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      • 2024 Milwaukee Brewers Discussion

        Started byblade12in MLB:Time to start this thread.I am going to predict the following OD roster:C: Contreras, Sanchez, Haase1B: Hoskins, Bauer2B:...

      • Orlando Cepeda

        Started bymickjaggerin Baseball:On the heels of the passing of Willie Mays, his former Giants teammate and feared slugger in his own right, MLB Hall of Famer, Orlando Cepeda, has...

      • Willy Mays

        Started byroadkill1in MLB:"Say Hey Kid" 📷 As most of you know, I'm old.But I've had the wonderful good fortune of seeing some good ball...

      • 2024 WIAA State Baseball Tournament

        Started bysatinwoodin High School/Amateur Baseball:The state tournament field is set, and the teams will be seeded Wednesday night. Here are my (read: the Bradley-Terry computer) projections for...

      • Controversial MLB Umpire Angel Hernandez Retires, Effective Immediately

        Started bymickjaggerin MLB:The overall integrity & credibility of the MLB product on the field improved on Monday, 5/27/24, with this announcement. Now, if C.B. Buckner...

      • High School Computer Ratings Baseball 2024

        Started bysatinwoodin High School/Amateur Baseball:Bradley-Terry ratings through games of April 13: ...

      • Baseball Missing Scores, etc.

        Started bywhfan202in High School/Amateur Baseball:4/5 WI Heights 2 Belleville 1 Entered - DB

      • Baseball Immaculate Grid Daily Game

        Started byblade12in Baseball:Anyone been playing this? It's kind of fun but I find myself using the same 10 guys for several categories.

      • Brewers Hot Stove Discussion - Offseason 2023-2024

        Started byblade12in MLB:May as well get this started. ...

      • Brewers 2023 Season

        Started byroadkill1in MLB:Here we go. Your thoughts on this team? Thoughts on this division? Playoff chances? A bite of the apple? Opening day line up? RK

      • BREWERS 2023 Game/Series Thread

        Started byblade12in MLB:HERE WE GO!!!Series #1 Brewers at CubsThurs 3/30 1:20pm Burnes RHP vs Stroman RHPSat 4/1 2:20pm Woodruff vs TBDSun 4/2...

      • 2023 MLB Award Predictions

        Started byblade12in MLB:Time to think about this and get it rolling.AL MVP: AL Cy Young: AL Rookie of the Year: AL Manager of the Year: AL...

      • Brewers Offseason 2022-2023

        Started byblade12in MLB:Face it we are there.May as well get this started today.

      • MLB Hall of Fame

        Started byblade12in MLB:I always find it interesting, should a BBWAA vote for this guy or that guy and why or why not. Usually it revolves around PED's and maybe in the case...

      • Brewers 2022 Game/Series Thread

        Started byblade12in MLB:I kind of feel like a thread for each series is asking a lot but I could be wrong. If I need to change this thread title to encompass all series...

      • Greg Maddux

        Started bymickjaggerin MLB:Noteworthy: Of the 20,421 batters Greg Maddux faced in his career, only 310 of them reached a 3-0 count. And of those 310 batters, 177 of them...

      • The 1968 Rarified Air of Cardinals Ace, Bob Gibson

        Started bymickjaggerin MLB:"On this date in 1968, St. Louis Cardinals ace Bob Gibson tossed a three-hit shutout against the Houston Astros at the Astrodome, beginning one...

      • Regarding the Composition of MLB's 2022 Baseballs ...

        Started bymickjaggerin MLB:"If it's not the unnatural biceps of sluggers at the forefront of conversation in this league, it's the juiciness or not of the baseballs. Back...

      • 2022 Brewers Chat

        Started byroadkill1in MLB:Well, the lockout is over. Brewers sign Boxberger. Nice add to BP. What's next? Is the Tommy Pham rumor legit? Uncle Stosh

      • 2022 MLB Award Predictions

        Started byblade12in MLB:Time to break this out. AL MVP: Ohtani AL Cy Young: Cole AL Rookie of the Year: Bobby Witt Jr AL Manager of the Year: Maddon AL Home Run Champ:...

      • 2021 MLB Lockout Discussion

        Started byblade12in MLB:What are the main sticking points with this? I haven't paid a ton of attention. I think I know that the players want access to more money in...

      • Brewers Off-Season.....

        Started byroadkill1in MLB:First order of business; ...

      • All Time Favorite Brewers Lineup

        Started bydiener34in MLB:Put together a team with your favorite players to watch over the years, not necessarily the best team, but guys you loved to watch. 1) Nyjer Morgan...

      • 2021 World Series Braves vs Astros

        Started bymickjaggerin MLB:Game 1 Atlanta 6 at Houston 2 Final Score Braves' bats continue to scorch ! Braves' Game 1 starter, Charlie Morton, is removed after throwing...

      • 2021 National League Playoffs

        Started byformerwiacbaseballerin MLB:Well, the field is set! San Francisco wins the West, while the Dodgers earn the first Wild Card after winning 106 games. So we'll see: St. Louis at...


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