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Starfield's New Game Plus allows you to loop Starfield over and over again: Once you beat the game, you can start a new game and save file that puts you back near the start of Starfield with new story permutations, new dialog options, and even at least one new Main Mission to complete, if you play your cards right. Full details on New Game+ can be found on this page, along with a list of all the differences you might encounter.

Spoiler Warning

It goes without saying, that because New Gample Plus becomes available after wrapping up the main story missions, what’s on this page might be considered spoilers to some.

If you want to avoid knowing anything else, now’s the time to look away! But when you’re ready to find out how New Game Plus works in Starfield, be sure to revisit this page and scroll down for everything you need to know.


How New Game + Works in Starfield

Starfield has taken the element of NG+ and cleverly twisted it to work with the overarching story that carries you through the game. At the end of the final main mission One Giant Leap, you have a decision to make, which is to essentially continue your playthrough or to start a New Game+.

Where most games will typically throw you into New Game Plus with all your weapons, upgrades, skills, and abilities intact, Starfield switches things up slightly. You’ll ONLY keep your level and experience, Powers, and all the progress you’ve made in your skills/Skill Points. Everything else from your items to your side mission progress and relationships you've built with characters will be lost.

This gives you the opportunity to keep your new playthrough fresh and encourages you to explore new worlds, revisit ones you’ve already been to, and see what loot you manage to find this time around. It also gives you the chance to take an entirely different approach to interactions and explorations.

No one will recognize you in this new version of the galaxy, so you have the option to play things completely differently.

Your Choice: Skip the Main Quest

You will be placed in time sometime before the Into the Unknown Quest, so upon entering The Lodge, in a conversation with Sarah you will be presented the option to skip the Main Quest line.

  • If you choose to play the Main Quests again you'll start from One Small Step and you can play them out as you did before, collecting Artifacts one at a time from the quests.
  • If you choose to skip the Main Quests, you will be awarded all the Artifacts you previously collected, and told the locations of the temples for the remaining Artifacts, allowing you to complete any Powers you were missing in your previous game.
  • All Artifact locations will be in the same place as in your previous game, should you need to find them.

If you skip the Main Quest you can easily beat Starfield a second (or third or fourth) time in 90 minutes if you head straight for the Unity. This allows you to loop quickly to see what happens...

Different Story Permutations

The biggest twist, story-wise, in New Game+ is that, at random, you might get a very different greeting from Constellation when you return to The Lodge.


Note: This may not happen until your fifth playthrough.

As soon as you enter the Library of The Lodge, you might get to witness just how different each universe can be with different inhabitants including:

  • Andreja and the Va'ruun
  • Several Copies of Yourself
  • Cora Coe All Grown Up
  • Vasco
  • The Hunter Waiting for You
  • Negotiating With Walter Stroud
  • Coming face to Face With Yourself
  • An Injured Sarah

Andreja and the Va'ruun

As you enter the Library, Andreja will be waiting for you with a group of Va'ruun zealots. She'll tell you that she is now following the Great Serpent and attack. You'll need to kill her and the zealots to get the Artifacts.

Several Copies of Yourself

Yes, there's a universe where you'll enter The Lodge and see your character multiple times. You'll be prompted to speak to Constellation you, and it turns out all the copies were just waiting for another version of themselves to turn up. You can even recruit yourself in certain scenarios!

Cora Coe All Grown Up

Sam Coe's daughter Cora is all grown up and waiting for you to arrive. She's angry about losing Sam, and she swears revenge against you. Cora is aware that different versions of you exist in different universes, so if you didn't lose Sam during High Price to Pay, you can let her know and she'll exclaim she has the wrong version of you. She'll let you go if you choose this option, and you'll receive all the Artifacts to go off and find the rest alone. Alternatively, you can attack her.


In this reality, no one but Vasco will be present. You can tell Vasco you're a Starborn and also ask what's happened. Vasco will tell you that The Hunter has already been and murdered everyone, including you. However, he'll hand over the Artifacts and Constellation charts and won't be able to come with you.


The Hunter Waiting for You

You'll enter to see no one standing in The Lodge except for a shrouded figure. This will be revealed as The Hunter, waiting for you to arrive. He'll hand over the Artifacts and charts that Constellation has managed to acquire, and then you'll be sent on your way by yourself.

Negotiating With Walter Stroud

In this version, you arrive to find Walter Stroud waiting for you and ready to negotiate. He will offer to give you Constellation's Artifacts and charts in exchange for money. He'll ask for a significant amount of credits, so you can attack or try to talk to him about it.

Coming face to Face With Yourself

As you arrive, it turns out a version of you already exists in this Universe. You'll be able to talk to yourself and explain that you're Starborn and what you know about the Artifacts. While the you that's currently in this Universe doesn't really want to help out, you can convince them to team up with you... and recruit yourself.

An Injured Sarah

As you step in, no one but Sarah will be there. She'll be injured and lying on the floor, and in this Universe, she'll know that you're Starborn. You'll then be confronted with a version of yourself that's responsible for killing the members of Constellation. This will lead to a battle against yourself where you'll be able to loot the Artifacts from your own body in the end.

Rewards for Starting New Game Plus

Starting your first New Game+ might mean giving up everything you collected on your playthrough, but it also means earning two unique Starborn rewards — a Legendary Spacesuit and a brand new Spaceship.

Starborn Spacesuit Astra

When you emerge from The Unity, you'll automatically be kitted out in your new Legendary Spacesuit, the Starborn Spacesuit Astra. As it's a Legendary Spacesuit, it will come with three Spacesuit Modifiers. In addition to this, it also has a Balanced Boostpack.


Starborn Spacesuit Astra














On each new playthrough, you'll start with a new type of Starborn Spacesuit. The resistance numbers will stay the same, but the protection will increase with every new cycle.

Starborn Guardian Spaceship

Along with your new suit, you'll also get the Starborn Guardian Spaceship, which is an impressive upgrade if you stuck with the Frontier throughout your journey or purchased something with a 21LY Grav Jump.

With this ship, you'll get an A reactor, improved Jump of 30LY, space for 5 crew and weapons in the form of a Solar Flare Beam and a Gravity Torpedo. The Cargo Hold has a higher capacity at 800, and there's even shielded cargo at 150.

The name of the Starborn Guardian will change with every NG+ cycle you begin. For example, if you start a 5th New Game Plus, the ship will be called Starborn Guardian V.

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