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Themed nights showcase various aspects of the family-friendly chain pub's diverse menu. Prices are affordable and there are daily deals. The establishment maintains a clean and neat environment, with no sticky tables or food on the floor. Although one meal arrived cold, staff promptly apologized and replaced it immediately; other meals were problem-free. Kids can enjoy activity papers and crayons while using reasonably maintained restrooms.

Really welcoming and tasty meal after a long day. Service brilliant and this place is lovely and clean. I had peppered steak (sizzling dish) medium rare which was perfect. Then greedy me had a chocolate fudge cake with ice cream 😋.

Gillian W — Google review

Drinks and food reasonably priced.Food isn’t the best but when I’ve been, I’ve thought the portions are better than at somewhere like Brewers Fayre.During the winter it’s often quiet, in the summer on a warm day it can be packed.All in all, a reliable chain pub where you get what you pay for.

Howard J — Google review

I used their app to order food, drink and works VERY well.The large Cappuccino I had was very good. The main meal was good for the price, ie cheap and it was a 2 for 1 deal.Table service was good.You'll need to register your car reg on arrival inside to avoid potential car park charges.Overall, it was very good for the price

Stephen — Google review

Went here with a group of people for a birthday meal.Food was very cheap and very cheerful. I can't say anything wrong about it for the price I paid.I had sea bass which consistent of 3 fillets, green peas and beans and a load of garlic mash potato. This was on a Saturday so this only cost £9. Absolute bargain !!

Kenneth P — Google review

The food was quite lovely. I ordered "the gravy one," which was surprisingly tasty and something I'd never tried before. I had it with a side of mac and cheese for £2 pounds, which is a reasonable price. But they forgot about it, so I had to go ask about it. They were apologetic, which I appreciated, but everything else was wonderful, the fact that it was Easter break and it was calm and easy to get a spot.

DominantTrack 3 — Google review

I have to say my experience at the Wellow was very poor, the chicken that was on my plate was full of water the sausages wasn't very nice, the gammon and the rest was spot on all though I wasn't very well later on that night and through out the next day. My partner enjoyed her wraps but my 18 month old didn't like hers, the mash was rock hard in parts and she wasn't too keen on the fryed fish fingers, I'd say the best part of my experience was the pint of Guinness not many places can do a decent pint. Also the staff where very helpful and always happy to help.

Dan J — Google review

Popped in for an evening meal.Absolutely spot on food and service.Steak and ale pie was delicious. It was so good we just had to go back the following evening for more.Will definitely be back when in the area.

Jimmy M — Google review

Long wait. Poor service. Would not recommend. Waiting over an hour and a half and still no food. Anyone reading this go to McDonald's. Better service and you may get some food. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Amanda D — Google review

Absolutely LOVE the Wellow. I'm in all the time. The staff are always so friendly and welcoming. The people who work here are genuinely the best - warm, friendly and enthusiastic. I can always see them working so hard, I hope some of them can see this and know how much they are appreciated!The food is usually quick and a nice treat for a celebration or just a little date night - can't complain about the price either.If you're in the area be sure to pop in, you're sure to have a great time.

Miriam S — Google review

The Staff were excellent. Food was good and very reasonable.Window didn't close properly in the room. Room was dated.Was woken at 1.30am by a returning party, which carried on till 2.15. Not what I'd expect on a Monday night

David E — Google review

Great pub, with many friendly staff and Low prices. The pub itself is quite big with lots of seating available inside and out. The service is usually really quick with an app you can use to order which is so easy to use and set up. As for the food this is great with many great options available, recently (end of 2021) there have been a few food shortages some items have been unavailable on the menu. The pub also offers a hotel which I haven't used personally.

Zack E — Google review

The chicken was hot and succulent, chips were hot and crisp, the salad was fresh and crisp and the beer and wine nicely chilled.The service was first class asking how the meal was in a timely manner. All at a reasonable price. 10/10

Stanley H — Google review

Reasonable prices with offers on daily, clean and tidy no sticky table no food on floor, one meal unfortunately came out cold, told staff so apologetic and took the food to be replaced streight away other meals no issues, kids active paper available and crayons toilets reasonable although the disability cord was wrapped around the hand rail - this was untangled but may be back to previous state (law requirements) car park good size plenty of parking it is pay and display but if you are dinning you can enter your reg and extend your time allowance and free parking

G B — Google review

Food was very nice. We had a selection of different dishes and all of them were very well recieved. Great service. No real ale taps were working on our visit, but bottled options or lager were available with plenty of options

James — Google review

Dropped in here as it was raining cats n dogs 😱. Service excellent,sky TV ,nice atmosphere. Old couplebehind us complaining the beef was too rare offered alternative. Which they refused but then still complained about their personal choice? Nice place. Try it

Paul O — Google review

This place is so large you need a sat nav for your first trip to the loo.Massive outdoor seating area, very wheelchair friendly but not so sure for access to loos which are upstairs. Maybe another access for chairs downstairs.Lots and lots of room inside with separated tables and an eating area especially for those with kids.Lass behind the bar was very friendly and happy to talk.Food available but once again had already eaten .Definitely will go back.Battery was getting low so no photos at present.

Chip M — Google review

Excellent venue, very kind and helpful staff with great customer service, very polite and patient too! Food was also delicious, especially the grill! Thank you so much Team, our visit was for one night stay, and we were a bit dazed and confused after hours of travelling but we received a very warm welcome, and it felt really homey. IMO the google rating doesn't do justice and it should be much higher, but I understand the online anonymity of competition and tactics they might use. This is the best pub I have ever visited. Definitely will be planning next holiday there again!! 😊👍👍

Natalia T — Google review

Visited for lunch as we were in the area for the day.It was busy as you would expect for the Easter weekend but service at the bar was prompt, so not a lot of waiting time involved there.Approx 20 mins waiting time for food which wasn't too much considering how busy it was, unfortunately the food was not worth the wait. Both my partner and I had the vegan burger (neither of us are vegans but wanted to try something different), I have to say if that is typical vegan fayre I'll stick to real meat.The burger was so dry it was like cardboard, even with the BBQ sauce on it. The burger bun itself was so tough I couldn't even cut it with a knife let alone bite through it. The tiny bit of gem lettuce that was on it definitely wasn't fresh as it was limp and browning at the edges.I normally enjoy a visit to Hungry Horse establishments but after this experience I'm going to give them a wide birth for food.Very, very disappointed.

Sarah H — Google review

My wife had jerk chicken and wings it had that much rub on had to scrape it off .It looked like it was put on the chicken after it was cooked and just served up. When she queried it, we were told that was how it came. Shame really as the chicken was fine but a pile of powder on the plate , not so good!

Jack Q — Google review

Very popular place for holiday makers, food ok - nothing special for the price. Slow service. Decor and furnishings definitely need upgrading it looks the same as last time I went, which was over 6 years ago. Shame they dont have the outside playground anymore, either.

Sharon J — Google review

Kings Rd, Cleethorpes, DN35 0AQ, United Kingdom…

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The 50 best spots for lunch in Cleethorpes (2024)


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