrid J — Google review


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Ulmer Weg 1, 91550 Dinkelsbühl, Germany


Bamberg Cathedral

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Catholic cathedral

Sights & Landmarks

The Bamberg Cathedral is a beautiful and historic Catholic cathedral located in Bamberg, Germany. Over the centuries, it has been the seat of the Archbishops of Bamberg and contains many artistic treasures, most notably the slender equestrian statue of the Bamberger Reiter (Bamberg Horseman), whose true identity remains a mystery. The cathedral is also associated with King Heinrich II, who became Emperor later in life.

A beautiful church with an extremely calming experience when you sit inside. Recommend lighting candles and looking at the beautiful decorations when here.

Raoul C — Google review

The cathedral of Bamberg is definitely one of the greatest buildings in the city. By the time we arrived there it was already closed, but we could appreciate the external architecture nonetheless; next to the cathedral there’s also a garden which is worth the visit.

Flavio P — Google review

The Bamberg Cathedral, completed in the 13th century, holds significant historical and cultural importance, earning its place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Town of Bamberg" since 1993. Officially known as Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George, it is also referred to as the Kaiserdom or Imperial Cathedral. This cathedral houses the only papal grave in Germany after the destruction of Pope Benedict V's tomb in Hamburg in the early 19th century. Emperor Heinrich II and his wife Kunigunde are interred in a sepulcher near the entrance, while Pope Clement II is also buried here.Visitors, like those depicted in the reviews, appreciate the cathedral's stunning architecture, intricate paintings, and notable historical figures entombed within. Despite its grandeur, some find the interior slightly underwhelming compared to other cathedrals in Germany, particularly in terms of design aesthetics. While access to certain areas like the cathedra, papal tomb, and frescoes may be restricted, guided tours are available, offering insights into the cathedral's rich history. Entry is free, making it a must-visit attraction in Bamberg.

Joel J — Google review

It is hard to find words to express the beauty of this place. Put aside 2 hours to travel slow through the cathedral area.

Angie B — Google review

History said that it was built and founded by Henry II in the year 1004 and it was declared sacred in 1012. It burnt down twice that it took a long time to rebuild.A magnificent and majestic cathedral I've ever seen in Bamberg that composes of 4 big towers that surround and a solemn place inside though a presence tourists can be seen.It has a very rich history and famous cathedral in Germany.A lot of statues inside and outside of the cathedral.Lots of sculptures, carvings and styles (Romaneque and Gothic) are impressive and superb.There are lots of altars and organs (1415, 1868 and 1976) that mostly built against the north wall.We can find here the only place in Germany where the grave of Pope Clement II is buried.The tombs of Henry II and his wife - Empress Cunigunde are buried here too.A worthy place to visit and there was no entrance fee when I visited this cathedral.Observed dress code when visiting this place.According to the information, its official name is Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George. It is also called the Kaiserdom (“Imperial Cathedral”).

John T — Google review

What a historic building right at the center of Bamberg and close to the old rathaus. The cathedral portrays Catholic over a millennium aga and the richness it offers through history of Church for the people of Bamberg.Monuments are nicely spaced out as the hall is large (with ongoing constructions of the podium).There's underground sitting place unfortunately locked and out of access to visitors as of yesterday. However you'll still find enough to go round and appreciate the beauty of it's architecture or see God in the splendor of how the people of Bamberg largely perceived as Catholics.Sure during mass one find another atmosphere to observe institution of church at service to it's members. However as visitor it's already enough to enjoy sightseeing. Nearby you'll find various attractions and city life, rose flower garden, eateries and museums. There's nothing to miss visiting this cathederal.

Samuel S — Google review

A marvelous medieval church with a really long history dating back to 11th century, its construction was only finished by 13th century. It is amazing to see a mixture of both Romanesque and gothic styles within the same cathedral. The four imposing church towers is a sight to admire from a distance. It has many interesting relics and an underground chapel, which makes it unique from other churches I have visited.It is a burial tomb of Henry II and Pope Clement II, which makes it the only church to have a Papal grave in Germany. Located on a small hill top, can be reached through a small walk from the old town.

Animesh K — Google review

Bamberg Cathedral completed in the 13th century. Since 1993, the cathedral has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Town of Bamberg". Its official name is Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George. It is also called the Kaiserdom (“Imperial Cathedral”). With the destruction of the tomb of Pope Benedict V at Hamburg at the beginning of the 19th century, this became the only papal grave in Germany. Emperor Heinrich II and his wife Kunigunde are buried in a sepulcher near the entrance. Pope Clement II is also buried here.

* B — Google review

Beautiful place, very nice detailed architecture, interesting paintings and there’s actually a pope inside!! It’s in a pretty touristy historical area, totally recommended if you’re around.

‫الحَلاج ” — Google review

Bamberg Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit in Bamberg. Upon entering, I recommend purchasing the affordable bi-fold guide for €1. It provides valuable information about the cathedral and its highlight, the iconic Bamberg Horseman—a magnificent equestrian statue. With the guide in hand, you'll gain deeper insights and a more meaningful experience as you explore this architectural marvel.

Jeanine S — Google review

Another beautiful church in Bamberg - Lots of history and numerous pictures...Welcome to the Cathedral of St Peter and St George. Commissioned in 1012 over 1000 years ago, in the 13th century.

Dan G — Google review

Beary impressive architecture! As well as its size. It was a really cool feeling standing among those old magnificent buildings. I didn’t visit inside though, but I’m sure it’s at least as cool as the outside 🐻⛪️🤩If you’re interested in churches I might think it’s a must-see, if you’re visiting Bamberg 📍☝️😁

Uki B — Google review

I always find it fascinating to visit churches wherever I go. And European Churches are particularly grand and imposing. I'm not an expert with architecture, but surely I know how to appreciate one whenever I see them.

Gabby M — Google review

Monumental cathedral with a lot of history and importance!Built in the 13th century - to the form as we see today - it's one of the most sacred buildings in Germany, and indeed from the outside the architecture is stunning distinguishing the cathedral by four majestic towers visible from most parts of the city. Even though the cathedral was under construction I was still able to admire its beauty, I especially appreciate the detailed Prince's portal on the side of the cathedral.From the inside it was a bit let down. Yes, seeing the horseman, the most significant work of art in the cathedral, alongside the organs and the interior was great, but nothing mind blowing - judging strictly from the design perspective, not the cultural heritage. There are simply more beautiful cathedrals around Germany. From up close I was able to see The Tomb of the Saintly Imperial couple and the horsem*n, unfortunately the cathedra, papal tomb (the only place north of Alps with buried pope) and the fresco of The Second Coming of Christ at the apse were fenced, therefore not able to admire from up close in details.There is no organized tour inside nor you can go to one of its towers (let down for me as I like seeing places from above), but you can purchase a small brochure for 1 EUR to help you navigate through the place. Be aware that opening hours may vary due to masses (during my time of visit the cathedral was closed between 12:00 and 12:30). Free entry. Visited in July 2022.

Pavel D — Google review


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Dompl., 96049 Bamberg, Germany

+49 951 5022512


ibis Bamberg Altstadt

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The ibis Bamberg Altstadt is a basic, laid-back hotel located in the heart of Bamberg. It offers complimentary Wi-Fi and a 24-hour snack bar. The city of Bamberg features an imposing cathedral and many picturesque buildings with an authentic medieval appearance. Day trips to the cities of Nuremberg and Wurzburg are also very recommendable.

Near the old town and walking distance from train station. Price-quality wise really good. Peaceful and clean place. There are good restaurants nearby too. Friendly and helpful staff.

Janne K — Google review

Sweet little hotel with a very friendly personal and a nice view from the 4th floor! Perfect for visiting Bamberg for a few days or just a weekend. The location couldn’t be better - it’s in the heart of the city and still very quiet.

Georgi G — Google review

The hotel at the centre of Bamberg. The furnitures is quite old and the extra bed was broken. The underground parking was big enough but it was quite expensive.

Catherine H — Google review

Overall it is a nice hotel in a great location within walking distance to some great sights and places to eat. Hotel staff were super friendly and accommodating. Room was spacious with a comfy bed, BUT there was a very strong sewer smell in the bathroom and the shower was small and in a triangular shape so it was difficult to have a shower.I would stay again

A U — Google review

My husband and I arrived, during Christmas Market time. The concierge's name was Abdullah, who was very professional, personable and helpful. This hotel was close to the festivities and had underground parking. Parking fee was $20 euro for the parking, which was convenient not trying to find parking elsewhere or the possibility of walking long distances, with suitcases. The room and bathroom were very clean, location mostly quiet (in the middle of the night, there were people smoking and speaking loudly outside, which wasn't the hotel's fault), beds and pillows were comfortable and the temperature pleasant. If one didn't want to eat at the hotel, Cafe Luitpold was nearby with a delicious, fresh and nutritious breakfast. If we would travel again to Bamberg, we would consider this hotel again.

Kelly R — Google review

Located at the heart of the city, definitely worth to be there if you plan to explore around. Service there is good, reasonable breakfast options, so have at it and get out to explore!

Leandro P — Google review

I stayed in this hotel for three nights and the staff was friendly during my stay. The room they gave me was spacious, but basically equipped, which is common for Ibis hotels. The bathroom was tiny and the holder for the shower head was broken, so it was uncomfortable to have a shower. The WIFI was fast and I liked the quiet location of the hotel not directly on the main shopping/entertainment street.

Thomas D — Google review

The only modern/budget hotel in the old town. Ask for rooms facing the street side (better view) and ending in 15 or 19 (larger). Not the best Ibis shower that I know (they're generally excellent), the shower floor levels with the bathroom (don't wash too enthusiastically), and there's a GREY shower curtain that doesn't let light it (now that's a first-timer!).

HERM P — Google review

This is our 2nd time visiting this Hotel. Would recommend as everything was done to make a comfortable stay. The staff were excellent. Cannot fault the Hotel.

Marion H — Google review

The central location is by far the best feature is this Ibis Bamberg Altstadt - you are just five minutes waking from Altes Rathaus, in the heart of the old town. The installations are very clean and functional. The bathroom is extremely small and they charge for the subterranean parking, which is something I didn’t see in the website. But anyway, in terms of cost benefit, it is definitely well worth.

Flavio P — Google review

Everything was great here!!! Breakfast, Clean rooms, quiet warm place, park for additional Euros, but not much. Excellent Staff service as they are very nice and kind.The location is another great item, very close to the most popular city tourist attractions.I do recommend it.

Rodrigo C — Google review

Hotel doesn’t have Internet despite promising so during booking process. Rooms are old and bathroom looks like a hospital room

Juergen W — Google review

Historic house well located in the center with friendly staff. While rooms are clean and big enough, they lack atmosphere (I guess that can be expected from an Ibis?) and some maintenance (dents in furniture, plastic covers of light switch and remote control broken,...). Breakfast is OK to good, paid parking available and WiFi is slow (unless you pay extra).

Andreas E — Google review

My worst stay in a hotel so far. I decided with my partner to spend a weekend in Bamberg and choose the one in Altstadt as a better choice (there is another Ibis in that town). We checked-in on Saturday and paid the bill as requested by the personnel standing in front of the desk. We had even a nice chat with him. The next day, I was asking for a late check-out (as Silver member I should have it). However Mr. Stanislav T. extended it up to one hour, i.e., 1pm, as according to him there were no availability. But the worst had still to come in terms of hospitality. When we came back after our morning walk, Mr. Stanislav T. called us from the desk and said that we need to pay an extra 30 Eur with explanation that we did not pay for the second guest. This is where I draw the line between being a loyal member of Accor and been blamed by its staff to not have paid the full fee. See, I do not pay for a hospitality service to get blamed by staff on mistakes that they make themselves.The gentleman who checked us in saw both of us and if there was something missing in our booking he should have pointed that out at that time and things would have been solved. But no, in IBIS Bamber you never know what will come. Each time you pass by the reception desk you can be approached or even called and be blamed for your booking.Despite my arguments to Mr Stanislav that the escalation he is doing was an error that the hotel had to do with, he kept escalating the situation in front of the lobby - what a hospitality. I kept telling him that he is holding a yellow sticker in his hands showing that the hotel knew that there were two people booked for that room. But no, Mr Stanislav T. become more aggressive, where I said I am going to complain to Accor; He actually threatened me to put me in Accor's "red list" so that I would never be able to book a Accor hotel.In short, you pay a pricey night for a better service, you perform the payment as asked by the staff following check-in procedures, and what you get back is blame, red-list and hard-feelings.I will follow this up with Accor and see how they are going to manage this situation. But I won't leave this to sleep. No, no Sir - an apology and a bottle of water that you offered me at the end, which I did not accept, after what you said are not a way on how customers are treated.

Andi B — Google review


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Theatergassen 10 Navigation:, Schillerpl. 2, 96047 Bamberg, Germany

+49 951 980480


Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

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The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg is a majestic castle complex from the 11th century that includes a royal palace and gardens, offering breathtaking views of the city. Originally built as a court, it later became infamous for being used by the Third Reich to enact oppressive laws in 1935. However, its most notable historical event was hosting the 'Nuremberg Trials' after World War II.

I had a great time walking around the castle, appreciating the history and contemplating what my home country looked like at the time the castle was built and bustling with activity. I went on a rainy, dreary day but I still had good views of the surrounding area.

Bryson C — Google review

Wow, wow, wow. Excellent castle visit to the Imperial Castle.Located at the top of a hill, overlooking the city of Nuremberg, the Imperial Castle is reached after a serious climb uphill. Not difficult for the fully able ,it is a long rather arduous slog up to the courtyard.*******,Handicap VERY difficult , if not impossible, not made any easier by the cobblestone road .*********( that said, I did see a gentleman with a walker!!!)The museum entry is 7 Euros, 6 if you are a senior or a student.Wow----super excellent presentation and displays of the medieval history of this castle 🏰. Armaments, armor, clothing, artifacts, explanations and visuals were superb. One of the best. Great value for the money!!!!Restaurant in the courtyardBEST VIEWS OF NUREMBERG. PHOTO OP ++++++!!!!!!Restrooms available.Free brochures.Recommended highly 👌 👍 👏Final take . Prep yourself for the climb up but well worth itGo

Markus ? — Google review

Quite a beautiful little castle. Really great museum. Would recommend getting the combination ticket as the view from the top of the tower is really great and the deep well tour is quite a different experience. They also got a couple of eateries on site.

Vivek M — Google review

It was amazing to visit this imperial castle of Nuremberg. The constructions were protected with 3 layered thick wall with around 10 ft thickness and 2 stages of different heights. The tunnels, the rooms, the towers, the gardens, the dungeons, the underground pathways designs and the city view points were awesome to see. I felt like I entered in the Game of Thrones series.

Devaraj D — Google review

Amazing medieval castle that have been kept so well.This is truly a castle with super strong defense.Not far from the city center market, easy to walk to. Free to walk into it and there is a good view of the old town.Even though Nuremberg was 90% destroyed during WWII, the old town was rebuilt and restored according to the pictures they had of the old buildings and structures. So, much of the history is preserved. Otherwise, if they had decided to build everything new, there would not be not much of the past left to see.Very impressive old town city market with a gorgeous fountain and church, and you can buy fantastic food, flowers, gingerbread cookies….If you are a WWII history fan, then you have a lot more places to see.Really worth visiting.

Bei L — Google review

Un lugar con unos jardines hermosos. El castillo está muy bien restaurado. Si te gusta correr, la ruta alrededor de la muralla es excelente. Ve a buena hora para no encontrarlo tan lleno. Tiene un muy linda vista de la ciudad(Translated by Google)A place with beautiful gardens. The castle is very well restored. If you like running, the route around the wall is excellent. Go at a good time to avoid finding it so crowded. It has a very nice view of the city

Normsta — Google review

This iconic castle is likely more interesting from the outside than the inside.Due to destruction during WWII, most of the interiors are redone as a museum. The anvient weapons and armor displays are nice.Climbing up the tower was fun and offers great views. The deep well guided tour was the best part thanks to the enthusiastic and engaging guide.

Gregor H — Google review

Beautiful castle over looking Nuremberg. Great views from the top. Beautiful fort and buildings. We did not fully go inside, but walked around on the outside. Enjoyed the visit and the walk.

Michael M — Google review

Beautiful castle, it’s worth a visit. Beautiful view of the town and nearby there are many restaurants and bars to enjoy the day. A must see place , you shouldn’t miss in Nürnberg.

Som M — Google review

Amazing place and lots of tours to take. This has a great history and the Old Town is filled with attractions and old buildings, churches, hospital and nice walks. The castle is historic and you can get breathtaking views. I took a few great pics.

Phil T — Google review

Another stop on our city walking tour. End of September 2023. There is no charge to go through the grounds. Took us about 20min to visit. The buildings are beautiful to see, and the views from the top are spectacular! Definitely worth walking up.

Eva M — Google review

Really impressive spot. a castle inside a major city is really rare. The tourist groups are a bit annoying. Top Tip. take some more time and wander the whole property. There are also nice little parks in the back.

Bat89 C — Google review

Less stairs in the tower than St. Augustine’s Light house (St. Augustine, Florida USA). Beautiful piece of history- we spent the afternoon! A must see- most of the displays information is in German- spring for the audio it’s worth it!!

Anyta C — Google review

Very impressive castle. A capital of European Kings from 11 till 16 centuries. Place where Holy Roman empire was ruled from. Building itself is really big on the top of the hill. Views around are amazing. Very strongly recommended!

Raimundas V — Google review

Historical landmark & museum with commanding views out across the city. This is a must visit attraction if you’re in the city and would like to know about its foundation. Excellent exhibits, some interactive with translations available. Has a reasonably priced cafe and some gardens for relaxing in too. It can be a bit of a slog getting up the hill though. There may be accessible ways to get there that I did t see.

Michael M — Google review

Great views of the old city from here. There’s a nice cafe and gift shop at the top. It’s worth the walk up for the views and the way back down is dotted with great places to eat and drink. Definitely recommend this if you’re in town.

Dave R — Google review

….Its was a real steep walk to get to the top as the Castle 🏰 is on one of the highest points of Nurnberg! Very impressive to see how well it’s preserved and maintained! And it has many tower and you can observe it from different angles…there bars and restaurants where one can enjoy foods offered! A must see or just to wonder around…Absolute-lii magnificent and the gardens are breathtaking-lii beautiful…,

Vernon W — Google review

This is a sprawling wonder. You can wander around the grounds, inside and out, for hours. There are many small and large secrets to discover. And much light a good piece of art, it changes dramatically with the light of day and night.

Rodger H — Google review

The well tour is very good and a must do, the tower has great views and the pictures of the WW2 damage are a great addition - The museum itself has good info on the building and its years and associated history, better than I expected and staff very friendly

David H — Google review

Very pretty, caring lots of history. I was a bit disappointed that the crown was a 3D model and not something that would replicate best the real ones, but that’s understandable.Not all the things inside the museum has an English translation, but it’s worth visiting the museum!

Emanuela F — Google review

Medieval castle and museum where you get to learn something about the history of Germany starting from roman empire. This castle and the city Nuremberg are very different than what I have seen before in Europe. View of the city from the tower is very beautiful, approximately 100 stairs to climb.

Debaleena S — Google review

It has a really good view of the city. View point is open all the time,but the castle is closed on holidays and the weekend. Spent the new years eve here, and the view point was very much crowded.Inside it has a museum, a deep well, and a tower where you can take a better view of the city.

Shanaka A — Google review

It's incredible how well-preserved the castle is post-World War II. Its grandeur and size are truly breathtaking. From the top, overlooking the town, you understand why it was strategically placed there. The surrounding city walls in Nuremberg are still intact, offering about an hour's walk around them. Navigating the city is convenient; everything is within a 30-minute walk from the center, allowing you to discover hidden gems like bridges, churches, and historic buildings along the way. The castle itself offers free entry and plenty of areas to relax. Exploring its various sections, like the converted horse stables and food storage areas, is best with a knowledgeable local guide to delve into its history. Though it requires a bit of uphill walking, the panoramic view from the top makes it all worthwhile, showcasing the city's landmarks and beauty.

Joel J — Google review

Beautiful castle. Nice view of Nuremberg city. Go with a tour guy so you will know the history of the place.

Js C — Google review

Beautiful castle and wonderful city. Explored all around the castle grounds, up into the tower and also saw the well. 100% recommend a visit! Plenty of sites to see to fill an afternoon.

Philip S — Google review

A whole tour area, if you are not interested in the museum can only buy tickets to the castle, the scenery is very good, need to climb the stairs.

Vienna — Google review

I still can't believe that the castle is still in such good shape after the Second World War. Breathtaking, massive, magnificent. When you go up to the top and look out over the town, you get a sense of why they built the castle where it is. I cannot get over how impressive it is. Also, Nuremberg is still surrounded by the great city walls. It takes about an hour to walk around them. That's the great thing about the city. You can walk anywhere and it never takes more than 30 minutes to get to the other side of the city centre. Best of all, while you are exploring the city on foot, you will find many other gems on your walking adventure. From bridges to churches and other lovely old buildings. Enjoy!🏰✨️Little tip: During weekdays you can enter the inside of the castles for free. That is in the morning until 10am or so

Emma B — Google review

+Nice view,the whole city under your feed+Free entrance+Within walking distance from the train station+There are many seating and relaxation areas inside the castle

Onur C — Google review

All a traveler needs. 'Small room' but adequate. As a single South African traveler, this truly fits my budget and jackpot breakfast included. Very close to Nurmberg main DB/train station. At night could be noisy, but accommodation, friendliness, neatness, simplicity, breakfast makes up for this over and over. I'm so glad I found this place!

Ian L — Google review

This is a beautiful place to visit. It has a very steep cobbled path leading up to the entrance and a lot of steps inside. I bought the combination ticket which was worth it. The castle is well presented inside with educational displays. The tower is 112 steps up a spiral staircase, but the views from the top were beautiful. The tour to the well was funny and fascinating. The tour guide knew his stuff.

K G — Google review

At a very affordable price you can get up the tower and explore the whole museum throughout with very good replicas and original works and also very kind staff that even explained stuff without me asking 🍀Some of the biggest handguns I've seen.

Marin K — Google review


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Burg 17, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany

+49 911 2446590

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Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

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Specialty Museums

The Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg is a museum that provides an in-depth look at the history, politics and why behind the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. The grounds also served as a large venue for Nazi rallies. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

The Dokuzentrum offers a really interesting look into WW2 history. I would really recommend going there if you're in Nürnberg

Just R — Google review

Nice place for photos, near by u have a lake to spend some time with family.Museum is 6eur per head, if u have interest to know why and what is documentation center created u can visit.4 eur to park the car.. u can drive directly into the center.

Bharath K — Google review

A very interesting place. Very informative displays. Visited as part of a walk around the entire site (which took a good couple of hours) I would have rated it higher if it hadn’t been a temporary exhibition. Compared to the similar Document Centre we visited in Munich (which was free, this one wasn’t) there was far more information available.

John B — Google review

Looks like it's having a major overhaul (Oct 22) so the interim exhibition is not much to look at. The building and structure is pretty amazing though. Look forward to visiting again when it's all done.

Jae J — Google review

This place is have huge relavance in the pages of German political history.Well preseved documents, photographs, audios, videos and relics. A place must to visit for all history seeking people.

Hari K — Google review

A surprise find. A must visit place in Nuremberg displays the propaganda techniques used by Nazism to con the Germans. Hitler knew the power of propaganda

Eddie O — Google review

I've been here 5 years ago and I loved it! I went back a week ago and didn't really like it cause they are under construction so they arranged one only big room where you can read about the Nazi Rally Party and see pictures about it, still interesting tho.

Alice B — Google review

Temporary exhibit v informative with more experience of the victims and survivors of the awful regime. This must never happen again.

Tracy S — Google review

A must visit when in Nuremberg. Sobering and interesting.

S H — Google review

Though currently under construction/refurbishment, it was still a good visit. Inside the museum there were a lot of displays covering the timeline and usage of the area since its inception to present day as well as memoirs and excerpts from historical documents. The walk around the really grounds was nice and the Zeppelin Grandstand was particularly impactful.

Andrea J — Google review

Heavy stuff, but super enlightening.I can’t imagine how crowded it would be on a busy day, but my party and I were able to take our time and not feel crowded.I recommend several breaks for fresh air like me if stuff like this can weigh you down.Several tours walked through while we observed, read, contemplated, interact with displays, and processed all this information ℹ️.Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it is alright to not know something. We are all here to learn.Time should be taken if distractions tend to be a problem, because I have issues staying still at all moments. There is a lot to take in and it’s easy to miss things.Take pictures, ask questions, and be willing to listen 🎧 👂 .

Caden C — Google review


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Bayernstraße 110, 90478 Nürnberg, Germany

+49 911 2317538


Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

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Specialty Museums

The Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg is a museum that provides an in-depth look at the history, politics and why behind the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. The grounds also served as a large venue for Nazi rallies. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

The Dokuzentrum offers a really interesting look into WW2 history. I would really recommend going there if you're in Nürnberg

Just R — Google review

Nice place for photos, near by u have a lake to spend some time with family.Museum is 6eur per head, if u have interest to know why and what is documentation center created u can visit.4 eur to park the car.. u can drive directly into the center.

Bharath K — Google review

A very interesting place. Very informative displays. Visited as part of a walk around the entire site (which took a good couple of hours) I would have rated it higher if it hadn’t been a temporary exhibition. Compared to the similar Document Centre we visited in Munich (which was free, this one wasn’t) there was far more information available.

John B — Google review

Looks like it's having a major overhaul (Oct 22) so the interim exhibition is not much to look at. The building and structure is pretty amazing though. Look forward to visiting again when it's all done.

Jae J — Google review

This place is have huge relavance in the pages of German political history.Well preseved documents, photographs, audios, videos and relics. A place must to visit for all history seeking people.

Hari K — Google review

A surprise find. A must visit place in Nuremberg displays the propaganda techniques used by Nazism to con the Germans. Hitler knew the power of propaganda

Eddie O — Google review

I've been here 5 years ago and I loved it! I went back a week ago and didn't really like it cause they are under construction so they arranged one only big room where you can read about the Nazi Rally Party and see pictures about it, still interesting tho.

Alice B — Google review

Temporary exhibit v informative with more experience of the victims and survivors of the awful regime. This must never happen again.

Tracy S — Google review

A must visit when in Nuremberg. Sobering and interesting.

S H — Google review

Though currently under construction/refurbishment, it was still a good visit. Inside the museum there were a lot of displays covering the timeline and usage of the area since its inception to present day as well as memoirs and excerpts from historical documents. The walk around the really grounds was nice and the Zeppelin Grandstand was particularly impactful.

Andrea J — Google review

Heavy stuff, but super enlightening.I can’t imagine how crowded it would be on a busy day, but my party and I were able to take our time and not feel crowded.I recommend several breaks for fresh air like me if stuff like this can weigh you down.Several tours walked through while we observed, read, contemplated, interact with displays, and processed all this information ℹ️.Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it is alright to not know something. We are all here to learn.Time should be taken if distractions tend to be a problem, because I have issues staying still at all moments. There is a lot to take in and it’s easy to miss things.Take pictures, ask questions, and be willing to listen 🎧 👂 .

Caden C — Google review


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Bayernstraße 110, 90478 Nürnberg, Germany

+49 911 2317538


Audi Forum Ingolstadt

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Car factory

The Audi Forum Ingolstadt is a museum located beside the Audi factory, showcasing a range of cars and motorcycles along with restaurants and an arthouse cinema. The tour begins on the top floor and covers the entire history of the car manufacturer, including its role during World War II. A rotating elevator featuring various Audi motorsport cars is one of the highlights of the museum. Factory tours are not part of the ticket but can be booked in advance during weekdays.

This was great to add to my collection of museum experiences. So far I've been to the BMW, Mercedes and Porsche museums so this was the cherry on top. I spent 5 hours here just like I did the others and enjoyed every moment of it. The front desk staff was helpful when I had a question regarding my rental car's refueling and parking. Did I mention the onsite restaurant is amazing? Well, believe it. It is. It wasn't your cheap restaurant menu it had a FULL buffet of healthy foods. Great way to refuel after a long day of informative adventures past and present. They have so many cars on display along with the history of the formation of Audi. That revolving elevator of cars is really cool. I'm excited to see what awaits as I got a glimpse of the future of automotive technology provided by one of the finest car manufacturers on the planet. Will I ever be able to afford one? I can't say for sure, but it's worth a try!

James M — Google review

Not that big museum if you are expecting to see a lot of items inside (only two floors) but pretty enough for getting the first impression about Audi and its history. 2G+ is mandatory in these days.

S S — Google review

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Audi Ingolstadt facility on a midweek Wednesday, and the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. The museum, housing a remarkable collection of vintage automobiles, provided a captivating journey through the rich history of the Audi brand. Upon my visit, the museum exhibited a serene ambiance, as it was surprisingly devoid of a large crowd, enhancing the overall experience. The opportunity to explore the extensive collection of very old cars in such a tranquil setting added a unique charm to my visit.The highlight of my visit was undoubtedly the factory tour, which left me awe-inspired by the cutting-edge technology employed in the automotive industry. The precision and efficiency witnessed during the tour underscored Audi's commitment to excellence. The knowledgeable guides provided insightful commentary, enriching the tour with valuable information about the manufacturing processes and technological innovations.The hospitality extended by the staff at Audi Ingolstadt further heightened the overall experience. The personnel were not only courteous but also demonstrated a genuine passion for the brand and its heritage. Their willingness to share information and answer queries contributed significantly to the positive atmosphere surrounding the visit.I wholeheartedly recommend both the museum and the factory tour to enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.The combination of historic charm, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional hospitality makes this destination a must-visit for anyone interested in the world of automobiles. Audi Ingolstadt truly exemplifies excellence in every aspect of its offerings.

Gaurav M — Google review

The museum is next to the Audi factory. The tour starts at the top floor and it's walking through the entire history of the car manufacturer, especially the agitated period during the second world war. The highlight of the museum is a rotating elevator with different Audi motorsport cars. Factory tours are not included in the museum ticket. It's possible only during the week and booking in advance is recommended.

Bogdan S — Google review

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt and it was truly an unforgettable experience. The museum offers a unique and fascinating insight into the history of this iconic automotive brand, and I was thoroughly impressed with everything on display.The exhibits at the Audi Museum are both informative and engaging, with an impressive collection of historic vehicles and interactive displays. The attention to detail in every aspect of the museum is truly impressive, and it's clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into creating this world-class facility.One of the highlights of my visit was the chance to see some of Audi's most famous cars up close and personal, including some of the iconic racing cars that have helped to cement the brand's reputation over the years.Overall, I would highly recommend a visit to the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt to anyone with an interest in cars or automotive history. The museum is truly world-class, and the experience is one that I will not soon forget. Thank you to everyone at the Audi Museum for providing such an incredible experience!

Nicholas L — Google review

Quite a small museum by comparison, but they do have a couple of cool cars. They have a detailed history laid out with the exhibition, and would recommend taking the guided tour.

Vivek M — Google review

Amazing place. Highly recommend visiting. Free parking for visitors. No audio guides. Just see audi history.

Oleg — Google review

I have visited Audi forum and it’s too good. You can see the history where started and how it’s doing now. You can see the varieties of vintage bikes, cars and super cars at one place. I love the vintage model, the finishing , interior it’s fantastic. You can see bicycle with small engine. Too good to see all the history at one place. Must visit …

Satheesh K — Google review

Amazing experience, a lot of old cars, interactive examples of how engine works. Highly recommend.

Vlad K — Google review

For an Audi enthusiast this is definitely a place to visit. It may not be a big museum but it does capture the history of the cars and surprisingly it wasn’t that busy. A few downsizes the gift shop I think is small than your average shop. If you want to do your the factory is better to book online as the tours get fill quickly. Don’t forget to present your parking card to receive free parking.

Juan F — Google review

The museum is very interesting. From future to the past, from newest cars to concept cars and even the old ones. Everything is great and you can get inside even in wheelchair because there is ramp and inside is an elevator. Price for adult is only 5 euros for whole day.

Marta J — Google review

Would have loved to have taken the full tour. I highly recommend booking it early so you are sure to get a spot. But just the walking tour was exceptional. Really enjoyed the layout and thorough presentation of all the facts and information. There are some great interactive videos and tutorials that describe the Audi automobiles. Again very informative and would have loved to get the full tour experience.

Sunshine P — Google review

Small but with a nice collection of historical and racing Audi cars and motorcycles. The people there are friendly except near the closing hour they can’t wait any minute to throw you out of the museum as well as the shop. The Avus restaurant is highly recommended—food is great and pricing is reasonable, and the service there is great.

Liu R — Google review

I would recommend visiting in the end of September or later, because the first floor, where the modern automobiles are, is closed until then.There are not only automobiles, but also motorcycles and bicycles. You can also see how the different details of automobiles work.You should schedule at least two hours to spend there, however it could easily turn into 3-4 hours. The entry costs 5 euros for adults.

Olena M — Google review

It's a bit crowded around. Hard to find the entrance, and ticket office... But everybody is polite, nice and helpful!The exhibition is exciting and interesting especially if you find a guide who tells the story behind the individual subject.Good experience. Suggested for everyone who has the taste, love the fashion, oldies and technology.

Gabor L — Google review

Nice to visit this museum especially as previous owners of these cars! We took the train and arrived at Ingolstadt Audi station. It’s a good 30mins walk, but you get to see the different Audi buildings on route! The museum is nice to walk round in about 2 hours. It’s over 3 floors and you take the lift to the top floor and work your way down each floor. The top floor starts in the late 1800’s and you learn about August Horch who eventually set up Audi/Auto Union AG. Lots of beautiful cars to see and learn. I love how they show different engines and how they operate. The 1st floor had a separate exhibition and was in German which we couldn’t understand. There were also vintage cars on that same floor.It’s great to learn about the company and how it linked with other motor companies of its time. We did feel a bit confused as we followed the circular route on each floor. It didn’t quite have a smooth flow. One thing we liked was the information cards that you could take away and read in your own time. It meant that we had more time to look at the beautiful cars!!

Elisa W — Google review

Brilliant day out, would highly recommend, something for everyone.Factory tour was excellent, walking the entire production line and the gentleman giving the four rings history tour made the museum really interesting.Staff very friendly and helpful, all in all, a great experience.

Roz — Google review

Absolutely well worth the 5€ entrance!Some stunning cars on display, fabulous building architecture, and interesting things to read.There's some cool little interactive stations to show the suspension/gearbox working/safety which are really awesome to see!That being said, the layout is a bit confusing leaving you to wander around the same area a few times.Museum heavily weighs on the history of the vehicles as opposed to showing any new/concept vehicles or racing stuff which did leave me a little disappointed - but again this museum was only 5€! Would be happy to pay a bit more for more Audis!The gift shop was pretty poor with hardly anything cool like pins/tokens/badges/magnets and mostly random cheap kids toys. The only good bits were the small car figures but these were over 60€ 🥲If you're driving through, it's worth a quick stop!

- - — Google review

Great museum, different from any other car museum with the crane that keeps turning and showing different cars. It’s easy to follow, explanstions are brief and there are some amazing cars. Unfortunatley there’s a lack of modern cars and it is a bit small in comparison to Porsche museum, for example. But it is really worth it. I recommend to check the website first, since first floor usually has temporary exhibitions and you might find it closed. I highly recommend the museum if you are in Bavaria (Bayern).

Albert — Google review

An incredible experience! The mobile museum showcasing a wide range of a cars. The displays were informative, making it easy to learn and appreciate the history.

Lo0ou!s — Google review

Great place to visit .. we walked from central Ingolstadt only 30 mins .. €5 entrance fee with locker for coats .. 3 levels of memorabilia, cafe , shop .. a must see

Lisa F — Google review

Beautiful museum, lots of history and lineage, learn alot about the brand and more. I would recommend this location because it takes a couple of hours to see everything and a group of friend or family would enjoy the trip and the Audi brand museum.

Wesly S — Google review

Amazing Factory and Automation! With AI logistics. This is one of the most advanced Manufacturing facilities in the world.

Shankar N — Google review

This was an amazing experience. I visited the construction facility as part of a team event. It has been really impressive and I can recommend it to everyone. There is a museum that is very interesting aswel. The food at the restaurant was very good.

Nils M — Google review

It is a great pleasure to be back at the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt, Germany, four years after my last visit in 2019. The Four Rings brand is Living with progress in the most inspiring way.

Hai P — Google review

Average museum especially in comparison with Mercedes and BMW. But still there are enough interesting models of Audi and Horch. Makes sense to visit in case you're a fan of cars, for the rest it may be not much fun. Also there is a shop with new cars next to the museum.

Денис К — Google review


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(850)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (169)

Auto-Union-Straße 1, 85045 Ingolstadt, Germany

+49 800 2834444


Old Stone Bridge

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40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (172)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (173)

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Sights & Landmarks

Historical landmark

The Regensburg pedestrian bridge over the Danube is a Medieval engineering masterpiece that has been in use since 1146. The bridge is made of stone and spans the river with 16 arches. It is still in use today and is a popular tourist destination.

The interesting thing about this Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke in German) is that it is one of the oldest bridges in Germany and an important Romanesque building in Regensburg. According to the natives of Regensburg, the bridge is shrouded in legend

Franti?ek Z — Google review

Exceptionally well constructed bridge originally build in 10th century.Along with the Regensburg Cathedral, theStone Bridgeisthe most important building inRegensburg.With the bridge man, the stone bridge had a well-known landmark very early on, whose original meaning was disputed and whose popularity has remained until today.Open to pedestrian and cyclistsBeautiful views of Regensburg GermanyAmazing photo opportunity1st stone bridge in Europe 🌍Connects the islands in the Danube with downtownFinal take....must go in Regensburg.

Markus ? — Google review

Very nice old bridge. Renewed approximately 10 years ago. Full of tourist with wonderful views to the river Danube, city of Regensburg and Stadtamhof.

Francesco — Google review

This is the main attraction to see in Regensburg. The bridge itself seems to recently have been cleaned or renovated, as the bricks seem to shine in the sun. The bridge links both sides of the historical city center to each other. It also offers great sunset shots over the Danube.

Paul H — Google review

Make sure to visit this old stone bridge for a great view of the whole area. You can walk underneath the bridge, just be careful as it has no rails and there is danger of falling in the river.The area around the bridge offers some great restaurants and walking trails.

Hassan R — Google review

Beautiful bridge. Great spot for sunset pics!

Maddi A — Google review

….:It’s so nostalgic to be walking around a town on the Danube River that dates back to the medieval days of the 1200’s almost 800 years later and it is so well preserved and maintained. Very impressive is the beautiful “Clock-Towers” all around the town it is said that there are nine of them in total around the town of Regensburg. The Old Gate entrance to the town from the Danube River is so awesome 🤩 and well preserved. The cobble stone roads are still walkable no loose stones to trip over this tells you that those responsible are rep-lii doing an excellent job preserving what is to be encountered here in Regensburg for generations to come and see…NB! Something worthwhile to mention is the fact that the town’s leaders remember the citizens (Jews) that went missing during WW11 because around the town where these persons lived there is a high-lii polished “Brass-Plate” with their names on…May their souls R.I.P…😇

Vernon W — Google review

A very beautiful place. Visited in the end of winter. Will definitely come again in summer!

Aishwarya S — Google review

A medieval masterpiece of medieval art, the stone bridge in Regensburg is a beautiful and soulful, slightly bulging bridge that is the most famous place of the city, apart from the cathedral and the old town. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it captivates with its magic, especially the captivating view of the Dunsj, passing barges, the old entrance gate to the city and the bustling life along the banks of the river.

Judyta G — Google review

The Old Stone Bridge in Regensburg is a stunning piece of medieval architecture and an important historical landmark. This bridge, which dates back to the 12th century, spans the Danube River and has been a vital part of Regensburg's infrastructure for centuries.The bridge is made of massive stone blocks and features a series of arches that support the weight of the bridge and allow ships to pass beneath.

John W — Google review

Cycle paths are super, great place to visit with beautiful buildings

Mandy C — Google review

This bridge was the blue print for the stony bridge in Prague. Ist a nice walk across the River

Thomas B — Google review

If you want to get good photo ops, go there at 8 in the morning, not 8 in the evening!

P. K — Google review

The Old Stone Bridge in Regensburg is a picturesque masterpiece that gracefully spans the Danube. Its medieval charm, with characteristic arches and sturdy stone construction, adds character to the cityscape. Walking across this historic bridge offers captivating views of Regensburg's skyline and the flowing river below. The bridge is not just a crossing point; it's a symbol of the city's enduring legacy. A delightful blend of history and scenic beauty.

Nomad — Google review

The Old Stone Bridge is one of the most iconic monuments of Regensburg that was built about 800 years ago over the Danube River. Dont forget to spot the Bruckmandl or bridge-man at the highest point of the bridge

Wilford M — Google review

One of the most beautiful place in the city where all tourists should pay their time for. The design is not really special but in combination with the surrounding streets, the cruise ships and all green parks, this bridge is without a doubt worth your trip to Regensburg.

Ngoc N — Google review

a 12th century stone bridge passing on top of the Danube river. splendid scenery in the surroundings and lots of coffee/shops in the area. very crowded. but the view to the town is worth it.

David A — Google review

Definitely one of the best sites in Regensburg and a must see ...Though the first time would always be the best, I enjoy my visit to this bridge, each time I go there ...At your first time, and if you are not very used to the type of architecture available in the old towns of Germany, you will have a triple short of blast:1- Enjoying the architecture of the old town in general and the surrounding of the bridge.2- Enjoy seeing the Danube River, especially at night! The sound of the river's flow will provide you with an unbelievable!3- Enjoy the bridge itself, its lights, its architecture, and the enthusiasm and live of the people that you see there.

Patrick K — Google review

Nestled in the heart of Regensburg, the Old Stone Bridge is a true testament to the city's rich history. As I strolled along its cobblestone path, I couldn't help but be captivated by the sheer beauty of this ancient structure. The weathered stones tell tales of centuries gone by, and the view of the Danube from the bridge is nothing short of breathtaking.What sets the Old Stone Bridge apart is the sense of authenticity it exudes. Unlike some tourist spots, this bridge hasn't been overly commercialized. It's a place where you can immerse yourself in the past, imagining the footsteps of those who traversed it long before us.The surrounding architecture adds to the charm, and the play of sunlight on the stone creates a picturesque scene that's perfect for capturing memories. Whether you're a history enthusiast or just seeking a quiet escape, the Old Stone Bridge is an absolute must-visit.

Alin B — Google review


St Peter Cathedral

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Catholic cathedral

Sights & Landmarks

The Cathedral of St Peter in Regensburg is a beautiful, preserved example of Gothic art. It's home to the Regensburger Domspatzen choir, one of Bavaria's oldest boys' choirs. The cathedral is also known for its astounding stained glass windows and opulent main altar.

St Peter CathedralVisited on 23/9/2019St Peter Cathedral is also known as Regensburg Cathedral or Dom Peter. It is of Gothic architecture, having two spires. The exterior features some intricate and interesting medieval sculptures, while the interior has the same plus stained glass windows.In comparison with many other cathedrals I have come across, this is not the most elaborate, but I believe it still deserves a score of 5 stars.

Sin C — Google review

Original church building was constructed in year 700 but was burned down in the late 13th century and reconstructed. It is the only Gothic Cathedral in Bavaria and has the largest hanging organ in the world.It is an amazing experience walking inside the church and also looking at it from the outside. I highly recommend visiting it if you are in Regensburg.

Maryam K — Google review

Let's just say I was lucky enough to get to hear the organ being played... It didn't last long, but it's just one of the best feelings that you can get in such a magnificent testimony to the city's rich history. With it's tall spires and Gothic design, this impressive structure is a sight to behold. Inside, you'll find stunning stained glass windows, ornate carvings and beautifully crafted altars, each telling a story of faith and devotion. The size and attention to detail are truly remarkable.

But. S — Google review

I have been visiting my friends since 1987 they live 12 km near Regensburg and are the owners of a 15th Century Castle with a Brewery. I love Bavaria, particularly Regensburg with its historic old stone bridge, museums, galleries Heid Platz markets, and of course the beautiful Cathedral where I enjoy contemplation and taking photos from your not so usual angles ...Guten tag!

Aloisia F — Google review

Very nice Dom that shows the might of the Catholic church in it's hay day. I can sit in here and image a time goneby when this place would have been the center for community, politics, faith and life in general. The layout does justice to the importance the placed on the church leadership. The whole experience is really mesmerizing.

Ralph H — Google review

St. Peter's Cathedral in Regensburg is an architectural marvel that transports you through time. The intricate details of Gothic craftsmanship and the soaring spires create a breathtaking spectacle. Inside, the awe-inspiring interior and the majestic organ contribute to the cathedral's spiritual ambiance. The historical significance and the panoramic views from the towers make this cathedral a must-visit in Regensburg. A testament to the city's rich cultural heritage.

Nomad — Google review

Along with Cologne Cathedral, the Regensburg cathedral is one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in Germany.+ France-influenced type of "classic" Gothic cathedrals+ Characteristic are the basilica complex with a three-storey elevation of the central nave, the transept and an imposing west facade with two towers.+ overall very imposing and peaceful feeling

Tina Y — Google review

One of the most beautiful and large cathedral in Germany. The sense of unity with the town of Regensburg is most attractive. Almost windows in the cathedral are wonderful stained glass. It is a place that must be visited at least once.

Akira R — Google review

Saint Peter's Cathedral is the most important point on the map of Regensburg's history. Its imposing building is the only example of French Gothic in all of Bavaria. Earlier, there was a Romanesque temple in this place, but after a fire in the second half of the 13th century, it was decided to build a new structure. Construction work lasted over 250 years, although the construction of both towers was not completed until the 19th century. You can enter the cathedral for free from 6.30 am till 5.00 p. m. Inside, stained glass windows from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries delight, which have been preserved in their original condition thanks to the city's avoidance of bombardment. According to some, it is the most beautiful collection in our part of Europe.She is world-famous for her boys' choir, created a thousand years ago. From 1964 to 1994, its choirmaster was the elder brother of Joseph Ratzinger, by the way- a former member of the choir.

Judyta G — Google review

The cathedral was under construction but it did not affect the interior architecture. Spectacular stained glass art was definitely a highlight. The noon prayer session at 12:00 was perfect for meditating and finding some peace of mind in the middle of the day, but the organ music was a little underwhelming, because I expected more from the "intimidating"-looking "pipes" of the organ.

Amelia N — Google review

Dom St. Peter sits proud right in the heart of busy Altstadt of Regensburg, dotted by numerous restaurants and shops. A fine example of Gothic Architecture. Inside you can find several sculptures and beautiful stained glass windows. See the photos I've taken.

Gabby M — Google review

One of the tower still under renovation. Unlike other cathedral, St Peter doesn’t open tower for visit. It is free for visit. Toilet only available during service is conducted. Better empty bladder before visit.

* B — Google review

We have already seen many cathedrals, but this cathedral made me ecstatic. What a beauty! Most of all I liked the stained glass windows. And although the cathedral looks a little dark, the old stained glass windows let in little light, but the atmosphere in the cathedral is very authentic. We really enjoyed. Now the cathedral is being reconstructed. But this does not prevent you from admiring the Gothic beauty of the temple.

Виктория З — Google review

The Regensburg Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece that breathes history. Its Gothic splendor, ornate rose windows and majestic towers are impressive. A spiritual and cultural gem that fascinates and uplifts. Be sure to visit!

Alxndr S — Google review

an impressive gothic church in Bavaria based on the French Architecture. dated to the 1280 and completed through years till the Neo- Gothic form in the 19th century. Today the right tower is completely covered due to renovation. the interior is impressive with the Gothic style. the visit is free to let you enjoy the beauty of early architecture.

David A — Google review

A quintessential Bavarian town with UNESCO tag lined with beautiful and narrow cobble stone paved alleys, river Danube bisecting the town with a very old stone bridge atop it and a lovely century old cathedral of St Peter having nice ornamental work. A daytrip getaway from Erlangen or Nuremberg. Don't forget to have delicious ice creams or bakery items from local shops.

Balasubramanian B — Google review

…It’s just awe inspiring to stand outside this beautiful masterpiece of a Gothic Cathedral built 100 years ago…currently under major restoration..we were unable to enter…but an absolute pleasure just marvel at it….

Vernon W — Google review


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Domplatz 1, 93047 Regensburg, Germany

+49 941 5971662

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Singing Fountain

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Sights & Landmarks

The Singing Fountain, also known as Zpivajici Fontana, is a popular tourist attraction featuring over 250 water jets that dance to classical and popular music. Lit up after dark, the fountain offers seasonal displays with hourly performances throughout the day and evening. Built as part of the reconstruction of the Maxim Gorky Promenade in the 1980s, this architectural marvel was designed by Pavel Miksik and features specially composed music by Petr Hapka.

A very appropriate attraction for this amazing surroundings. Check showtimes before heading there.

Tomaz J — Google review

Really lovely experience. Performances on the hour apart from 8pm (20.00).There was quite a crowd for the 21.00 show so get there about 15 mins earlier.Would recommend the after dark shows.

Sandra B — Google review

It's as impressive as last year. In addition, there were a lot of independent stalls selling their products.Well worth the visit.

Frank — Google review

Spectacular place, cold water, ideal for cooling in hot sunny day. Nice water show.

Michal P — Google review

Nice place to visit. Every hour plays a different classic composition with exception from Nothing else matters by Metallica. The fountain changes water patterns according to music and it is made very tastefully. You can sit in a coffee shop nearby and enjoy the show.

Jovan J — Google review

Very good sound quality.Nice music. With colored lights was interesting.

Siren S — Google review

If playing pre-recorded music to a water fountain is a tourist attraction, my morning showers are worthy of a map pin. To be fair this visit was during daytime and there might be more to the spectacle at night with lights. For me, the most surprising aspect in visiting this fountain was the "reborn" meetup surrounding the outer fountain wall with proud collectors displaying their babies and vintage carriages, filling the space between the on-the-hour fountain event with photo opps galore.

Ken H — Google review

Nice fountain with a very beautiful spectacle every hour: light and water tricks with classic music in the background. Super recommended.

Carlo C — Google review

Great place to visit, it plays every even hour and each day the music is shuffled so any time you visit it is a chance to hear something new. Try slow-mo mode on your phone for great results to remember.

Petr S — Google review

If Czech is supposed to ba a dog friendly country why are dogs not allowed anywhere near the fountain or other tourist sites near it?

Maša B — Google review

Very nice fountain with water dancing, we couldn't see the whole show but is a good entertainment

Davide M — Google review

Nice village. Fountain with lightshow and music.

Rick D — Google review


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(670)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (197)

353 01 Mariánské Lázně 1, Czechia

+420 354 622 474


Diana Observation Tower

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Observation deck

Outdoor Activities

The Diana observation tower offers breathtaking views of the city and distant mountain ranges. It can be reached by funicular or hiking, and is well-worth the effort for those who want to get a sense of Karlovy Vary's stunning surroundings.

Great view over the Karlovy Vary valley. There is even elevator up and down 😲. Worth to walk there as the forest park around is really nice 👍.

Nikola K — Google review

Must to visit place in Karlovy Vary. You can walk all the way up or cheat and use very unique cable lift. I was cheating of course. There is a small fee to be paid and off you go. Observation tower is walking distance from the cable lift station and there is a restaurant with the butterfly farm next to it. Entry to the tower is free of charge and there are steps up and down or lift in the middle. From there you can see the whole town of Karlovy Vary.

Michal V — Google review

Absolutely stunning lookout. The lift was under maintenance apparently but i managed to climbed the 150 steps, it wasn’t that bad at all for average for healthy person. I went on Wednesday in November so there were no waiting times at all! Perfect! Went to their restaurant to refill the tummy, took some awesome photos in the beautiful autumn trees nearby. Worth it! If you dont visit here then you definitely do not officially explored karlovy vary town. Just make sure you take the right funicular/train, not the one in Imperial station as i made a mistake by going there.Tried to buy funicular ticket online but couldn’t find the button on the website. Czech website kinda sucks most of them.

Erin I — Google review

Nice view all over Karlovy vary city. We climbed on the funicular up and down. It wasnt a big line. the butterfly farm is not active on the winter.

Pedro S — Google review

This tower stands at a scenic viewpoint from which you can see the forests and the mountains and the town of Karlovy Vary nestled in the valley below. Many of the visitors to Karlovy Vary over the centuries have visited here, including Goethe. A funicular takes up to the top of the hill the. You can take an elevator free of charge to go to the summit, there are also pleasant paths and hikes through the surrounding woods. There is also a restaurent and small zoo with many cute little piggies 🐷.

Smiley V — Google review

Went up in Winter. Be prepared for cold weather with high winds but totally worth it for the view! Make sure to climb the tower on the top of the hill as it is free and gives you a 360 degree view of Karlovy Vary and the surrounding countryside.

Matt G — Google review

I visited this tower during a day tour. The views from the tower are beautiful. You will find an restaurant as well with some animals behind the building which was also nice to see. The restaurant staff are friendly and the capucino is good.

Anika M — Google review

Lovely place to go atop karlovy vary, Czechia. There’s a funicular but also a somewhat medium level trail that will take you to the top. We enjoyed the views at the top and the kids enjoyed the playground. There’s also a restaurant and a butterfly museum there.

Hang P — Google review

You can get there by lift or stairs. It has a spectacular 360° view of Karlovy Vary and surrounding areas. A must visit if you have a few hours! You can hike up from Karlovy Vary or take the lift car. From there you can hike down and enjoy nature.

Francisco S — Google review

It was one of the nicest towers I've visited in the EU. 150 wide steps, all uniform construction, too, plus they are completely enclosed.I like the signs telling you what is in the distance from each section of the lookout area. There's an elevator as well. I imagine maintenance funds come from the cable car fees (which were reasonable) from Karlovy Vary, just behind the famous Grandhotel Pupp.

Mallena U — Google review

Nice 360 view on Karlovy Vary and the countryside. Free and easily accessible with the funicular. The way down to the city is also really nice and can be made by foot (many trails going down).

Jean-François H — Google review

Nice place that you can reach by funicular railway or by foot.There you can enjoi de view of Karlovy Vary from the top of the tower.You can enjoy good food outside or inside the restaurant.Also some nice butterflies and animals like (small pigs, pony, white peaco*ck)

AEM — Google review

Good observation point over old Karlovy Vary. It is reachable by feet over mild steep tracks over the hill or the one can purchase a ticket for a small up hill rope driven train. Observation tower has a lift and stairs, of course. For our great surprise - lift was free of charge.

Dimo D — Google review

I walked all the way on my own about 40 min. The view is amazing. Great restaurant nearby.

Nijolė G — Google review

Nice viewing point of Karlovy Vary. There is a lift that leads to it, but during my visit it wasn't working.There is a restaurant and a souvenir shop next to it, and for the kids a small playground and a butterfly house.

Ilan K — Google review


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(1935)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (205)

Vrch přátelství 360 01, 360 01 Karlovy Vary 1, Czechia

+420 353 222 872


Vřídelní kolonáda

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (206)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (207)

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (208)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (209)

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Nature & Parks

Hot Springs & Geysers

Karlovy Vary's most famous hot spring is Vridelní kolonáda, which has a geyser that can spurt out up to 2000 litres per minute. There are also four other springs inside the building, which visitors can sample for free. This tourist attraction is a popular spot in Karlovy Vary, with many people coming to soak in the thermal water and see the geyser.

A different scene in the city where the springs are inside a building.

Shachar P — Google review

Overall i'd give this place five stars if the tour wasn't so short and quite boring. The massive indoor spring was super cool. The water that you could drink was hot and had minerals. (I preferably don't like it) And the people there spoke many languages and were quite nice. 👍

Katelyn — Google review

It said the tours were closed for the time we came there on January 4th. We can see a small portion of what's underground from the bridge but from what I have hear the caves are very special.

Calmness C — Google review

Nice place to hide especially when there is a rainy day. There are 3 thermals springs, the hottest in the area (72 Celsius) and the coolest (30 Celsius).There are some souvenirs shops, a toilet (10 kronen per person) and a couple of relaxing chairs.Also there is a coffee shop and if you want to sit and rest your feet for a while you can sit on the marble near the windows; it is warm.

Eddy B — Google review

Lovely place and weather.

Katerina J — Google review

Consciousness creates reality and you create consciousness.

Honey G — Google review

I have been visiting the hot spring colonnade for many years and over the years it changed a lot and also some aspects didn't change at all. They always sold items here, like mineral water drinking cups, petrified roses, porcelain, and glass. Now there are a high number of stands with cheap Chinese stuff. The entire atmosphere was not pleasant and I got dirty feel from it. The colonnade used to be light, with clean glass and a lot of plants inside. There is no entrance fee and the colonnade closes at 6pm.

Lada J — Google review

Hot spring is popular and drinkable, some souvenir shops are available also

Alongkorn — Google review

Definitely worth the visit to see the hot spring and it was very relaxing. Souvenir shop there as well as a cafe shop

Dino101 — Google review

Very interesting, you can drink from the hot mineral springs

Robert S — Google review

Karlovy Vary is a super peaceful little hilly town with beautiful landscape. Super amazing place..so many hot springs..do not forget to take a vessel with u to drink that natural mineral water.. it's tingy but good for health. Beautiful cafes along the river Tepla serving great food.

Deepak — Google review

Great experience.Have been several times now and always enjoy it.Get amongst it, buy your little water sipper and then have some fun tasting all the different springs.There are 15 in total, all with varying flavours and temperatures.Find a good parking spot close enough to walk, toilets will all cost you 10kc.Lots of Russians here and plenty of rich people as well.

Tristo M — Google review

Very beautiful small town which famous for its drinkable hot spring. The tasty was, ohhh, strange, you gonna should try it.Walking in the rain was so romantic. The only bad thing is we chose a hotel without parking place and swimming pool. The public spa closed at 2 pm for kids, we have to cancel the plan for swimming.

Zoe S — Google review

Our first "major" stop during our road trip back to Lithuania from Germany. We did not expect anything special, since it is winter period after all, how ever we ended up being surprisingly pleased. We have never been in Czech Republic before and so, we thought it is a good idea to take a peak inside of it as we drove back. And to be honest, it surely has its ups and downs. For example, the nature is really beautiful regardless of the fact that it is winter. But that is not what I am writing about. This natural spring fountain got us surprised. In the morning we just saw a large cloud of vapor coming out from the river and we went to investigate it. And then we saw that fountain, which occasionally spurs out some vapor. It was my personal first time encountering this type of a sight. However, it was not as spectacular as some may describe. But overall, a decent sightsee to see if you end up in Czech.

Hexed U — Google review

Good place to start your day. Drink hot Spring water and nice sitting arrangement inside the building.

Rimi G — Google review

To most people it is an unique experience to visit the town and taste different types of spring water. These spring waters can be helpful to your health and will show effect after drinking continuously for 4 to 6 weeks. The place attracts many rich people all over the world each year from spring to autumn. It has many top class 5 star hotels. The most famous hotel is the Grand Hotel Pupp. It has been appeared in one of the James Bond movie.

侨老爷 — Google review


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(816)40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (212)

2, Divadelní nám. 2036, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czechia

+420 353 362 100


Old Pilsner Urquell Brewery water Tower

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Food & Drink

When visiting Pilsen, the Old Pilsner Urquell Brewery water Tower is a must-see attraction for beer enthusiasts. The brewery, in operation since 1842, offers guided tours that take visitors through the history of Pilsner Beer production. Tour highlights include a visit to the old cellars and a taste of unpasteurized beer at the end.

Great visit and wonderful English speaking guide.

Anne-Laure H — Google review


Jiří K — Google review

(Translated by Google) WonderfulI bought the tour in advance paying 16 eurosWith more than 1h30m of explanations about the construction of the factory and the beginning of the production of pilsner beerIt was worth every pennyTasting a glass of unpasteurized beer that will serve as the basis for large-scale productionI recommend the store at the end of the tour for unforgettable souvenirs and also to taste the beers ready for consumption(Original)MaravilhosaComprei o tour antecipado pagando 16 eurosCom mais de 1h30m de explicações acerca da construção da fábrica e início da fabricação da cerveja pilsenValeu cada centavoA degustação de um copo apenas da cerveja não pasteurizada que servirá de base pra produção de larga escalaRecomendo a loja no fim do tour para lembranças inesquecíveis e tbem degustar as cervejas já prontas pro consumo

Nuana P — Google review

(Translated by Google) Very interesting.(Original)Sehr interessant.

Aziz O — Google review

(Translated by Google) A tour with an interesting explanation.(Original)Prohlídka se zajímavým výkladem.

Vera — Google review

(Translated by Google) A very nice experience. Much of the history tour lasts about an hour. The presentation is indeed done at a high level and professionally.You will also visit the old part of the new one.And the best is the underground which is really big.And at the end, of course, a tasting of unfiltered Pilsen, which matures in underground barrels.And be sure to visit the souvenir shop.(Original)Veľmi pekný zážitok . Veľa z histórie prehliadka trvá cca hodinu . Prezentácia je ozaj spravená na úrovni a profesionálne .Navštívite aj starú časť novú .A najlepšie je to podzemie ktoré je naozaj veľké .A na konci samozrejne ochutnávka nefiltrovaneho Plzna ktorý zreje v sudoch v podzemí .A určite navštívte aj predajnu suvenírov .

Miroslav Č — Google review

(Translated by Google) Old and beautiful(Original)Staré a krásné

Martin P — Google review

(Translated by Google) Old Pilsner Urquell Brewery water Tower....... wonderful place, unfortunately not many people get there.(Original)Old Pilsner Urquell Brewery water Tower....... nádherné místo, bohužel sem se dostane málokdo.

Petr N — Google review

(Translated by Google) A nice ancient boat.(Original)Pekna starodavna vez.

Hana Z — Google review


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Východní Předměstí 2505, 301 00 Plzeň 3, Czechia


Karlštejn Castle

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Sights & Landmarks

Historical place

Karlštejn Castle is a beautiful Gothic castle in the countryside southwest of Prague. It is home to many royal treasures, including paintings and portraits of the emperor and his family. There are regular tours available, which are recommended if you want to see this magnificent building up close.

Excellent bathrooms and cafe up at the castle. Also were street vendors in the courtyard serving food and beer. Not a bad wake in that environment at all! Great view of the city or rather town below. The tour of the castle itself was engaging and interesting. Just about the right length of time.

James V — Google review

We went to see the castle as we had some spare time in Prague. It was nice to see the land outside the capital. Very very green.The castle is nothing special. There are tours in English but you have to pay different tickets if you want to visit the whole castle.

Robert ( — Google review

It is better to choose another castle to visit, in Czech there are plenty from what to chose and for sure much more beautiful then this one. One important thing. There are 3 different types of tours. If you decide to go there, my recomendation is to take the Chapel tour

Ion B — Google review

Hello everyone, I would like to share the happiness and beauty that I have visited. I would like to recommend everyone to try visiting. Everything is beautiful and very impressive. If there is a chance, I will go back there again. It is a great place. A place where you should take your family or couples to relax and take lots of pictures. I hope everyone can happily see the pictures I have shared. I have fallen in love with this place:) And you!!??

อุดม จ — Google review

Located about 30 kilometers southwest of Prague, Karlštejn Castle started life in 1348 and has since risen in the ranks to one of the best castles in the Czech Republic.Karlštejn Castle was founded by the Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor as his private residence and a place of safekeeping royal treasures, especially his collections of holy relics and the Imperial Crown Jewels. In 1355 Charles IV stayed here for the first time, overseeing the construction and decoration work, especially in chapels. The construction was completed in 1365 when the Chapel of the Holy Cross in the Great Tower was consecrated.The Chapel of the Holy Cross was the place of safekeeping the imperial crown jewels until 1420 when the Hussite wars (religious civil war) began, and they had not ever returned to Karlštejn Castle. After the wars in 1436, the Bohemian crown jewels were taken to the Chapel of the Holy Cross where they remained till 1619.The castle was a representative residence of Charles IV and his son Wenceslas IV only, i.e. till 1419. As a fortress, Karlštejn Castle protected the crown jewels, holy relics, and royal archives till the 17th century.After 1480 the castle was rebuilt in the late Gothic style, in the last quarter of the 16th century in the Renaissance style. During the last reconstruction that took place at the end of the 19th century (by architect Josef Mocker) in the spirit of purism, the castle gained its present appearance.The preserved original stair-arrangement of individual castle buildings is very impressive. The lower section with a small courtyard by the Well Tower and the Burgrave´s House continue through the majestic five-storey Imperial Palace and the Marian Tower. At the highest point, the construction of the castle culminates in a monumental, 60-meter-high Great Tower and its massive fortifications.An unique original 14th-century wall decoration, a set of 129 paintings created by Master Theodoric in the Chapel of the Holy Cross (the largest in the world), the largest portrait gallery of kings of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, a replica of the royal Crown of Bohemia, a unique castle well. The castle is also famous as a set to a comedy play Night at Karlštejn Castle by Czech poet Jaroslav Vrchlický.After centuries of lying in near ruin, much needed restorative work has restored the Gothic castle to all its former glory, making it an immensely popular destination. The bustling tourist crowds are a stark contrast to the peaceful surrounding countryside which offers views of Karlstejn’s stunning exterior.From November, 01st, 2021 to March, 31st, 2022 the castle is closed to the public, including the garden.* Some photos coutersy of Internet. Thanks!

Dinh T — Google review

Great day trip just 30 minute train ride from Prague. The mandatory guided tours are informative and full of neat information. During winter months, the main part is closed off for preservation, so best to visit after May. We still enjoyed our time at the castle and in town, despite not being able to see everything.

Kelly F — Google review

Beautiful bohemian castle not far outside of Prague. My guide said many consider it to be the most beautiful in the whole country. However, I visited in April and a portion of the castle (including the chapel) was closed to the public. Also, the village that the castle is located in is seasonal, as there were no stores or restaurants open in the town on a Tuesday afternoon! I would recommend visiting between May-October.

Christopher Y — Google review

Very interesting info on Charles lV. Beautiful castle but not ornate. There’s an up-hill walk after getting dropped off by train or taxi to get there is a bit long. Be sure to have a guided tour. I’m not sure if it’s possible to enter without a guide. Worth seeing! The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful.

Linda H — Google review

Very nice historic castle. Book a guide it helps understand the historic context. Try to visit weekdays because it is very crowded on weekends.

Zdravko R — Google review

Impressive views, of and from the castle.It's a nice good really up the hill, through the small village at the foot of the castle.Many pitstop temptations before getting to the castle itself, I suggest considering a restaurant stop when coming back from the castle.The tours are organized in Czech and in English.Although there was a partial reconstruction in the courtyard that didn't impact the overall feeling of the place, its history and beauty.

Florin H — Google review

Karlstejn Castle may not have a lot of history to back it up, considering it was constructed in less than 10 years and served as a storage for crowns and jewels rather than an official residence, but it's worth a day trip from Prague. If you don't drive a car, I recommend taking a one-way cab (Uber / Bolt) from Prague to the castle, after which you would only need to walk up to 5 minutes to the entrance where the tours begin. It's convenient and saves you the uphill climb. While going back, there are of course no cabs available so you'd need to take the train. The train station is a 30 minute walk from the entrance of the castle, right on the other side of the river, and the train itself takes only 45 minutes to get you to the Prague city center. It's quite convenient.Second, I also recommend buying tour tickets in advance on their website, after which you only need to wait at the meeting point and do not have to queue up for tickets (note that you cannot enter the castle without a guided tour.) There are three types of tours available - I booked number 3 (View from the Great Tower), which is a short, 30 minute guided walk up to the fourth floor of the tour, and then you get 15 minutes to take pictures from the tower. Note that the tower is an enclosed space and the pictures are taken through windows, so you cannot take a picture of yourself with the castle from up the tower. This tour involved climbing some stairs but it wasn't too much.There are also some areas you can explore on your own after the tour ends - the Clock Tower and the Well Tower are notable ones. I highly recommend the Well Tower, another 2 minute walk from the entrance, which has splendid views of the entire castle and is the best point to take a picture of yourself with the castle background! The well itself is also quite deep, and I also recommend a small souvenir shop by it, really cute hangings, bells, and fridge magnets available there.The first few pictures I've added are from the Great Tower guided tour, and the last one is from the Well Tower. :)

Anannya U — Google review

Kristyna was our guide and she was absolutely delightful. We went on the Czech Tour (for time's sake) and she figured out pretty quickly that we didn't understand Czech, so when we stopped at different spots on the tour she would then speak English for us.We were very appreciative especially since we knew she didn't have to do that.Wonderful castle. Bring Czech crowns though. Most things in the little town on the way only take cash.

Wes C — Google review

Beautiful castle and the village. We went by train from Prague main train station. It's cost us £18 up and down. Spend only few hours. Wish could go earlier. But managed to have a tour inside the castle last one.

Sabina M — Google review

There's nothing to see inside the castle!!! Total disappointment. The castle is just beautiful from the outside.... The excursion is about 30 minutes or so. I couldn't believe that people pay money for that. It is forbidden to take pictures inside but actually there's nothing to photograph :( It is much more exciting to go around the castle and take pictures and read the history in Wikipedia.

Alina B — Google review

It is a place where we can get a train from Prague Smichov Station in less than an hour..For the museum entry, I would recommend buying at the counter if you are not on a tight schedule because they offer a guided tour only.

Nyein A — Google review

Such a beautiful stop, this could be a quick adventure throughout your visit , it literally takes less than an hour to get here from the main train station and like 20 min walk from the train stop to the castle , the tours are 300 czk for the most basic one , and there are a lot of shops and restaurants that are along the way.

Marvin C — Google review

we had a bad and stressful experience. We visted the castle at 8. March at 3pm. the lady who led the Czech tour didn't let us join the English group even though we don't understand a word of Czech. of course, she didn't even try to speak to us in English or explain herself, so we stood for over 20 minutes like complete idiots and listened to something we didn't understand at all. after the friendly guide from the English group agreed to let us join her group, the person in question still insisted that we must stay in her group. she was terribly unpleasant and unkind and annoying. it is completely unclear to me why and what is the point of it, but the experience we had was very miserable. another thing is that until 1.may. over half of the castle is closed. including the most important part that remained closed to visitors when we were there. the ticket price was not adjusted for that, but we paid the full price as if we had seen everything, which I personally think is wrong. I wouldn't go back again

Dražen S — Google review

There's a train station 20mins walk away that's connected to Prague (ticket costs around 3-4€ one-way). Multiple stores that sell Czech drinks and food, restaurants with Czech food are open nearby. There are guided tours in Czech and English that I recommend taking. They cost 260 CZK. Beautiful scenery all around, nice photo spots, interesting castle history. Worthwhile visit, perfect for a one-day get-away from Prague

Stefan P — Google review

One of most beautiful castle in CZ, good presentation of castle history. Recomend must visit

Vlatko M — Google review

Excellent guide in English. It’s just a shame the visit is divided into three separate tours you can’t book at the same time as you miss out on a lot of rooms.I recommend you plan your visit ahead and try to book all three back to back.The grounds are breathtaking and so is the view. It’s real easy to reach the castle via train from Prague (40min ride - a train every half hour + 15min walk).Don’t miss out on the video in the movie room, by the toilet under the main courtyard. It gives a nice picture of how the castle came to be.

Mr ( — Google review

Absolutely GORGEOUS CASTLE! There are several tours for visiting different parts of the castle, tours are available in both Czech and English. Drinks and snacks are available there in the castle. You cannot do self guiding tours, which I don't blame them for, and it's quite nice! It's a good hard hike up the hill, I believe I saw rides available for purchase for those who can't physically make the climb

Richard B — Google review

An iconic czech castle. We visited during late winter and had an amazing castle tour.

Vojtech M — Google review

We went here to visit the castle with a tour guide. Make sure you're on time because they are really on time to start the tour. We were 5 min too late because of traffic and the group already left. It's a fun place to visit and really great to see how the people lived in the early days.Make sure to buy tickets in advance and yes they really do check your tickets when you enter.

Liam — Google review

An amazing place to visit when you want a break from the crowds in Prague. An easy drive or train ride and up hill walk from the city - this medieval castle does not disappoint. Definitely worth the cost of the exclusive tour - I did not expect to see such amazing art and history up close. You are not allowed to take photos inside the castle but I will remember it for a long time. All this set next to a charming village and lovely countryside. Well worth the day trip.

Jennifer A — Google review

An amazing castle just 1 hour from Prague. Photos just do this place justice. Def worth a visit.

Elevada I — Google review


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Karlštejn 172, 267 18 Karlštejn, Czechia

+420 311 681 617

40 Best Stops Between Mulhouse and Prague (2024)


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