Clark Safari and Adventure Park - Is It Worth Visiting? (2024)

Clark Safari and Adventure Park is the newest attraction located at Clark Freeport Mabalacat, Pampanga. A ₱135million 40 hectare zoological leisure park that can accommodate up to 2,500 visitors who will get to see more than 1500 live animals and 70 species.

The construction started back in 2019 and after a series of lockdowns delayed its launch the park finally opened its doors back in December 08, 2021.

We tried to go visit the park during their soft opening. Sadly, we weren’t able to enter due to its “by invitation only” policy. Then, mid December, we decided to try again. The moment I saw a full parking lot, my anxiety kicked it and I immediately told myself – “no, not today.”

After the Metro Manila alert level 3 has been lifted, we decided to try again. When we arrived, the parking lot was nearly empty. Roughly, 6 – 10 cars only and I was so happy that day!

Clark Safari Rates and Schedule

Starting February 11, 2022 (FRIDAY) Clark Safari and Adventure Park will be open from 8AM until 6PM including holidays. People of all ages are allowed to enter. Entrance fees with (soft-opening) rates starting at ₱399 for kids (four feet below) and ₱499 for adults.

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Kids below 3 feet will be FREE of charge while Senior Citizens and PWDs will have a 20% discount. You are also required to present your vaccination card.

Clark Safari Experience

Before I take you to a virtual tour, DISCLAIMER : All opinions are of my own. NO compensation received. Opinions expressed belong to Kat&Beyond and are NOT influenced in any way.

My first impression upon entry is that the entrance is quite impressive. They have this huge animal statues perfect for a family photo-op. Kids will sure have fun and can actually sit on the statues!

But mind you, I am not so sure about that. As you can see, the gorilla’s hand is wide enough for a kid to sit and the kangaroo at the back has a pouch that a small kid can fit inside. Imagine how cute the photo will be.

You have to confirm the rules with any park personnel.

In my opinion, when you visit take advantage while its still new, well painted and in good shape. Just in case they will not be able to maintain it years after.


I honestly got confused when I saw the Lagoon. There was no water. I grew a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing some fishes and perhaps feed them?

Reptile Kingdom

The enclosures were clean and no foul smell at all which truly amazes me!

I didn’t see a labelled ark on this area. Aside from the big monkey enclosure, this walkway will also lead you to the animal petting area which is partially under construction at that time.


I was really excited to see how huge it is but sad to say, the bear is sleeping at that time.

Kingdom Panthera

This is the main attraction of Clark Safari and Adventure Park – the tigers. Can you spot them? I know… they’re all sleeping 😢 except for the Asiatic Lion which I manage to take a really nice shot.

As for the Northwestern Wolf I didn’t bother posting the photo because they were sleeping and they’re hiding under the rock.

Clark Safari Photo Session

The whole place is definitely Instagram worthy especially with these wide variety of backdrops. You may use your own camera or hire a photographer and pay ₱200 per print.

Excluding the ₱50.00 fee (each) if you want to take a photo with the Bearcat, Burmese Python or with 2 of the Macaws of your choice.

You can also take a photo with the baby white tiger while feeding it (with milk!). Fee is ₱500.00 you can also use your camera but there will be a photographer who will take photos and of course, you have to pay additional ₱200 for the print.

Yes, it’s a bit pricey but kids will surely love this kind of experience.

Manage Your Expectations

Clark Safari is on phase 1. Meaning, its partially under construction and here are some pics that nobody wants to post.

From afar, I saw weird, huge dinosaur bones. It’s up-hill and there was no trespassing sign. So we went straight ahead. Then we saw a car on top of the boulder which s quite interesting but after that the road leads to nowhere. The construction is everywhere from that lower part of the zoo.

Unsolicited Thoughts

Overall, our experience was quite ok. Personally, I enjoyed my walk. There was no foul smell which is a plus! and what made it worth it is that we almost had the entire place for ourselves.

We arrived at 11:00am and almost all the animals were asleep. If you plan to go, maybe try around 3:00pm.

As for the food, the place doesn’t have much choices. There’s only Potato Corner and TJ Hotdog stand (which is closed). The only fast food restaurants that are open are the one outside by the entrance. To me, it’s a bit dark in that fast food area and doesn’t really have a good ambience.

We ended up eating Potato Corner for lunch which we don’t really mind. What’s important is that we were able to sit down, eat our fries while enjoying each others company.

So, It it worth visiting?

In my humble opinion, just didn’t expect that this is how their soft opening looks like so, you be the judge. But hey! it’s all about the kids and their educational experience yes? Plus there is plenty of space for them to run around and burn their energy!

As for me, I will go back when their restaurant, Banua opens and when they finish the zoo’s Phase 2.

From what I’ve heard, phase 2 will include a theme park inside the zoo wherein safari rides, zip lines, and ATV rides will be made available to the public.

Pending Update

Hello everyone, just want to let you know that this post is pending for an update. I got real quite busy and things got really hectic BUT, i promise ill post an update as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

Clark Safari and Adventure Park - Is It Worth Visiting? (2024)


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